Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Check-Ups and Stuff

Well, Lilly had her 1-year check-up last Friday (the 11th). She is a tall the top of the charts. She really hasn't gained any more weight since her 9 month check-up. I forgot the exact numbers--I am going to have to call the doctor and get them again. Anyway, she had to have 4 shots...including the flu shot and the chicken pox shot....YUCK-O! It was no fun...she took it much harder than in the she understood someone purposely hurt her!! I didn't even take a picture of that nasty shot nurse because I knew I couldn't even put anything nice about her on here. Anyway, at one year of age, what are you up to my Lilly pie?? For starters, you are still the cutest stinking thing! Your personality is just so much fun. I do not know what your daddy and I did for entertainment before you came along. You are so curious (as you have been from birth....but now you have the mobility to explore your curiosity)!! You are busy all of the time...right until the second you fall asleep. If you combine the previous two sentences, it ends up meaning that you are into EVERYTHING. I have said it in previous posts but it can not be said enough or overemphasized!! I kind of love it, though. We did finally baby-proof the cabinets and that has reduced the number of Mommy-Lilly arguments drastically. Don't worry, you still have your cabinets that you get into and remove everything from the shelves.

  • You weened yourself off of formula this week. After one taste of whole milk, you were hooked!
  • You just started using a sippy cup. After months of refusing, you just decided one day that it was a pretty good thing.
  • Also, literally overnight, you decided you were done with baby food. In fact, you won't let us feed you anything on a spoon. You want to feed yourself. Again, this happened overnight. You let us feed you dinner...then refused to let us feed you breakfast or any other meal from that point. You are kind of freaky about do not like any food that feels wet or smooth. Foods you love, you won't eat because you don't want to touch them. You are not fond of the spoon yet...I think when you start using it you will eat a bigger variety of food.
  • You walk on your knees--it is the funniest thing I have ever seen!
  • You also started taking your first steps about a week before your first birthday. You are really taking off and turning into a little walking machine. It is so adorable to see you walk around. I will miss your speedy crawling and knee walking when you go to strictly walking, but I will enjoy it too!
  • You jabber...oh man do you jabber. I love the sounds that fill our house throughout the day. You have also figured out how to change your voice for emphasis and you have added hand gestures to your communication. It is so funny, you go on and on and move your hands all around and make these serious are really telling us stories!
  • You say mama and dada, oh wow, uh-oh (on a couple of occasions), and one time you said "out". I can tell you understand several words, but you aren't using the traditional English words yet. You use Lilly words.
  • You sit forward-facing in the car now. I think you really enjoy this. You talk and look out the window a lot.
  • You are a big sister. You are very sweet. Every once in a while you get excited and give your little brother more of a "love smack" than a "love pat".
  • You try and share your food with Tank...Mommy does not approve.
  • Oh, speaking of Tank, you will not stop putting his bone in your mouth. Mommy has to keep them put up because you will stick it in his mouth and then try to put it in yours....ewwww...don't think that I am not going to tell that story to every boy you ever even think about kissing!!!!
  • You are a daddy's girl!!! Even though you are all of the sudden Ms. Independent Busy Body, you will still stop and sit with Daddy pretty much on demand. You get so excited when he comes home and whenever we get in the car, you say "dada" because we are generally going to see him. It is so sweet. It melts my heart to see you two and how much you love each other. You are up to so much more but I think this is good for now. We love you so much baby girl and I look forward to seeing the new things you do every single day! Reid also went in for his two week check-up at the same time Lilly did. He weighed 8 lbs. 14 ounces...which was a weight gain of 13 ounces in 10 days. Reid had also grown to 21 and 3/4 inches. I think that was the 80th percentile for height and 50th for weight. I am pretty sure he is going to have blue eyes. He is so handsome! He has the cutest little side burns and perfect eye brows. I could just kiss his chubby little cheeks all day long!! I love this picture. He is blinded by the camera flash. Oops. So, he didn't have to have any shots, but the pediatrician did say that they did a test at the hospital before he was 24 hours old and it needed to be redone. So, we went to the hospital (it has to be done at the place of birth) expecting a simple heel stick. No, they did a heel stick and then proceeded to try and fill 5 good size circles with his blood. It was HORRIBLE!!!!! He screamed at the heel stick and then they kept squeezing his foot and he would scream every time they squeezed his foot. Then, it took so long that the hole dried up and they had to re-stick him! This went on for 30 minutes (absolutely no exaggeration) was one of the worst things I have ever endured. I bawled and sobbed after it was over....HORRIBLE!! Somebody will be getting a letter! So what has this precious boy been up to? Sleeping, eating, going potty. He has started to have a little bit of awake time. I already see that he has some of the same expressions that Lilly has...I love it!

    (VIDEO above) The above video is of Lilly walking in her squeaky shoes!! She also does a little knee walking for you at the end. Man, I love this girl!
  • (VIDEO above) This video is of Lilly shaking the laundry. My mom stayed with us last week to help with Lilly and Reid. She was folding some laundry and my mom shakes a piece of laundry out before she folds it and Lilly decided that this was good fun!!!


Mary Lynn said...

Cute tutu pics of Lilly....and Reid is handsome of course. Lilly is precious walking....BUT the knee walking is too funny. Not sure I've seen that style before! :-)

Leah said...

Lilly is such a stinking cutie, I too cannot wait to get our girls together!! She and I will be back in AR in mid-October so if you happen to be down that way, let me know!! That knee walking cracks me up! When did she start doing that? Perri will still only crawl, and if she's standing on something and wants to come to me, she simply lets go and I guess assumes that I will always catch her because she just giggles and falls into me. Our girls are growing up so fast and it makes me so sad! Though, this age is getting more and more fun! And little Reid is just adorable too!!

Anonymous said...

Love the tutu pics. they are adorable!! So sweet! Glad her check up went well.
Have a great week! Ginger