Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trip Wrap-Up

First I have a prayer request--my grandma is going in for open-heart surgery at 7:30am Wednesday morning.  She is having a quadruple bypass surgery.  Unfortunately I was in the room when they described what that means and I go back and forth between being amazed that is possible and horrified because they are doing that to my grandma. 

Also I know I haven't done Testimony Tuesday this month...and I really didn't mean to take off...but I can't seem to get caught up.  The Lord is still teaching me things and I will share them again soon!  (:

Well at the end of our trip we were SO EXCITED to see Matt!  I have pictures from that night and a whole manicure/pedicure session that Lilly did but they are on MoMo's camera so that post will come later. 
We got up on Saturday and had breakfast at Steak and Shake (surprisingly good breakfast just FYI) and headed to Matt's parents house.  They live on our way home so we were thrilled to go there for a night and break up the trip home. 
 The kids were ecstatic to get to swim!!  The weather had been rainy the whole time we were gone so we didn't get to swim while we were down there...and these two little fish had missed it!
 We also got to be there for Eli's birthday lunch (no picture-sigh).

 We also got to go by and see MamMa while we were there.
 Reid gave her his usual wheelchair ride.  We always try and stop him and she always tells us, "Let him be.  He's fine!"  ( : 
 Reid played with their new shark toy.
 Everyone checked out Lilly's new shoes. 
Then she told us all lots of stories.
 Love this picture of Matt and her...she was filling us in on all kinds of information!  ( ; 

 MamMa tickled Reid.
 Lilly showed MamMa the shark and the fish...
 and then she counted the fish for her.
 I love this picture of the two of them.  Favorite!
We loved getting to see everyone on our way home--it was like a trip bonus!  I was very thankful to get home and back to my bed.  I like to travel but I am always ready to come home! 

To make matters even better--my sweet and awesome husband had cleaned the entire house, done all the laundry and put it away, mowed and sprayed the yard with weeds, sprayed the house for bugs, cleaned out the car, and had all the maintenance done on it as well (oil change, tires rotated/balanced, etc).  I was SO THANKFUL!!  He, on the other hand is probably frustrated because it was all a mess within 24 hours of being home.  ( ; 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Memphis Zoo

Last Friday we left Tuscaloosa and headed to Memphis to meet Matt.  On our way we stopped to eat lunch at Chick-fil-a--it was dress like a cow day but I had forgotten all about that. 
Reid was SO excited to see the cow there!  We got to Memphis and went straight to the zoo.  I should stop and praise the Lord for giving us perfect weather for the zoo.  Also I should warn you that there are TONS of pictures in this post...mostly of animals.
We got there and had about 3 hours so we booked it to see as much as possible. 

Ok funny snippet.  When we got to this area the fences were really low and the animal was in behind the rocks and the sign said, "Red Panda" and I was expecting like...a panda, but red.  So I was relieved to see this little guy come out.  Ha! 
Lilly and Reid were so sweet together while we were there.  I took lots of pictures of them just being sweet siblings.  Checking out the jaguar and Lilly is telling Reid to be careful. 
This little guy (above) was checking out the birds in the cage next to him--he was going crazy wanting to get to them!
I have no idea what this funny looking animal is??
And the profile shot.  ( :
Meerkats.  When Lilly was a baby we went to the Kansas City Zoo and these were her favorite. 
Lion "Rooaar!"
We stopped at the playground while MoMo got us all drinks.  Sitting in the hippos mouth...
"Ahhhh!  I'm in a hippo's mouth!!!"  Silly pictures!!
Lilly thought those pictures were too funny!
Reid was giving me BIG smiles wanting me to take his picture.  I obliged. 

Love my handsome boy!
And this pretty girl!
They had a chia-pet-type zebra and giraffe and I thought they were pretty cool.

The hippos.  This was the closest I have ever been to a hippo.  I was a little nervous because they are HUGE!
The komodo dragon--on the train ride back the guide said this was one of the deadliest animals (along with hippos, too). 

Ginormous turtle.
Warm water penguins--didn't know those existed.  (I think they still have to be in places cooler than here...I guess just not all ice???)
The alligator.  Lilly and Reid are obsessed with alligators and crocodiles right now and were so excited to get to see them!
Checking him out.
This was a dwarf crocodile and it was creepy.  It kept following Lilly--it moved wherever she did. 
Can you see the frog in this picture?
There were lots of snakes--the flash from the camera made this snake stand out in the picture because he blended right in with the leaves.  His head looks like a leaf too.
Walking around hand-in-hand (without any prompting)--so sweet. 
Otters.  Lilly and Reid watched them swim for a while.
Oh, you know, just hanging out watching the Panda nap.  (There is glass obviously.)
More sweetness.  ( :  Melts my Mommy heart. 
Watching the monkeys.
The monkey on the bottom grabbed the top monkey's tail and was swinging on it.

 Blayne held Reid up so he could put his face in the cutout. 
 Blayne.  This makes me laugh.
 Group photo.  MoMo is taking the picture.

 I don't know what this animal is called.
 Again...I'm not sure.
 Grizzly Bear
 Bald Eagle
 Black bear
 Polar Bear.  We didn't get to see a lot of the zoo but what we did see was great!  The Memphis zoo is really well designed so that you get a close (but safe) view of all of the animals and the animal areas are all very clean. 
 We were there at closing so the train picked us up and we got to ride back to the entrance.  We were so thankful for the ride!  (Reid with his Buddy Blayne)
 We loved the zoo...
and this one was asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot.