Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dr./Christmas/Presents/Cousin Zoe

Warning: Super long post! This is how my sweet Lilly was until yesterday at around 3:00. (Also, I almost caught her rolling over on video, but I hit the power button instead of record..SHUCKS). Then, she would just get miserable for like an hour. Eat, sleep, be happy for a couple of hours. Then, miserable again for an hour. She got up in the middle of the night. Not normal Lilly. Now, we think she might be teething (it would be super early though) because she is slobbering like crazy and chewing on everything!! But from what I have read, she should not be this miserable due to teething...
So, when it all started again at 1:30 today (the crying and miserableness), I called the pediatrician. I am quite embarrassed to report that when the appointment lady asked what the problem was I started crying like an idiot and sobbed, "I don't know..I just can't fix it!"

Now, we get to the doctor, and she acts just like the Lilly pictured above...smiling, cooing, and just putting on a real show (NOT the Lilly I had been with for the past 2 days). The good news is that the doctor said she looks great...she weighed in at a whopping 12 lbs. 14 oz. He does believe she may have some acid reflux and gave us some stuff for that. Tonight has been better, she did just have an upset moment, but it didn't last for near as long and she fell asleep much easier...so fingers crossed!
I was really glad that she wasn't sick because that meant we could go eat dinner with Lilly's cousin Zoe (my cousin Troy's daughter). They are in town from Texas. Zoe is such an adorable little girl...I was telling a story and dramatically said the word, "Wait!" and she repeated back in the exact same manner and then laughed and covered her hand with her mouth, apparantly a trick she had learned from some college girls the night before. It was so good to see them. I am trying to talk them into starting a blog b/c I now believe everyone who has kids should have one so I can be in the know!
Lilly got so much stuff for Christmas. My favorite was this backpack on rollers! I LOVE it. I know she will too.
She gots lots of toys. We couldn't bring it all home so there are still several things (anything with some size) at DeDe's. She got two Cabbage Patch dolls and a big soft fluffy ring stacking thing and some movies. Thank you everyone for the toys!!
She also got quite the collection of books!! I heard that she asked Santa for toys and books....and boy did he deliver! She got so many great books. I wonder if she will ever know how loved and blessed she truly is. She also got a ton of clothes...I will take a picture of them later. I am out of floor space. Where am I going to put everything??
Bert, Becca, and Buddy. Apparently the hint, hint, wink, from the last post worked because Debbie sent me some pictures from Christmas. So, as promised, I am posting them.
Hanging out with the gifts.
Lilly and Grandpa. I think he is really starting to adore our little Angel Baby.

Playing with a little wrapping paper. Being cute. The norm.
Opening Lilly's gifts while she watches TV (kind of her favorite thing to do).
I am sure we are discussing her gifts and how much she loved them all.
This is my favorite picture. This has Thomas, Ray, Melissa, and Lilly. I really need to get a new picture of Eli and Lilly! Eli is a busy man..hard to find time for pesky photo ops. We had such a great Christmas. Matt and I got so many great things to and we love them all! It was so fun to watch Lilly and her first Christmas. I am so looking forward to many more Christmas's with our baby.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

First, let me explain that I hadn't unpacked my camera when we did Christmas Eve at DeDe's and several other people had their cameras so as soon as I get copies of those pictures I will add them (hint, hint, wink). We went to the Christmas Eve service and went back and ate dinner and opened presents. I will be doing a separate present post later this evening. Then, on Christmas we did lunch with Matt's family. That evening, we went over to MoMo's house. This is a picture of her ready to open those gifts!!
I believe Ethan is tickling Lilly in this picture. As you can see, Lilly was feeling quite festive and just begged me to wear to her Santa cap....or at least that is what I thought she was saying and at this point I am the translator.
Ah, sweet kiss from Blayne.
Hanging with her buddy Jackson.
Ethan was being rocked like a baby by Blayne. Both Ethan and Emma pretended to be Aunt Sara and carried babies named Lilly. You would hear, "What Aunt Sara (not talking to me--to one another)? Lilly is crying! Oh no! Lilly, are you okay?" I went to strap Lilly in her car seat, but one of the other baby Lilly's was already in there and buckled up.
We bought Emma a vanity for Christmas. Here she is helping daddy put it together. That is a screwdriver in her hand.
Dad, I think you missed this one...needs to be tightened just a bit.
Ta Da!
Santa Lilly and Santa MoMo.

Shouldn't you be taking pictures of Lilly?? Matt got this really cool autographed Razorback book for Christmas.
I did remember to get a picture of Lilly with Grandma and Grandpa. This was the third try to get Lilly to look at the camera. Mike was in the process of walking away...but we got all three of them looking at the camera....we will work on the smiles later. I will post other details (like teething) and presents later...I am going to take a nap!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Presents from Mommy and Daddy!

