Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guests & Crock Pot Wednesday

Note: Crock Pot post is at the bottom. A couple of weekends ago, Lilly and Reid's Aunt Becca and Uncle Bert came to town for a visit (and to officially meet Reid). These are a few pictures that Becca sent to me. I love this picture--you can really see his chubby cheeks that are even chubbier now!
I think he likes Aunt Becca!!
This is the life!
Aunt Becca and Uncle Bert at the game...apparently they brought the bad Texas luck with them because we lost. Boo. Haha.
The first Scott side family photo. Lilly is still in her PJs because she was about to go down for her pre-birthday party nap!
This is Lilly just hanging out this morning!! She is too cute not to photograph!! It would seriously be an injustice! (I may be a little partial.) I didn't want her to be left out of the post!

Okay, so let me start by explaining that I am NOT a cook. I will never have a recipe blog because you can read the directions on the back of a box just as well as I can...and that is where most of my meals come from. Unfortunately for Matt, I did not get to his heart through his stomach..hahaha. However, I am social and I love to participate in stuff. My friend Debbie is hosting Crock Pot Wednesdays so I researched some recipes and am ready to go! I made the following recipe Monday and it was yummy and made good leftovers. So, here it is...

Easy Crock Pot Chicken and Stuffing

4 boneless/skinless chicken breast halves
1 can cream of celery soup or cream of mushroom soup
1/3 cup milk
1 package seasoned stuffing mix with seasoning packet (we use Stove Top)
1 1/2 cups water
Salt and pepper to taste

Place chicken in crock pot. Combine soup of choice and milk and pour over chicken. Combine stuffing, seasoning packet, salt and pepper (is using) and water. Mix well. Spoon the mixture the over the chicken and soup. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours.

Notes: I used cream of mushroom soup. I would use big chicken pieces because I used our regular size and the ratio of chicken to stuffing was off....we had lots of excess stuffing. I cut the chicken breasts into strips so it would cook faster and it was done in 6 hours. It was seriously the easiest thing I have made and the hubby was happy, too!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

One Month Old

Reid is one month old! I honestly do not know how that is even possible. It seems like I just had him last week at best! This little man has us wrapped around his long skinny pinky finger! When he is laying on me and cuddling right before he falls asleep, he does a huge smile--it looks like he is thinking, "Ahhh, this is the life!!!" I agree with him.
His umbilical cord still has not fallen off. It is driving me CRAZY. Is that normal? (Not the crazy part...the umbilical cord hanging on for over 4 weeks part.)
Reid is sporting his first hat in these photos (hat courtesy of MoMo--she wanted to save it for his stocking at Christmas but it isn't going to fit by then.)
He is actually in the stroller--we went for a walk this evening, but you can't really see it. It was so funny-his little cheeks were vibrating while we walked. He is growing like a weed!! I went to put him in his car seat today and we haven't taken him anywhere in a little over a week and I already had to adjust all of his straps and stuff. It has been an awesome month with Reid and we are looking forward to many many more!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lilly's Happenings

Well, our little Lilly has been a very busy little girl. She is walking/sprinting all over the place.

She also likes to carry her "purse" or as I like to think of camera case! She does not think that it is mine--she walks around with it carrying it like a purse. Funny girl.

"Seriously, it is mine Mom."

She is mixing things up. She still loves her mixing bowls and spoon. Also in the picture is her meerkat--her favorite animal from the zoo. She has also snuck my phone. I was vacuuming and looked over and she had my phone and to distract me from the fact that she had snuck my phone she started laughing hysterically and running around the room in the circles--just laughing and laughing. Silly girl--it worked because I thought she was being too cute to take it from her. Sad, I know.

Driving her first car! She got this from Aunt CiCi and Uncle Greg for her birthday. We went to the park to walk the other night and instead of putting her in the stroller we pushed her around in her car. She was too cool!!

She officially has her favorite sippy cup! This is it! I love it because she doesn't need any help to drink out of this one!!!

She also eats a ton of these Cheetos. We are lucky if that can makes it two days. Some days it will only last one day. She LOVES them...any flavor...veggie, zesty tomato, cheddar...doesn't matter.

