Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Best Buddies

Today, Lilly and Reid were sitting next to each other playing and Lilly looked over at Reid and said, "Love you Bubby!". He, in return, looked at her and said, "Wuv you!" It was a moment that froze me in my tracks, touched the deepest parts of my heart, and just melted me to a teary-eyed mommy. It was the first time that I had witnessed these two, with no prompting from me (I was cleaning up around them not at all involved in their playtime) tell one another that they did, indeed, love one another. It is actually one of my most passionate prayers to the Lord--that they will be best friends, show kindness to one another, be quick to forgive one another, be spiritual leaders to one another, lean on one another, etc. That they will have a close relationship. Even as they grow up. That way more often than not--they remain sweet to each other.

Thus far, (and I believe in the years to come as well) God has answered this prayer. Today's conversation between the two is just a hint of proof. They really do love being together and doing things together.

On the mornings (or afternoons) when Reid wakes up before Lilly, he just keeps saying, "I want yill-yee". She, too, asks for him if she wakes up before him. If she gets one of something, she always asks for one for Reid too.

This was at their friends 1st birthday swimming party. They got pizza and curled up in the same chair together and just hung out.

There latest thing is to say to one another, "I need a hug!"

And then--they hug!

One of the greatest joys of my life is watching my children love on one another and look after one another. I know that sounds a little cliche or corny...but it is the God's honest truth. It is one of the sweetest things! Lord, I pray that they continue to love each other, enjoy doing things together, and remain the closest of friends!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Okay so I know you are probably wondering if this is going to be another one of those you-are-the-best-daddy-in-the-whole-world kind of posts and the answer is YES. It is true folks. Plain and simple. Watching Matt be a Daddy to Lilly and Reid makes me such a proud wife and makes me love him so much more deeply!

Lilly and Reid--your daddy loves you so much. We are so blessed that God gave us the opportunity to be your parents...but you, in return, are so blessed to have your daddy! He loves to play with you guys and make you laugh.

He delights in your every little giggle, the funny stuff you say, and cute way that you pronounce your words, your facial expressions, your mannerisms, and just watching you in general.

He is a sucker for anything you guys want to do. If you want to watch Dora, he will curl up with you on the couch and watch Dora. If you want to go get ice cream, he will load you up and take you to get ice cream. If you want to swing in the backyard, he will put you in the swings and push you all day. Your joy is truly his joy!

Just tonight he wasn't feel good and wanted me to put Lilly to bed. But, Lilly-dear, you wanted your daddy. You just love for him to put you to bed. That is your special daddy time. You were whining for Daddy and he just couldn't take it--even sick, he came and rocked you, read to you, and laid you down.

I think you can see in these pictures how much he enjoys your sweet hugs! He works hard to provide for us. From before you guys were even born-he wanted me to stay home with you so that you would have the best care and so that we could have as much time with you both as possible. He has never once complained about any sacrifice that has meant for our family.

He is always thinking of you guys--your safety, your future, ways to make you happy, how to best guide you in life, places to take you--you name it!

Your daddy is your prayer warrior! You are so blessed to have a daddy with a heart after God! He is constantly looking for ways to be a better daddy to you. He goes to a men's bible study every week to seek wisdom from the Lord on how to be the best role model possible for you two. He spends as much time with us as possible! He comes home for lunch. Even when we had KDO he would come and have lunch with us! He rushes right home after work. He doesn't do much stuff with the guys because he would just rather hang out with his sweet family. We never have to doubt that we are his priority! He invests in us as much as possible.

Matt we just can't thank you enough for being an awesome hubby to me and daddy to our children. You really are the BEST!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Post...

Well I was getting close to catching up on this blog until we had a whirlwind weekend followed by a week of VBX (vacation bible extreme) mixed in with a little bit of stomach bug and here I am incredibly behind again. So...although we are at the brink of exhaustion...here is a little post. Memorial Day (ha!) (yes--that behind..still) we went to a bar-b-que for young adults at our church. I love all the opportunities our church has for its' members to connect and get to know one another. We have been blessed with so many great friends through our church and functions like these!

They had a big bouncy house and sidewalk chalk and bubbles for the kids.

We all had a great time!

And, of course, the kids had fun with their friends too!

Then, some day before Memorial Day weekend, we went to take the kids back to the airport to eat and watch planes take off...but randomly...very randomly...the restaurant was closed for the day. Unfortunately, we had already told the kids we were going to eat and watch planes take off and they were ticked off!! So we went to plan B and went to a local airplane museum where we could also watch planes take off.

