Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Sorry for the lack of blogging...and most importantly, the lack of Lilly and Reid pictures. I do understand that some of you have been suffering from withdrawals. I sincerely apologize. To tell you the truth, I have been a little overwhelmed lately. Our house is a disaster, we have so much going on, and when I do seem to be getting things together someone gets sick. I believe God is using it to teach me to reflect Him even when things are challenging. I am finally getting it--and my "ugly episodes" are getting fewer and fewer. Sometime I wish he would just teach me from the page instead of taking me to school!!! Haha. You know, *poof* you are patient and calm. (c: We have so much to be thankful for this year! To start with, this silly little girl!! She is becoming such a sweet little girl. Yesterday I was sick and she would just come sit on my lap and move my hair out of my face and look at me right in the face (as in nose to nose) and say, "Mommy, K??? And I would say, "Yes, Mommy is okay." Then she would look at Matt and say, "Mommy's sick" and then just cuddle me. It was the best medicine. I am feeling much better today.
This handsome little boy! He is just talking up a storm these days. His favorite new phrase is, "Where'd-it-go??" He is constantly amazing me with what comes out of his mouth!
So is Lilly! We were at Mike and DeDe's and she wanted to get in the pool. (It is freezing here.) We had a conversation that went like this:
Matt and I: No, Lilly. It is too cold outside.
Lilly: No, it's hot.
Matt and I: No sweet girl--It is cold!
Lilly: No, it's hot. The sun (points to the sun) out. The sun is hot.
Where in the world did she learn that?
She also laughs now and says, "That's funny!" She also has the memory of an elephant (you know--they never forget!). We saw Bert and Becca's eye up close on skype weeks ago and she hasn't stopped talking about it since! We have also had to see everyone else's eye when we skype. DeDe had a blow-up Mickey Mouse pumpkin for Halloween and she asked for it the entire time we were there for Thanksgiving. The girl doesn't forget and she is persistent!!!
She sees the camera and says, "I wanna cheese" as in "I want to say cheese". Oh, we made these handprint turkeys on the pumpkins a couple of weeks ago. They turned out pretty cute.
I am so proud of the sweet little girl she is turning into! Oh sure, she has her toddler moments of fits and terror but for the most part, she is the sweetest little girl that this momma could ask for!
This little laid-back turkey is so busy these days. I thought he was going to be "the easy one". Sheesh--he is into everything!! Plus, he is a climber...and, not totally unrelated...a faller. He keeps me on my toes and stays bruised.
He also has a very sweet personality. He will be playing and just stop and come running over with a huge smile on his face just to hug me. I mean, seriously, how do I ever stand a chance of not being obnoxiously in love with him? I don't.
He jumps. Kind of. He bounces up and down and about once every twenty bounces he manages to get himself off of the ground for an official "jump".
He also likes to dance. If I sing "I like to move it, move it", he starts dancing. He has some moves!!
We are so blessed to have these sweet, healthy, happy children. We are blessed to have each other and a marriage that grows and gets better and better daily. We have an unbelievable family that just spoil us rotten. We have wonderful friends. We have an awesome church and church family that challenge us to be more Christ-like. And, most importantly, we have a relationship that grows daily with the Lord, who has blessed us with everything and has given us just what we can handle and nothing more or less!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hey! I haven't given up on blogging! We didn't have internet from last Thursday until Monday evening....actually-we had internet but there was a virus that was keeping us from being able to use it. Matt also had the stomach virus this weekend. Lilly has an ear infection and ran a 102 degree temperature all weekend. Oh yeah, and Reid had shots on Friday. Plus my family was in town to celebrate Thanksgiving early. Then, my sweet friend Jenna had her baby Brody yesterday and he had to end up going to the NICU so I was busy with that yesterday (either in prayer or at the hospital!) and we are leaving to go see Matt's family for a couple of days. in about 30 minutes...I am still packing as we speak. But, just in case I couldn't blog while we are there I wanted to update that we are okay! Everyone is better now and Jenna's baby is doing much better now too! Hopefully I can do a post with pictures and details later! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Park Fun

