Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Weekend

Well, summer is in full swing and we are BUSY. We had our play group Friday. I love this play group and plan on doing a play group only post later this week.
I forgot to sign us up for FNO which really ended up being a blessing. We had just been so busy every night of the week that we really needed to just hang out at home for the evening. We went for a walk with the kids and Tank. We started cracking up because Tank was pulling the double stroller all by himself.
Lilly thought it was pretty funny, too! He only did it for a few feet and I think he over-exerted himself because Matt had to carry him home on the last leg of the walk. Haha. I went to bed whenever the kids did Friday night because I had to be up really early the next day to participate in.....

Razorback Relief--this was a 24 hour period of volunteers packing meals for Haiti. The world record WAS 1.2 million. It was from 7 pm Friday to 7 pm Saturday.
I signed up for the 7 to 1 shift (you could do a 6 hour shift or come for any 2 hour shift) so I got there around 6:40 am for training....showered and completely ready I might add...haha. Well, once I started helping, I just couldn't leave. All the volunteer tables weren't full so they needed people! We ended up breaking the world record and packing 1,471,320 meals in 24 hours!!!!! It was pretty awesome to be there when that happened.
I ended up staying past my shift and calling my brother and his girlfriend Elizabeth in for back up! I think if all of the volunteer tables would have been full that we could've done the 2 million meals we were hoping for. I believe that if people realized that even just 1 person makes a huge difference and means extra hundreds of meals that all of those tables would have been full!! Still, you can't be anything but happy with 1,471,320 meals!!!!!!! One of the bags in my brother's hands contains rice, soy, vitamins, and pre-cooked freeze-dried pinto beans. It ends up being 6 servings. They said once it is cooked, it ends up filling a 3-quart pan. To quote my friend Sarah, "that is Jesus-type stuff right there". Haha.
It was such a blessing to be able to be a part of this! Matt and the kids even came for a couple of hours to help to. My sweet babies sat in the stroller and just hung out for 2 HOURS....I am still in awe of that! Thank you Lord for the people that organized this event and for such an amazing turn out!!
After we left RR, we headed to dinner at one of our favorite BBQ places around here. Reid was happy to be around food he could eat!!
We met my sister and her family there and....
my brother and Elizabeth made it there too. Sunday, we got up and went to church and then went swimming with my family (same ones mentioned above).
Oh yeah, at dinner Saturday they had a play area and someone took full advantage of it!
Lilly..that is.
I got some sweet cuddles while we were there too. Anyway, after swimming we had some visitors!
DeDe and "Mike" came down and took us to dinner. DeDe got to come play at our house while Mike had some meetings in town.
Then, they took us to lunch at a local grilled cheese place here before they left. The kids were so happy to see them...and so were we! I have the best in-laws. I feel really bad for all of the people that don't get along with their in-laws because ours are such a blessing!! They have literally blessed us in every way possible and our babies are so lucky to have such great grandparents on all sides of the family!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lunch with Friends

Ok so we have about a million things to blog about it...and I am officially on it! I am starting out of order and blogging about our lunch today because I promised Jenna I wouldn't make her wait weeks for pictures again. So, today we loaded up and met Jenna and Brayden at The Crumpet Tea room for lunch. Reid had crackers, graham crackers, and yogurt.
Lilly had yogurt, crackers, part of my orange roll (I was beginning to think she was going to eat all of my orange roll), and some of Brayden's animal crackers. What can I child is a mooch off of other children's snacks? Haha.
Brayden was making the cutest face but I could NOT get a picture of it! Shucks!! Oh, BTW, did you see the spot on his forehead where Jenna hit him with a fly swatter??? JUST KIDDING. He just fell down. It has a waffle-type pattern on it so we were just joking about that.
I don't know why this picture chose to show up sideways. We walked around the outdoor mall afterward and the kids just hung out in the stroller.
They were really good which was great because it gave us Mommies a couple of minutes to chat.
From the second we got out of the car Lilly was pointing to the fountains and saying, "Wah-wuh" (water) we went and played in the fountain for a little while. Lilly and Brayden splashing the day away!
Sweet precious Lilly. LOVE this girl!!!
Sweet handsome Brayden. He is such a doll!
Sweet handsome Reid. LOVE everything from that cute smile to those chubby little legs!!!
Brayden and Lilly holding hands. You just wait until I tell her father!! Haha. It was SO SWEET. They might have hit each other and yelled at one another a couple of times during the day too but that really isn't important. Haha. We had such a fun time with Jenna and Brayden..just like we always do!