Since Santa is coming to DeDe's this year, Matt, Lilly, and I exchanged gifts tonight. We would put a little piece of the wrapping paper in her hand and then when she moved it would rip the paper....we are practicing opening our gifts!!
Loved playing with the paper and ribbons--she held onto that ribbon for like 10 minutes. She had it by one ribbon strand just dragging it around.
Well hello Mr. Turtle rattle--so nice to meet you! This was her favorite toy. She wouldn't even check out anything else in the stocking.
You got this for me??
We put Lilly in her Bumbo (the seat) for the first time tonight. She really liked it. She is smiling at daddy in this pic.
This was my baby blanket from when I was little. She just kept rubbing that owl (that is where her hand is at). She just looked at it, and touched it, and cooed at it. It was really sweet. Yummy hands. Lilly loves those hands!!
Shake, rattle, and roll. Lilly is wearing her wrist rattles and rattle socks. Since she is always moving and grooving, there is a nice rattling noise that fills the air.
Tummy time! She is still rolling from her belly to her back and she is sooooo close to rolling from her back to her belly. She gets to her side and then goes back on her back. Well, I have to go finish packing so we can hit the road tomorrow....won't be posting again until we get back! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting It Done (Like a Champion!)

Well, we haven't posted for a few days because we have been BUSY. Friday, we dragged daddy out to finish the last of the Christmas shopping. We are done. Hooray! A funny side story: we get to Wal-Mart and Matt goes to change Lilly's diaper and I go to the photo center to get some pictures developed (shock!). It takes me about 15 minutes. So, when I am done, I call Matt and see where he is...to which he replies, "in the family restroom and we could really use some help!" I walk past the crowd of mothers and children waiting to get in the family restroom and walk in to find Lilly naked and pooh everywhere (while trying to change her clothes that she had poohed on-it got spread around). Even though it was gross, I just laughed and Matt repeatedly washed his hands. By the time we got cleaned up (a half a box of wipees later), the line had given up and moved on to their shopping.
On Saturday, we wrapped all of the gifts....we are ready for Christmas now. While making a hot chocolate mix that we had to mix in a bag, we were shaking it all about....well, the bag got a hole in it mid shake and I ended up covered from head to toe in hot chocolate mix--tis the season! Sunday was crazy! To start the day, Lilly's Uncle Mike came over with Hunter and Zane. This was the first time Hunter and Zane met Lilly. Zane asked, "did she come out of your belly". I said, "yes". He said, "do you have a new belly now?" Sooo cute. My nephew Ethan (3 years old) is still claiming to pregnant with his baby Lilly. This whole pregnancy thing has really confused the little guys. When I was still pregnant with Lilly, Eli (4 years old) asked where my baby was and when I told him it was in my belly, he got a strange look on his face and said, "Did you eat it?"
Uncle Mike and Lilly
Come on....act like you like each other. (-:
Mikey, Hunter, and Zane. Hunter is refusing to smile because all he wants for Christmas is his 3 top teeth.
We went to the Trumbos (no pics from that). Then, we went to GG Odie's church Christmas dinner. The BEST food...I look forward to it all year. It is like a big group of cooking Grandmas. Yum-O. This is a picture of Lilly and her Grandpa Dennis...who came scarily close to being on time. I am talking with in an hour...I'm just half-teasing dad!
Grandpa Dennis, Lilly, and Grandma Oksana
Oksana made this bib for Lilly. She cross-stitched it by hand. We love it.
Aunt GG and Lilly. I got several cute pics of the two of them, but I just love what Lilly is doing with her mouth...crazy girl!
GG Odie and Lilly. Can't you just feel the love, man? Well, this is an extremely long post with some side stories, or what Lilly's Uncle Bert calls a disturbing amount unnecessary details...hope we didn't go on too long-I was just having some blog withdraws.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eventful Day!

Lilly and I had a busy day. After being cooped up due to the cold, we broke free! We saw Santa, went shopping, ate dinner, and played and played. Lilly is dressed and ready to go see Santa!! What a cutie.
Lilly with Santa. I am not sure how she managed to tell him what she wanted, but with a face like that, I am sure she will get it! She just looked at me the whole time like, "Watcha doing Mom?" Santa commented on what a good baby she is...looks like she made a good impression on the big guy! :-)
Lilly's MoMo met us at the mall after the Santa visit. I changed her clothes..her shirt says, "the best gift mom and dad ever got"...boy is that true!
Her shoes up close. I LOVE these shoes. The Bourns got these for her. Thank you, thank you, thank you....again, we LOVE them!
At dinner, laughing for her MoMo.

Haven't you taken enough pictures today, Mom???

(VIDEO above) The above is a video of Lilly's new trick. Press play to watch her rock! Please ignore my singing in the background, but that is what gets her rocking. I love it..she just started it out of the blue. She is so much fun!!!!!