Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Farm Friends!!

Every year the Pauline Whitaker has an event called Farm Friends. It is free to get into and you can go see (and touch) all kinds of farm animals. We decided to take the kids since they LOVE them some farm animals! The goats were the first thing we saw and Reid just kept pointing and laughing and saying "goat". Like, "Are you guys seeing what I am seeing?? A goat?? Right in front of us?? A goat!!" Ha!

Lilly kept trying to open all of the cages. Which is pretty funny considering she didn't really want to touch any of the animals.

They had a bucket of baby chicks that you could hold. The chicks were about a day old.

Reid would pet them with one finger. Lilly just wanted to look...if I moved it close to her she would jump back and say "NO!".

They also had a clear hatchery so you could see some chicks hatching too! Awesome?? I think so!

I think we have a country boy and a city girl. (c: Check out their rain boots---soooo cute! It was pouring down rain....the first of 5 days and nights of rain. I can't imagine how Noah and his family felt with 35 more days of solid rain but I digress...

Lilly was so funny with the baby ducks. She has her hands on her knees bending over and is talking baby talk to the ducks. Hysterical! "Are you a baby duck? Yes!! You are a baby duck!" (Say it in a high pitch voice too.)

Climbing on the fence looking at more goats.

He is smiling BIG time in this picture if you can't tell...he was all about petting that baby goat!

Funny story about Miss Priss. She was standing with her back to a baby cow and it "mooooo"ed really loudly right behind her. She about jumped out of her skin!! Then she turned around and gave the cow a good scolding!

Lilly and I were checking out the turkeys and I looked back and the lady was putting Reid in the pin with the pigs!

Look at how cute he is!! Sorry--mom moment!!--I just can't help it though.

They also had free beans and cornbread too.

And free ice cream. They also had sheep, donkeys, horses, etc.

We had so much fun and will definitely being going again next year!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Getaway!

Well the weekend before Easter, Matt and I had our first weekend away (without kids) since before Lilly was born! We went to Eureka Springs and stayed at The Evening Shade. It is a bed and breakfast with great food. They serve dessert every night and breakfast in the morning. The rooms also have a huge jacuzzi in them and the office has tons of movies that you can watch for free in your room. I just need to note that although I normally dress similar to the picture above--I dressed up for my man all weekend long....unfortunately, we did not get any pictures for proof so I had DeDe take this picture before she left to go back home so I would have one of us together for this post. I just didn't want you all thinking I was all frumpy on our getaway. (: We had a wonderful time!! Friday night we went to a place called Local Flavor--a MUST TRY if you are ever in Eureka Springs. It was SO GOOD! After dinner we went back to the room and watched Notting Hill. Still funny on the 145th time seeing it.

Saturday morning we ate breakfast in bed. AWESOME!! Then, I just sat in bed relaxing and drinking coffee....not getting anything for anybody or playing on the floor or feeding anybody else...just relaxing. I wouldn't want my life to always be like that but for a morning--it sure was nice! We ate lunch at Sparky's and had a really good burger. Then we went shopping and did lots of people watching. Eureka Springs could very well be the people watching capital of the world. Just sayin'! For dinner we went to Cafe Amore and had dinner--Matt LOVES italian so he was SO happy!! Then we drove around for a little while, stopped and had coffee and some dessert at a coffee house, and headed back to the room and watched Father of the Bride II.

This is the only picture we took while we were gone so I thought I would put it on here. I think you can tell we took it ourselves. Close-up! Ha! Anyway, Sunday we ate breakfast and headed back to see the kids and go to church. We had such a great time. I think we were both ready to come home after dinner Saturday night but it was nice to have an extra night to sleep and wake up whenever. Our weekend was filled with much-needed relaxation....but it lacked the entertainment that a certain two little ones provide so we were happy to get back and see our little babies!! What did they do while we were gone??

They played with DeDe! I don't know all that they did but I do know that the last thing she said when she was leaving was, "I hope they aren't too spoiled tomorrow." (c; They went to the park and had lunch at Chick-fil-a. They ate pizza at Sam's for dinner--Lilly and Reid's FAVORITE.