Friday, June 25, 2010

21 Months

Lilly Lilly Sweet and Silly.... You are such a fun kiddo!!! You are always on the go and have some fun quirks that I just love so much! You are either wearing your halo or your horns...there really is no in between. Thankfully for Mommy, you are usually wearing your halo! Every once in a while you scream "Mine!!!!" at the top of your lungs causing other mothers to wonder why I haven't socialized you yet or throw a horrible tantrum that leaves me asking nearby people if they have seen where your mother went! (Haha. Even in those moments I am thankful for you.) More often than not, though, you are the sweetest little girl that I have ever met!
See! Sweet as pie! You are really working on being a big girl. You prefer to sit at the table in a chair rather than in your high chair. You do pretty well most of the time. You act different with Mommy than you do Daddy. You are more whiny with Daddy because he doesn't make you use your big girl words. You also prefer your has been really bad this month. Like, when he gets home--I don't even exist for you. I can see why since he carried you in his womb for 9 months, sacrificed his teaching career so that you could have the best care....oh no...wait...that was me! Haha. Honestly, I joke, but I am very happy that you are able to have such a special relationship with your Daddy and I wouldn't change it for the world.
This picture shows your mischievous side...and boy do you have one! I LOVE this about you. Sure it does make things a little hectic at times...but since you totally get it from me, I choose to focus on the hilarious aspects of this instead! You are so playful. You love to sneak up on people and say 'boo'. You think it is so funny if somebody falls or is scared of something. I would think this was a bad thing but the show "Wipeout" just makes me happy inside, too. Plus, you don't think it is funny if somebody is seriously injured...more of a slapstick kind of funny humor (like if I trip and have a hard time catching my balance).
Oh the paci, or as you call it 'papi". We are working on leaving this in the bed during the day. I am having to do that for your brother too since you would just take his. We still have a ways to go on this one! I just love to hear your sweet little chatter and I don't want the "papi" keeping you quiet or distorting your voice.
One of your love to put objects inside of something. This little bucket, your little dishes, a purse, just love carrying things around inside of something else. You always eat your snacks in something else. And, sometimes you put that something else in something else. Ha.
You also like to find "hiding spots". You have also started picking up your toys and putting them away. You don't always put them away exactly where they belong. The other day I went make tea and when I went to put the tea bags in the tea maker, I found 3 small toys where the tea bags go. You like to put your sippee in a cabinet and shut the door....this makes locating your sippee cups a challenge sometimes.
More and more every day, you are becoming the sweetest sister!!! You will get yourself a toy and then go grab one for Reid. You do the same thing with snacks, sippees, and pacis. You always look out for him. If you get up from a nap and he is still sleeping, you put up your "I don't know" hands and say, "Bubby?"
You have also started trying to tickle him and just the other day wanted him to sit on the potty too (Mommy wishes). Speaking of potties, you go potty in the potty at least once a day. (I used the word potty a lot in that sentence, didn't I?)
You have started climbing. I thought I was going to be lucky and you would never develop an interest in climbing....not so much. You want to see new heights!!
You are always talking. You love the words "outside" (which you say "siiiiiiiiiiiide" and make it no less than 3 syllables long), plaaaaaay, pool, snacks, bath...pretty much those words correlate with some certain things that you love. You are such an expressionate (not sure if that is a word) child. You make the most dramatic facial expressions and it keeps us laughing all the time.
One of my favorite times of the day is yogurt time. Because I set a bowl of yogurt down and then you eat some.....
and you feed your brother some. It may be the messiest time of day but it is 100% worth it! Also, on your bib in this picture you can see the remnants of some ketchup chips which you love. And your Daddy loves to watch you eat them. I, on the other hand, do all of the spray-and-washing and don't find it as amusing.
(This is my favorite photo of you two...this one and the one of you two together in the moving boxes). Another quirk; whenever we leave the house you must have something in both of your hands. You also like to carry a purse and your cell phone with you. A baby doll usually makes the cut too. I can't imagine why you would choose these things. (c:
And maybe one of the funniest things you do lately is to get into all of "Bubby's" toys. You get in his jumper and jump like there is no tomorrow. And, you get in his walker. I think you believe it is a race car/bumper car because you 1) go as fast as you can running everything over and 2) think it is hilarious to bump it into everything. You are very cautious not to run over Bubby or Mommy or Daddy but other than that it is fair game!

