Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fun at MamMa's House

A few weeks ago while we were in Matt's hometown, we stopped by his MamMa's house for a visit! Reid was happy to see her! They played for a little while. I had forgotten to pack him food (Mother of the Year here I come...haha!) so while Matt was getting him something to eat, MamMa kept him distracted.
After his lunch, he decided it was cuddle time. MamMa was LOVING cuddle time!
Then, he just sacked out.
Lilly, on the other hand, was still full of energy and ready to go! What to do? What to do?
She played and snacked with Aunt Becca and Uncle Bert.
Sticking her tongue out. That is my polite little lady!! Haha.
Then she examined some things with DeDe.
(Such a great pic!)
After further investigation at MamMa's, she decided that a little redecorating needed to be done. Relax--she is a trained professional you know....or at least she has racked up enough hours "redecorating" our house to qualify as a professional.
The candles clearly weren't in the right spot and the decorative rocks needed a new home. Hmmm....where is the perfect spot??
Aha!!! Here we are. MamMa insisted that it really was the perfect spot and to just "let her be" we did!

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