Friday, July 19, 2013


(Hang with me on this story--I PROMISE there is a point!)  One weekday a few weeks ago we were supposed to meet some friends for breakfast at the Airport Café to eat some breakfast and watch some airplanes take off.  The only problem was that it is summer and I lost track of what day it was and accidentally double booked us.  OOPS!  Ever since I did the Stuck bible study I have been trying to pray for God's guidance in the everyday I prayed over which one to do...and God kept telling me to do the other.  And to me--it just didn't make any sense at all!  The other I could have rescheduled to any other day of the week and been just fine--this was the ONLY day that I could get with this friend.  But, after God had made it perfectly clear multiple times (sometimes I keep asking just in case, you know ;) I called to cancel with my friend and it just so happened that we could meet for a later lunch.  Now why am I telling you all this??  When we got to the airport café--it had changed names and management and was NO LONGER OPEN FOR BREAKFAST!!!  How crazy is that?!??  Y'all!!!  I am telling you God cares about your everyday, little, ordinary details of your life!!
 We so enjoyed our time with our friends, our lunch, and watching airplanes while we were there! 

 "Look!  A plane!"
 We even got to watch a trick plane.  He did a dive down and had the smoke trail. 
 The new restaurant is really good!  They had their napkins folded like airplanes.  I thought that was a pretty cute touch! 
 I had the pizza and it was delicious...
 and the kids loved their grilled cheese.  Reid is trying to hand me his pickle in this picture.  Ha!  He's not a fan. 
 Oh, and I was saving this pictures for a "Happy 4th of July" post...but that didn't happen.  ( ;  My girl ready for fireworks.  About 8 hours before the fireworks actually happened.  Ha! 

 Happy boy! 
 Matt is his "forced freedom photo." 
Lilly and I killing some time making funny faces.  Well it is too late to wish you a Happy 4th but I do hope you all have a great weekend! (:   

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Random June Wrap-Up

In an effort to catch up on blogging--I am doing a wrap-up of our June activities and happenings. 
 DeDe came in town to visit and watch the kids while Matt and I had a training to attend.  Friday night we headed up to the Bentonville Square to eat at Crepes Paulette. It is a food truck that we had been hearing yummy things about.  It was pretty tasty!  There is a splash pad right across the street from them and luckily we had some bathing suits in the car! 
 So the kids suited up and we headed over.  They ran and ran and ran all through the splash pad.  Reid kept sticking his face right in the water. 

 We also went to Barnes and Noble and Lilly had to do a "recycle" (recital) for us on the reading stage.  She waited until we were all seated and watching to start. 
 Then she had each of us get up and dance with her.  Only for a minute, though.  You can't steal her show.  Ha! 
 This picture is from one of those night where we got the kids to bed and were ready to just relax and as soon as we sat down Lola was all up in our faces ready to play.  We couldn't help but laugh. 
 There was one week where both Reid and Lilly were sick and there was a lot of this going on (above pic) and Reid kept saying, "This is SO horrible!"  
 Finally after 4 days of sickness they both felt better and this was such a welcome sight!  Smiles and playing! 
 Of course this is what our house looked like at the end of the day.  ( ; 
 That Saturday I woke up to this.  I am so thankful for a sweet and caring hubby! 
 Also I made a "Family Command Center" (thanks Pinterest for the idea!)  I looked at several others (who knew people were this organized...and way more organized than this, too????) and chose what I thought would work for our space and needs.  It was pretty cheap since I used 40% off coupons for the calendar and white board/cork board at Hobby Lobby.  The magnetic board was a teacher gift from a sweet student.  I got the file holders at Target for like $2 each and the key holder at Wal-Mart.  I am LOVING this!  I am not a naturally organized person AT ALL so this is really helping me. 
 DeDe got Lilly these "Playground Pals" because all Lilly wants to wear are dresses (sometimes I wonder if she is really my child-ha!)  They are working out great!  She got them at Kohl's--in case you are interested in them. 
 The other day I was cooking and went to put the olive oil away and could not find the lid anywhere.  I seriously thought I was loosing my mind.  I walked into the kids playroom a couple HOURS later and found it in their play sink. 
 We always check in on the kids before we go to bed and one night I walked in to find this; Lilly sound asleep with her rocking chair upside down in the bed beside her. 
 Lilly and Reid love to do "a project" and on this particular day they wanted to paint.  Masterpieces!  (; 
 We have been swimming at Aunt CiCi's a lot which included visiting the ducks and the fish! 

 Just walking around in some rain boots with an umbrella.  On a bright and sunny day. 

 LOVE these two. 
 I saw a double rainbow--the colors were so vibrant and it was so beautiful!!  It really put me in awe of God's creation and is a great reminder of His promises! 
 I was doing my quiet time during Lilly and Reid's nap time the other day and looked to see Lola passed out like this.  We live a pretty hard-knock life, you know.  Ha! 
We went to breakfast with my cousins Allison and Michelle and my grandma Odie at this cute little bakery and this is the best we could do for a picture.  Sometimes you just know the picture isn't worth the fight.  Ha!  She is still pretty cute, though.  June was just a crazy busy month for us but we did so many great things.  I am enjoying a much slower-paced July and lots of swimming and family nights! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


At the beginning of June we enrolled the kids in gymnastics.  Or "gym-nacstics" as they call it.  They go for one hour a week. 
 The kids were SO EXCITED!  We didn't have any gymnastic clothes at first so Lilly insisted on wearing her ballet clothes. Any special occasion merits either a princess dress or a tutu. 
 They do all kinds of things on the balance beams. 
 I love that they are working on their balance! 
 They have a big obstacle course that kids LOVE. 

 Especially when the get to their "really big jumps" at the end. 

 They also practice several different things on several different bars. 

 Lilly stops and waves, gives me a thumbs up, and blows me kisses frequently throughout the lessons. 
 And then they practice...and I am saying all of these things in quotation marks because they can't actually do any of them on their own yet...handstands, cartwheels, front flips, & back flip kick-overs.

They also have started working with the rings.  Well, Lilly has.  Reid is not interested in those.  Ha!  I am really pleased with what all they are learning and how much they enjoy it!