When I called to check in, they were cooking DeDe up some yummy food in their play kitchen. Lilly fixed DeDe's hair. She helped her apply her moisturizer, too! My kids are very helpful!!

Making DeDe "gorgeous" as Reid likes to say (thanks to Max & Ruby).

Yes, a fun time was had by all parties! I was so excited to see Lilly and Reid! I went to pick Lilly up from the church nursery and she saw me and said, "Where's DeDe?" Then, I went to get Reid and he was really excited to see me and then hugged me really tight until he spotted Matt over my shoulder....then he started yelling and reaching for Daddy. Sigh! Little stinkers!!

Thank you so much DeDe for taking care of our sweet babies so we could get for a little R&R!! It was so nice to be able to rest at ease knowing they were in good hands and being well taken care of. (:

Glad they didn't drive you crazy!! Haha! (I just say that b/c Lilly is making that face in this picture.)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Well this post is all out of order but I forgot to add these here is Reid with his Easter basket that MoMo made him.

Tearing into it! Okay--now the original beginning of the post.

Well I hope that everyone had a great day celebrating the fact that He is Risen!!! We went to a wonderful church service and then headed home to start cooking lunch with MoMo and PaPa Ray. Then we loaded up all the food and took it over and had lunch with my sister and her family and my brother and his family.

This is totally randomly placed but this was hail in our yard last Thursday. This is also about 20 minutes after it happened which means it had melted a little bit too!

Again...this post is totally out of order but on Saturday night--all the kids got together at our house to color Easter eggs.

If you look at the egg in the orange you can see the egg dye splashing because he threw the egg into the color bowl. I'm not going to lie or sugar-coat it...he cracked a few eggs over the last few days. Ha!

Checking on those eggs. (:

Then they put stickers on them and this is the finished product!

Now back to today and lunch with the family! Here is Reid with uncle Mikey.

And cousin Zane and Hunter.

Me and my little handsome!


Talking with Blayne. They were so funny just talking up a storm to him. (Speaking of storming--it has been storming here for 3 1/2 days now. Geesh!)

MoMo made all the grandkids Easter baskets.

Checking out those goodies!

Eating her marshmallow sucker. Thanks for the awesome baskets MoMo!

Then the kids waited on the grown-ups to hide the Easter eggs...since we were doing it inside...because it was raining....still...again.

The boys. MoMo put a cross on each kid's Easter basket with their name and the words Jesus Loves You. We have been teaching Lilly (and Reid...but Lilly is starting to get it) that anytime she sees a cross that means that Jesus loves her. We also have been teaching her that we celebrate Easter because Jesus lives again. We read The Easter Story by Patricia something-or-other....but I think at her age the main thing I want her to "get" is that the cross is just a HUGE symbol that tells her that Jesus loves her...and Reid...and Mommy...and Daddy...and so-on-and-so-forth.

Then we did our third egg hunt of the week. Pics of the other two to come (along with a farm friends visit and a weekend getaway for Matt and I and some other random stuff) at some point. (:

Lilly found one of the money eggs. She was hilarious! She kept hiding her dollar in the tv armoire. I guess we have never given her cash before. Maybe it is time for me to start giving her some chores (i.e. picking up her toys, etc.) so she can earn a little allowance? Anyway we had a great day celebrating our Savior!! Hope you did too!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Too Early for Make-up?

Well, earlier this week, Lilly somehow managed to fool me into thinking she was with Matt in the bedroom and Matt into thinking she was with me in the living room. I don't think she did that on purpose--it just kind of happened. Anyway, when she had free time unattended in our bathroom, she decided to try her hand at putting on my mascara. The following is the result: She came out and said, "I did it!" And I laughed and was like, "Oh yes you certainly did!" At which point she turns and says, "I got my ear!" in a very proud voice.... certainly did. (:
Her chin and lip are looking much better! There was a point where she looked so pitiful I almost asked her, "So what color pony are you wanting?" Haha!
There is never a dull moment in this household! Wouldn't change it for the world!
This little man has been working on his ball throwing skills--
and his just plain being handsome skills!
Could that smile be any sweeter?

Love my little family!