Thursday, April 29, 2010


Ok, so I haven't given up on blogging....I promise! Just after weeks of one kind of sickness or another and a messy house that had gotten SO bad, I just haven't had the time or energy after the kiddos were in bed. I am posting this while they are awake and it is taking me FOREVER--currently remembering why I do this later. I am digressing though...hopefully we are on track for regular blogging again. So, without further adieu...Easter. Reid rocked the sweater vest and hat...he looks so handsome! I couldn't decide whether he looked like Cedrick the Entertainer or like he was going to play golf. I am going with "golfer". Final answer.

I LOVE how you can tell he has all of his weight on that one little finger. This picture just makes my heart happy!

Melissa and Reid--I thought this was such a good picture.
MamMa and Becca.
Lilly and her sippy cup...this girl is wild about a sippee cup. At play group it is a running joke because Lilly wild find every. other. child.'s sippee cup.
Talking on her play phone. Matt says she gets this from watching me...I think it is a matter of opinion...possibly a correct opinion.
Ray and Reid
Finding some goodies in her eggs with the help of Thomas and Melissa!
The back of her dress
Taking a break....Lilly loves to climb up in a chair and then get down and then climb up in a chair and then get down and then climb up in a chair and then get get my point??
Easter egg spotted....
Egg obtained!
In the basket! Success!!!!
My sweet beautiful Lilly!
Opening her egg....
WHAT?? Why is it empty??
That is just silly!
Lilly has been practicing dirty looks lately...for no reason at all...she will just be sitting there and start making bad faces and then laugh.
Carrying around several baskets. If one is good, two is better??
1, 2, 3..Weeeee. That is how Lilly goes down the slide.
Reid with Grandma Betty
Being silly
Matt with Colt and Reid. Colt had the toy and Reid had the paci...and they switched. It was so cute and funny.
We had a great Easter celebrating that HE HAS RISEN!!! We went to church and then had lunch and egg hunts with family! We are so blessed!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunglasses, 19 Months, & 7 Months