Well, that is enough for one post...I could write all day long. We love you so much and we just can't wait to see what you will be doing next!!! We couldn't have asked for a neater, sweeter baby girl. Hugs and Kisses, Mommy, Daddy, and Bubby

Monday, June 21, 2010

9 Months

Well Reid, since you are going to be 10 months in a week....I thought I might want to write your 9 month post! EEK. Boy--to sum it up--you have gotten BUSY!! Notice the all caps BUSY. I am so glad we moved when we did because you now get into everything and at least now I can put some things away...when you and your sister decide to give me free time (hahahahaha...I just had to stop typing this to go and get you out of the fireplace rocks and build a barricade which you are now trying to get around. So I don't really have free time! I guess I should've said I can put things away if you both leave me ANY energy after you guys go to bed.) Well, I think you can tell by this picture that you have just continued to get more handsome each and every day! Your check-up was a couple of weeks ago and I can't remember exact stats. You weighed around 23 lbs and I don't even have a guess on height. Your ears looked great and we are SO THANKFUL for that. You had to get your toe stuck but you didn't even flinch. It was a no shot appointment! Mommy LOVES no shot appointments!!
You follow Lilly all around the house if you are in the mood to play and follow Mommy all over the house if you want to cuddle. You wear 12-18 month clothing. You are sleeping through the night like a champ. We love you for more reasons than I could ever list but we really do appreciate the sleeping through the night!
You are ticklish. You LOVE peek-a-boo! You belly-laugh and you are always smiling. You, like your sister, have a contagious smile. I think it is funny that you guys looks just alike but somehow you still look just like your Daddy.
I can tell that you are going to be all boy....but you are definitely going to have a sweet side that I hope you always keep. You are a perfect mixture of rough and gentle!
Oh have you started pulling up!!! You do not want to be anything but standing. You pull up on anything and everything and have learned enough balance to be able to grab and reach for everything while you are pulled up on something.
This is one of your favorite toys. I have to admit that I finally feel like we are getting our money's worth (ok, the people that bought most of your toys are getting their money's worth) out of all of these toys since both you and your sister have now gotten to use them.
Sometimes I think you forget you can't walk yet. You just let go and try to take off and end up doing a face plant into the carpet. You are just starting to be able to go from one chair to another and stand for brief periods at a time by yourself. I think you will be walking before your 1st birthday.
You love the pool. You are my big splasher. It doesn't seem to bother you that you get water into your eyes (or everyone else's eyes too). The pool wears you out have to nap immediately afterward.
You take two good naps a day and usually wake up between 7 and 8 in the morning. You usually go down for your morning nap right as your sister wakes up in the morning. This is nice because I get some alone time with both of you in the morning. Then, you guys nap together in the afternoon...this is the time that Mommy uses to stay sane...haha.
You are at such a fun age. You have started saying "hi" and waving. When I say we are going "night night", you wave. You also say "oh" and "mama" and "dada" and some other random "words" that are not actual words that I understand the meaning of.
You are so curious and are really studying cause and effect right now. You love to see what happens when you push a button and pull on something. I can tell that you are just constantly learning and taking things in.
You are a people watcher! You will just stare at the people around us. You are very friendly too. If someone looks at you, you always charm them by flashing them one of your big toothy smiles. (You still have 7 new ones in a couple of months.)
You like to play with the things you see us using...i.e. the phone, the remote, a toy your sister has played with and discarded, etc.
We put you in a walker right after we moved in and you were like a fish in water. With no assistance, you were able to go forward, backward, squeeze through tight places, and transition from tile to carpet. I was amazed!! You zoom all over the house in your walker and are constantly running into the back of my heels and over your sister's feet. She is not a fan of that.
As I type this Lilly is in your walker and you are pushing her...or she is pulling you. Hysterical!
You are eating very well. You are getting sick of baby food and want what we are eating. So far I have yet to give you anything that you refuse to eat. The other night you ate zucchini and LOVED it. Most days, though, you get 3 bottles, oatmeal mixed with apple juice, fruit and vegetable baby foods, and yogurt. We have just started to let you try some "real food". Whenever we eat, though, you just stare at us and smack your mouth. It is pretty funny but makes me feel really bad for eating in front of you! I will save the rest for your 10 month post.
As always, we love you more and more with each passing day. You are such a blessing and we are just so thankful that God chose us to be your parents!! We are so excited to see what God has in store for your future and are just so proud to be able to a part of it! Hugs, kisses, and cuddles--Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy