Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rain BOOT, Potty, & Facial Expressions

Okay so I am not exactly sure where to start on this photo. Haha. Do I start with the one rain boot? Do I start with the bath soap? The fact that she has a new potty chair? Or do I start with the fact that she is sitting on it with a diaper on?? Or that it is in the living room?? Haha.

Let's go with the one rain boot. Like I said in the last post, sometimes one falls off because they are a little big. I think she likes it because she can keep the other one pretty good then.
Next, we will hit the baby soap. She was giving Mr. Mouse a bath. Apparently, she has confused our living room with the bathroom.
She loves her potty chair...she doesn't "use it". She thinks of it more as a piece of furniture. She carries it all around the house--to whatever room I am in. It is so funny! She tried to set it on my lap and then sit on top of it. I had to explain to her that the potty doesn't sit on Mommy!
Look at her legs. She is CONSTANTLY bruised. I think I could put her on a commercial and people would send me money thinking she is abused! Haha!!
She has the if she just actually "uses it".
Mr. Man has become extremely coordinated and over night!! I was not prepared for his speed! He also has decided he prefers actual food rather than bottles. He still takes the bottles but if I am eating something...he just stares longingly at whatever I am eating and watches very intently as it goes to my mouth! Haha. I feel so bad!
These few pictures all feature a different one of his facial expressions. He has so many of them..just like his big sister!!
I LOVE this one. He started eating puffs this week and sitting in a high chair. He was SO EXCITED about sitting in a high chair at a restaurant. I didn't have the camera (gasp!) but Matt took some pictures with his phone. He was slapping the table and yelling so loud. The other tables (and us) were cracking up!!
I call this one "the happy thinker"..haha!

He is such a happy boy! We just have two of the best babies in the world...and I would say that even if I wasn't 1000% biased! Ha!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain Boots--Part 1

DeDe brought Lilly some rain boots when she came to visit.....
They were a BIG hit!! HUGE!! I can't get her to keep them off. If you notice, the title says Part 1 and that is because (1)I am several posts behind..playing catch up and (2) These boots are featured in several more posts to come!
She loves them--thanks DeDe!
Posing for the other side!
They are a little big so a lot of the time she runs around with just one shoe on! Ha. The other day we went outside and she had so much fun running through the rain puddles and not getting wet!!
She is at such a fun age!! I am just loving this phase she is going through. She is at the stage where she is learning how to express what she wants. We went to Wal-Mart the other night and she pointed to a little pink dress and said, "please"! It was so adorable. Then she spotted the balls and said, "ball, ball, ball". Of course when I handed her one she just threw it across the store. So I got it and put it back and she SCREAMED "ball" until they were out of sight. It was her first Wal-Mart fit...that part of the phase...not so in love with. I just love this funny little girl!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

Last week Lilly had her first trip to Chuck E Cheese. She had such a good time!!
Her friend Brayden met us there to play, too!
And so did Stella!!! Stella and Lilly have gotten to see each other a lot lately! We go to baby bookworms together and also have a playgroup together. They are only 2 weeks apart and age and I have pretty much decided for them that they are best friends. Haha! (Although Stella really LOVES Reid.)
Lilly climbing..this girl loves to climb on stairs and go down slides.
Riding some rides...she was so funny--she would NOT sit on the seat. She HAD TO ride it like this. Ha! She never ceases to crack me up!
Talking with her girl Stella.
Brayden, or Mr. B, was so cute. He loved the Chuck E Cheese phone! He was in the middle of important phone calls for much of the Chuck E Cheese trip...I sense a business man. Ha!
Having SO MUCH fun!
Stella checking out Chuck E.
Brayden--he was so good at looking at the camera when I said his I miss that. He is such a little ham. I just love his little personality!
Riding together...I think Stella is asking Lilly why she got to drive. Ha!
Stella on the carousel..we put the girls on thinking we were going to just stand next to them and walk but they were able to do it without any help from us. I almost teared up because it was such a "big girl" moment!!!
They rode it like 6 or 7 times. I still can't believe she is big enough for a carousel!! How is that possible??
Reid had a great time just people watching. I don't know why God chose to bless me with such an easy baby boy--he is just happy wherever he is. I am so thankful he is so laid-back but I would love him just as much if he weren't!!
Sydney--this is proof for Tom that she did have a good time!! Haha! We have laughed and joked because Stella always looks SO SERIOUS. It is hilarious.
The girls playing together.
Sydney and Lilly makes the balls bounce. Both girls thought that this toy was just too cool!! Is it still cool to say "cool"??
Stella at the bug machine..this girl loves bugs!! She is so girly and yet she loves bugs--I just love that! (even though I do NOT love bugs)
We all had so much fun-and it was actually pretty cheap. I still have enough tokens to go like 4 or 5 more times!! I see many visits to Chuck E Cheese in our future!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Just a few cute pictures of the kiddos playing together (ah..melts my heart to see them laughing and playing together).

(Look at Reid's adorable little belly in this picture--do you think it is time to quit squeezing him in that size onesie and just go up a size already???)

Lilly showing DeDe where her head is. She loves head, shoulders, knees, and toes!! I think everyone was having a good time--including DeDe!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Strawberry Hat

On St. Patrick's Day, Lilly found the hat from her strawberry costume and brought it to me and wanted me to put it on her. I did thinking she would take it off in 30 seconds....not so much. She wore it all night long--even to the church nursery. Ha! The best place to take photos of Lilly these days....the car seat. She can't run off because she is buckled in place. PERFECT. Ha.
This might just be my favorite picture to date! It looks like she is going to take it off...but she pulled it right back down.
There is that sweet precious look that says, "I never do anything wrong..I promise!"
I had to throw this picture in here so Reid wouldn't be blog neglected!! Mr. Man soldier crawled all around the living room last night in hot pursuit of his toys!! Go Reid!!!!! We are so proud of you big guy!
We have dinner at the church on Wednesday nights and Lilly's favorite part is running wild for a few minutes after we are done eating.

Showing Mommy the right way to go. (I am not sure what I am saying in this picture but it looks important. Ha!)
This picture pretty much sums up Lilly's personality--so curious!!! (and has been from birth) She just wants to be in the know!
We FINALLY got Lilly to eat spaghetti the other night....after like 37 tries. What kid doesn't like spaghetti?? She ate a lot of it. Matt was so happy because he loves spaghetti (me-not so much) and thinks now we have a reason to have it more often.
I am just ecstatic we can add another thing to the list of food she will eat!