We had a great weekend. DeDe came up Thursday night and stayed through Saturday afternoon. We were all happy to have DeDe in town for a few days! Matt and I took advantage on Saturday afternoon and took on the task of cleaning the garage. I am not sure we really made any progress. I know that we worked out there for a couple of hours...but it still looks the same somehow. I HATE that. (We hadn't touched the garage since we moved in--well except to put more crap, ahem, I mean stuff out there. Sunday, we went to church, came home and ate. Then the kids napped and I went to Walgreens (my most favorite place to go every Sunday). (More on that in a later post.) My Aunt Vivian and Uncle Joe just got a new patio/porch and had a big family BBQ Sunday afternoon. Good times and always great to see everyone. On other news, we live close to a playground and Lilly and Reid love to go on a walk to "play".
They have so much fun but it is definitely a good idea to go with two adults because they both run in different directions!
Reid loves to pick up the wood chips and put them through the holes. He also loves to climb, slide, and run all over the place. The boy has no fear...somehow this gives me some fear.
I just love this picture for some reason. My heart just smiles when they joyfully play together, side by side.
About to go down the slide. Her expressions lately have been so funny. Especially when she is asking a question! She looks so interested and serious.
This little man has become so busy lately and is talking up a storm. One day last week he just decided to start talking in sentences. He says, "I want _____". He fills the blank with so many different words. I want a "dink" (drink for those of you that don't speak Reid), I want a "nack" (snack), I want "jooooosh" (juice), etc.
Thanks for coming and helping us keep up with these two busy babies DeDe!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Warning: Extreme Cuteness!

Okay--I would brace yourself before you look at these pictures because they are almost too cute to be able to handle!!
Sweetest little love bug I know!

The attack monkey. (c: He was coming to love on his Mommy.

Swing break!!

Wagon ride to take some sibling photos!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The weekend!

Well, last Thursday Matt, the kids, and I loaded up and headed to Benton. We got there in time to have a yummy dinner at Shorty Smalls and the kids were excited to see Mike and DeDe! Friday morning we got up and headed to the local pumpkin patch. The kids really had a good time. They had some animals for the kids to look at and Reid kept saying "Duck" "Wack" (quack). He is such a little smartie and says so much stuff. We got two "pum-pums" while we were there and Lilly says "hi" and "bye" to them every time we leave the house or come home.
The had this teetering wood thing and both kids had a blast. Lilly really like jumping on it and Reid really liked trying to jump on it. Haha--I think we are going to have a pete and repeat here.
They both liked the tractors too. Lilly would get on it and go backwards all over the place. Reid either sat on it...
pushed it or...
pulled it all over the place.
The pum-pum, Lilly, and DeDe.
I had originally planned on taking some cute family photos but since we decided to go at the same time as two school buses--I chose to forego the frustration of trying to get the kids to look at the camera while so much else was going on. It wasn't happening!
Matt and I got a couple of pictures of us though. I went to make a photo book of us a couple of weeks ago and realized there are millions of pictures of the kids and hardly any of Matt and I. Matt and I also took advantage of being around the grandparents and went on a movie date. We saw RED with Bruce Willis and some other folks. We thought it was pretty good.
Saturday we had lunch with GrandDaddy, Aunt Susan, Lynn, Jessica and some other sweet friends and family.
We came back to Mike and DeDe's, let the kids nap and then Matt and Mike wanted to watch the Hog game so Aunt Susan, Lynn, DeDe, Lilly, Reid, and I all went to Chili's to eat dinner. I was really craving some salsa and cheese dip.
It did not disappoint!
We had planned on going trick-or-treating after dinner but we got a call from Matt saying that his good friend and his family stopped by--so we had to go visit!!
Lilly was excited to play with some new friends!
Who wouldn't be totally psyched to spend time with this wonderful family??
Adorable! Seriously I keep thinking I am going to have a friend with an ugly kid (totally joking) but if just never happens! They are all so flipping cute and sweet!
Matt and his buddy Anthony! It was so good to see him and his family!
Then on Sunday all Matt's family got together for lunch. Reid ran around in his diaper and cool sunglasses. He seriously loves those things! As always we had a great time seeing friends and family. We did miss Uncle Bert and Aunt Bec-Bec though!!
On Monday I took Reid back to the dr. because I could tell he still just wasn't feeling well. Turns out he has a sinus infection! I think he has had it for at least a month. Poor little guy. He is on antibiotics and I think he is finally starting to feel better. This morning he woke up happy and talking~it was such a beautiful sound! The sound of feeling better!! Other than that, our week has been pretty low-key...just doing the usual stuff around here. Hope your week is going great!