At the museum they have an old army helicopter that you can go inside.

I won't lie--it was rickety in there! BUT the kids had a blast!

Reid pushed every button and messed with all the mechanisms (they probably have technical terms?).

And that catches us up to June!! Yay for being in the same month as the blog posts. Ha!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


On the Saturday of Memorial weekend, we went bowling with both kids and Mike and DeDe. This was the first time Lilly and Reid had ever been bowling. At first, Lilly had her game face on! She was so serious!! DeDe was helping her out...

Figuring it out. After a couple of times she had the hang of it and was having fun!!

She would go and pick out her ball (always the green one). Look at her outfit. The flowery outfit and the purple and green socks and the bowling shoes--and she is still cute as can be!

She had so much fun that she pretty much bowled all of our turns...

except Reid's! He loved pushing the ball down the slide.

Watching it hit the pins! Look at Lilly in the background laying on the floor crying because it wasn't her turn. Ha! It is not funny...but it kind of is.

Then, the kids started using the ball slide/guide as an actual slide.

And then they used it as a seat to watch the game.

We had a fun time with Mike and DeDe and the kids loved their first bowling trip!

I would say Lilly is ready for bowling and had tons of fun!

I would say this little man isn't quite ready. He kept trying to run off and wouldn't stay in our area. He gave DeDe a good work out because she chased him everywhere. While it may be a few more months before we take Reid back, he still had a great time too!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dora Dancing and Reid Laughing

One night (while Mike and DeDe were in town) we went to eat dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. (Warning: The first three pictures are terrible quality...from my phone at night.) This picture wasn't the same night but it was at the same restaurant. I just love this picture of Lilly loving on Daddy!

Anyway, it was a Friday night and they had a band on the patio and as we were leaving, Lilly wanted to stop and listen to the band. She could have stayed all night if we would have let her! She was doing her "Dora" we-did-it dance in this picture.

Daddy, Bubby, and piggy just taking it all in. Ha! We had a good time watching Lilly enjoy the band and dance.

Then last Saturday we had a surprise visit from Dinka (my dad) and Susha (she is Russian...that is where their grandparent names come from). Oh, and the puppies are Zya and Lola.

Dad would offer the cup to Reid and then take it back...Reid, for some reason, always thinks this is hilarious!!

Tank (our Chinese Pug) was excited to have a full house with other dogs around and was running at warp-speed in circles around Reid.

Again, Reid thought this was hysterical.

Dinka was also playing with him and making him laugh too.

You know how some pictures just capture some feature of your child and so when you look at that picture--it just melts your heart?!? This picture does that for me. This is Reid's big wide-open mouth laugh/smile that he does when he is just really having a good time. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

We had a great time visiting with them!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Safari

Last Saturday Mike and DeDe were in town and we decided to head to the Gentry Safari. I didn't get any pictures of the animals during the drive-thru part of the safari because Mike was a stickler about not rolling down the windows.

But this is pretty much how the kids were the entire time...except they would switch laps depending on what side of the car the animals were on. We only go like 2 miles per hour in the safari so we just let them sit on laps.

After the drive-thru part, we did the walk around area and the petting zoo. Lilly thought she was big stuff sitting on this lion!

This was my attempt at a sibling photo.

They were entertained by this baby monkey in the cage. There was one out that they could've held or touched but they wanted nothing to do with that one.

Then we went in to see the baby lemur. It took a liking to Matt!

I think he liked the little thing too! It looks like the lemur is telling him a secret.

I felt very "Jack Hannah-ish"! Reid would pet the lemur but Lilly wasn't interested.

Then we went through the petting zoo. Look at the size of this pig! Lilly and Reid's 4 year old cousin stuck her finger in this pig's nose when she came. Ha!

Reid would hold the bread in his hand and let the goats eat it out of his hand. Lilly, on the other hand, would throw the bread at them so they wouldn't touch her hands.

Reid checking out all of the animals.

Lilly taking a break and checking the animals out too.

Such a cutie!

Then we came to Lilly's favorite part of the trip! What is she running after??

The kangaroo. The only animal she wanted to pet. I don't know why she loved the kangaroos so much but she really loved them.

Sweet kangaroo!

Just laying around chillaxing with the kangaroos. Precious!

Checking each other out. Now for a few cute animal photos.

I don't know why I think a tortoise eating watermelon is hilarious...but I just do.

The goat got into his water bucket...it was HOT.

And the chickens were digging into the dirt to stay cool.

You can't really tell it but this is baby goat. He was just cute. We had a great time--as always--at the Gentry Safari.