Friday, August 16, 2013


The local Chevy store had a fishing day so we went to check it out!
 At first I thought they were not going to catch any fish.  Actually, let me rephrase that, they caught a lot of fish but they don't use hooks so I thought we were not going to able to actually reel one in.
 Reid with one hand on the pole and using the other hand for the "thinking face".

 Matt holding the fishing pole for Reid while he took a little break.  ( ; 
 Then Lilly caught a fish! 
 She liked petting the fish. 
 So proud!
 Not long after that Reid caught one!  (Disclaimer--both children had help catching the fish by the people there.)
 I'm glad I got this picture because he was not going to touch that fish again.  Ha! 
 Lilly got a "fin five" from the fish. 
 Checking it out.  After the picture the fish got to go right back in the water. 
 And then they gave the kids a free tackle box! 
And some snacks!  It was a great time! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Whoa!  Where did summer go?!?  I feel like I blinked and now it is over.  Let me try and catch up a little on this forgotten thing I call a blog. 
 First, please join me in praying for sweet little Trevor.  He and his family are like family to us.  He was having some migraines which led to an MRI and ultimate discovery of cystic tumor on his brain.  They were able to do surgery and remove all of it but the tumor came back grade 3 malignant (insert fancy tumor name here) so he is going to have to do radiation.  They have their first appointment at MD Anderson at the beginning of next week.  You can follow their story on under trevortrumbo.  I will try to keep you updated on here...but we all know how good I am on keeping this up-to-date.  ( ; 
We all rocked Team Trevor shirts on the day of the surgery.  I will say that through this whole experience I have just seen the hand of God all through it (which I realize sounds crazy but it is so true).  The day after the results came back I was just really fighting that panicky/anxious/worry feeling you get when someone you love is going through something hard and you just can't do anything to help or control it.  And I was just playing tug-of-war with God...God I trust you...No I need to worry and freak out...God I trust you...No I need to worry and freak out.  Over and over again all throughout the day.  I just felt God laying Psalm 130:5 on my heart which says, "I wait for the Lord to help me, and I trust His word."  Later that night, Lisa (Trevor's mom) and I met at the mall and as we were walking outside to leave there was the biggest full rainbow I have ever seen.  It was a perfectly timed reminder of God's promises and his trustworthiness. 
In happier news, Matt and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary.  We had a wonderful date and I am so thankful that I get to do life with him! 
 Reid has clearly had it rough this summer.  (: 
 We all got haircuts last week. 

 Mrs. Jessica came over and did this sweet side braid on Lilly's hair.  She wouldn't take it out for 3 days.  She is still a little disappointed in my hair fixing skills.  I'm working on it.  (: 
 My grandma had a small stroke and so we went by to see her and have been praying for her to get better.  She is still pretty confused so we are praying her brain will remake those connections! 

 Daddy found a frog while mowing and this little princess had to hold it.  Also she went to clean her room in normal clothes and came out dressed like this.  Ha! 

 She made Matt a necklace to wear.  He wore it for about 2 hours before he said, "This is really starting to hurt my neck." 
 The kids made Matt and I dinner the other night.  (; 
 We went to Waffle House and this guy was in Heaven.  Also he has been singing, "Where you go, I'll go.  Where you stay, I'll stay." lately and it is melting my heart. 
 We went on a Mommy and Me lunch date the other day and these two were SO GOOD.  It was pretty fantastic. 
 We went to the grocery store the other day and Lilly was trying to sell all of the vegetables and fruits she doesn't like.  She would say, "Sale on mushrooms!  Mushrooms for sale!" to anyone that passed us.  Then at one point she said, "Why isn't anyone coming to my mushroom sale??"
 On this same trip they said, "Pleeeeeeease can we have this cart??  We will be SO GOOD!  We promise!"  Lies.  They were all lies.  They acted like wild monkeys.  It ended with me saying, "We will never ever EVER get this cart again." 
 Yesterday when I was having some deep thinking time (<-- class="goog-spellcheck-word" span="" style="background: yellow;">haha
, yeah, I don't really have that either) I decided I could write a self-improvement book in just 4 words.  "Follow God.  Drink Coffee."  I'm thinking best-seller!  Ha!
 The weather has been BEAUTIFUL the past couple of days (following a couple monsoon-like days) so we took advantage and had a picnic at the park.  A taco bell picnic because we were already out and about. 
 Good times! 
Last night we went to the movies to go see Planes.  (We took a picture with the snail from Turbo on our way to Planes.)