Okay, well let's just say that the plague hit our house last week. It all started with really sore throats and possibly a viral cold thing (?? can't really remember what the doctor said) about a week and a half ago. Then last Sunday night, Lilly, Matt, and I got the stomach bug. That was ROUGH. (1) Lilly had never thrown up is hard to see your baby girl sick. (2) Matt and I had never been sick at the same time...let alone still have to care for our children who are also sick. Thank God for my Grandma Odie for watching Reid Monday morning and afternoon for us. Unfortunately, Reid and Grandma ended up getting it! YUCK. Then, Thursday I took Lilly back to the doctor and found out she had double ear infections and pink eye in both eyes and Reid still has the same ear infection he has been battling for a month and we are currently trying a third type of antibiotic. We are just now starting to feel better. I was worthless all weekend long. Matt was a champion today....he cleaned, did laundry, vacuumed, cleaned out the van, made dinner, etc. Anyway, I am not sure I have enough brain power left tonight for this post but I know the grandparents are missing their babies so I am going to try! My Lilly Grace is now 17 months old. She LOVES wearing sunglasses. I just put them on her one day to see if she liked them and she did. These are from that day. I haven't uploaded pictures since the beginning of April since I am trying to finish posting March pictures.
Lilly--you have more personality and energy than I know what to do with!! You keep us entertained and exhausted constantly. You are so funny! (You get that from me! Ha!) Your mind never are always trying to figure out what you can do next.
You have figured out how to push the kitchen table chairs around so that you can climb on them and get to stuff that is out of your reach.
You know what you aren't supposed to get into. I know this because as you are doing something you aren't supposed to be doing, you tell yourself "no" but do it anyway. Ha! You are really in a "testing boundaries" phase right now.
You are so full of life! You are all in and full speed. You are always smiling and laughing. You LOVE to be read really like Barnyard Dance, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pajama Time, Snuggle Puppy, a Christmas book, and Pat the Bunny (<---your favorite, you turn the pages and do the activities all by yourself).
You are saying all kinds of things. Your favorite is "no no no". You also love the word "pop" giggle every time and just think it is fun to say--you jump and throw your hands up every time. Other words are "doggy", "out", "uh-oh", "more", "please", "up", "eye", etc. etc. You will repeat almost anything. You have also started singing along to "Pop Goes the Weasel" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider", and your ABCs....except you sing E for every letter. Your smile is absolutely precious and contagious. Everyone always comments on what a great smile you have.
You know many body parts: Head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, belly button, back, teeth.
I can't take my eyes off of you for a second. This month you have gotten into the bathtub with Reid fully dressed, tried to roll our bathroom in toilet paper daily, hid Mommy's keys regularly, drawn on some furniture, poured Reid's baby food on Tank, and so on. Yes, I watch are just faster than Mommy.
This picture is shoe, lotion tube in the mouth, non-stop...all in busy girl!
Oh baby girl, you wear us out BUT I wouldn't change one single thing about you! You are pure perfection and your daddy and I are just so thankful that God chose us to be your parents! We love you more than you will ever understand and we just can't wait to see what you will do over the next month!!
Oh, and here you are trying to put your squeakers sandals on Tank. You love him. You will give him hugs. You also try to ride him and walk him around hanging onto his just don't understand why we don't let you because it is clearly so much fun!
Reid, my Big Smiling Bubba, you still smile with your whole body...seriously I have yet to meet somebody that can NOT smile when you smile. Your smile could melt ice! You are such a happy child. You have started squealing...kind of like you are inhaling really loudly when you get excited. It is hilarious. Your sister did it too...but we used to panic because we thought she couldn't breath. Now, it is much more fun because we know you are just having a good time!
You have the best facial expressions. I don't know how your Daddy and I got two kids with such expressive faces! Ha!
You already have 7 teeth and are working on the 8th. I can't believe that! You are also a little smartie. You already army crawl all over the house. You are getting so stinking quick too!
You are so laid-back. Lilly is always taking your toys. I make her give them back but to be honest, it never phases just grab a different toy.
You can sit up pretty good. Most of the time you would rather be down where you can move around though. Last week at the doctor, you weighed 21 pounds 11 ounces. Mommy just loves all your little rolls. I LOVE that your little hands look like they have been screwed on to your arms. I know that you will start walking and probably slim down like Lilly has...but I sure do love your chubby little thighs!
You have a new thing where you will laugh if anyone looks at you and laughs. It is the funniest thing! I just have to look at you and laugh and you will just crack up! You also like to be tickled. You LOVE to be think it is funny too. That is a good thing because you would be getting Mommy kisses whether you liked it or not!
You have really noticed Tank this month. If he will just sit still in front of you, you are highly entertained!
You say "dadadada" "mamama" but whatever. Ha!
You like toys! You really like something that has a handle that you can bang around.
You diet consists of nursing, rice cereal with apple juice, carrots, squash, bananas. You could be eating a lot more but with this ear infection that has lasted a month now...we just don't want to risk doing anything to upset your stomach too.
Oh, you do eat Puffs too. You LOVE puffs. You eat them like you are angry with them though. You just bite down as hard as you can. You make the funniest face too.
Reid, you are just the most handsome and sweet baby! God knew what he was doing when he chose you for us and I am so thankful for that! We just love you beyond words!! Your smile (and your sister's) makes every day worthwhile and makes getting through weeks like this last one possible!!
Lilly finally managed to get both pairs of sunglasses. Haha!
Lilly and Reid have been "playing together" more and more lately. I just love it! Seeing them smile at each other and laugh with each other is just the best thing a Mommy can see!
The other day she was in the bouncy seat just bouncing up and down and Reid started laughing at her. Then she started laughing at him laughing at her...priceless! Oh, Lilly has figured out how to climb into Reid's jumper on her and picture to follow in a later post. These kids crack us up!