It is so cute--she will just kick back and drink her juice or milk and eat her snack...such a big girl!!!

Getting out of the house with Mommy! Today, I had the fever to GET OUT of the house! So Lilly and I met up with MoMo and "Ray Ray". We ate lunch and then headed to the Promenade Mall. Lilly rode in her stroller for a little while, but she wanted out to walk around. As you can tell she is having a good time.

In JC Penney we let her loose to walk without holding hands. She thought she was SOOOO BIG!! It was hilarious. She just giggle the entire time. This picture is blurry because she is walking so fast. It was exhausting chasing her all around, but it was totally worth it because she was having such a great time and we didn't have anywhere to be. I would try to hold her hand and she would pull away..little Miss Independent. She did not like it at all when she had to get back in the stroller. Life is tough when you're little. Haha.

Then, we decided to go to MiMi's Cafe for a little dessert. Lilly got to stand in the booth instead of the high chair (at MoMo's request). It was okay for a little while then she turned into a bit of a wild child...note to self...Mommy isn't ready for this!

(VIDEO above). Okay, Lilly has this new way of walking. She will walk on her tippy toes with her left foot and walk flat footed with her right foot. Therefore, she looks like she has a peg leg or something...and she also walks in a circle if she isn't paying attention. So, that is in this video. Also, she is trying to play with Tank with his toy in this video too. She giggles whenever she gets near him with a toy. She is so much fun!

****If you are family that doesn't check this over the weekend, I posted Friday and Saturday so keep scrolling down!! Have a great week!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lilly's Party

Well let me start by saying that these are all of the photos I took at Lilly's party because the photographer was there and Aunt CiCi was taking pictures too. This was very helpful because I really didn't have time to take photos if you are having a party soon I would recommend at least asking a family member to take photos. I will post more party photos after I get them from my peeps (haha). It was very funny that people would see the photographer taking photos with all of his fancy lenses and ask if this was going to be in the newspaper. This was Lilly's birthday invitation. I made it at Shutterfly.
This was her cake. Jennifer you will be happy to know we got it at Rick's. (c: It was very stressful going to order a cake. What size? What kind? What shape? What colors? Do you want any kind of filling? What icing? And on and get the point! I thought it turned out super cute, though.

Lilly's "smash" cake. We ended up with chocolate after all of the taste testing was completed.
Okay, we ended up going with no icing on the sides--just on top because Miss Priss doesn't like to get any icing on her fingers (at least this was the case in all of our taste testing)....apparently she changed her mind because she was ALL OVER every bit of icing on this cake! Her nose, around her mouth, and her hands were stained pink!!
She got a quick bath in the sink afterward.
I think she enjoyed the cake! The party went great. It started at one, but our little Diva arrived fashionably late at 1:30 because she had to finish her nap. So, we went to the party to start fixing the lunch and mingle and then DeDe brought her to the party a little late. It really worked out well because we were able to set everything up and get things rolling. We (and by we, I mean Matt and PaPa Mike) grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and boiled shrimp. We also had guacamole (courtesy of Aunt Shelly) and cheese dip (me, I actually made something). Everybody ate lunch, she opened her presents, we played the slideshow, she ate her cake, we ate cake, and then we all just chatted. I can't wait to show pictures of Lilly's cousins at the party..they all looked sooo adorable too!! All in all, I would say the party was a success--we celebrated the birth of our beautiful baby girl with family and friends!

Friday, September 25, 2009

4 weeks & Kitty Kitty

Guess who is 4 weeks old today? Look, he is smiling--happy to be here!!
He cooed while I took this photo. Such a sweetie!! We are having such a good time getting to know our little man. Right now, he still sleeps a lot AND eats a lot! He does have a couple of good waking periods a day where he looks at me those beautiful eyes. He hardly ever cries. I think he went through some huge growth spurt this week because all of the sudden he just looks so much bigger.
Looking around....when I laid him on the floor Lilly got so excited that she was flapping her arms up and down and bouncing. She came racing over to him....
She grabbed his outfit and I was a little nervous!
then she started "loving bubby easy". However shortly after this photo she did try to crawl over him!! I had to put the camera down to intervene--I will confess that I thought about taking a photo of it but that wouldn't have been fair to Reid.
How do you get Lilly to sit and smile for the camera?? Get the camera out to take a picture of Reid! She was looking at me like, "Hello, the camera star is right here!!" As soon as I turned the camera on her, she gave me this big smile!! So adorable!
Saturday, MoMo, Ray, and I took Lilly to build-a-bear. (MoMo got Lilly a build-a-bear for her birthday.) I wasn't sure that she would have a preference, but she had a strong preference for this purple kitty! We held several different animals up for her and this is the only one that she reached for and she kept cuddling it. So, this is "kitty kitty" getting stuffed.
Testing to make sure it was squishy enough to cuddle. ....
Giving "kitty kitty" a bath...
Well, this is where we were supposed to be dressing kitty...but Lilly saw something she liked better in the mirror.
"Mom-do you see this cuteness?"
Giving herself kisses!!
She was playing with "kitty kitty" and I called her name and this is the look she gave me. Ha!!
Anyway, our first week went great! Yesterday was our toughest day because Lilly was teething and wanted to be held and rocked all day--but we just took it in stride. I rocked two babies for a chunk of the day and had one baby in my arms at pretty much all times, but to be honest I kind of loved it! It was so nice for Lilly to just lay on me and let me rock her all day--she has just gotten so busy lately! She is feeling better today but she still let me hold her whenever I wanted (c: Oh, I love these babies!!! I don't know what I ever did to be this blessed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We've Got It Under Control!!

Just a quick blog to let you know that everything is going great!! I couldn't ask for a better week...unfortunately I haven't had a lot of blogging time and need to get in bed right now. I will post details later...but for now we have it under control! Get it ...under control...she is playing with the remote control....playing on words...haha??!
Whatever, humor gets lost when you talk to two babies all day. Ha!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Birthday Slideshow

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This is the slideshow from Lilly's party. It takes about 10 minutes to watch, but of course I think it is worth is 10 minutes of guaranteed cuteness. (c: Anyway, we have lots to post about this week. It is my first week alone with both kiddos (we have been blessed enough to have help until this week) so hopefully I will be able to have time to do some posting! Fingers crossed.... Lilly's party was great-will post details and pictures soon.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


That's right folks, we blogged yesterday AND we are blogging today! (If you missed yesterday's post, you need to check out the video of Lilly proud of my baby girl.) Since we are having Lilly's birthday party this weekend I am considering it her birthday all weekend long. DeDe brought her this shirt and I just thought it was too cute for her not to wear!
There is no mischievousness behind those eyes...haha.
This is her talking with hand gestures...she is such a card!!
We had some visitors today!!! MamMa and Aunt Kay came to meet Reid and play with Lilly. Lilly is showing MamMa her nose...she loves to help people find their nose!
MamMa getting Lilly!! This is Tank's toy..note the duct tape around the middle because he always chews a hole within minutes to get all the stuffing out. Classy...haha.
MamMa and Reid...she said he was a keeper!! MamMa's approval--check check!
Our best attempt at a group photo. Reid, MamMa, DeDe, Matt, and Lilly. Matt got his hair cut today after we took this picture....he said he had "Hobo hair"....he cracks me up!!
Reid, MamMa, Matt, me, and Lilly
Aunt Kay and Lilly. Lilly had a blast with Aunt Kay today!
They played with her table together.
They sang the eensy weensy spider together. This is the spider going up the water spout....
This is "out came the sun".
This is the water washing the spider out. Aunt Kay got some good practice on her eensy weensy spider moves!!
Our beautiful little boy slept through a good chunk of the time they were here. He did just hang out relaxed and awake for a little while though! He just gets cuter and cuter every day...just like his sister! How we got blessed with two kids this awesome I will never know!!
Oh yeah, today Lilly kept going under the table and then tried to find the smallest possible space for her to crawl between. If she couldn't get through, she would squeal until someone fixed it so she could! What can I say? My girl likes an obstacle course. We had a great visit with our company and were so glad they could come and see us!!!