Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Weekend

Well Lilly was sick pretty much all week.  Her fever broke Thursday but I think she felt the worst that day and on Friday she was back to her normal happy self and feeling much better.  We were all excited about that!!!  Reid was so excited that Lilly was ready and able to play again that they pretty much spent the whole morning playing together in their playroom.  It was so sweet!  And soooo nice because I had LOTS of housework to catch up on.  Friday night Matt was at a Men's Conference so I decided to take the kids to the Razorback Gymnastics meet.  Our friends Becky and Will and Natasha met us there.  The whole thing was pretty comical.  Let me just tell you how it played out.
 There are 4 events in gymnastics.  We watched the uneven bars.  Reid sat in my lap for most of that part because he spotted the mascot as we walked in and decided to stay close.  But as time went on he got down...and then wanted to be on the move.  Well the kids believe that gymnastics, popcorn, and face painting all go together.  So I decided to take them to go get popcorn and face painting during the warm-ups before the second event.  I ran into the people I used to nanny for and talked to them for a minute.  Then we waited in line for popcorn.  They were out.  So we waited for them to make some more popcorn.  Then we got to the face painting line right after a family of 6.  So we waited (very patiently I might add for a two and three year old!) to get their face painted.  We got back to our seats at the end of the third event. 
 We watched one performance.  (I don't know what the technical term is and I am sure it isn't performance...but you know what I mean.)  Then they spotted the girl mascot.  Mind you Reid clung to me for a good 10 minutes at the mere sight of the boy mascot but for some reason the girl one was okay.  Lilly wanted to "go see her" so I took her down to see her and Reid stayed back with Natasha.  We said hi and she stood next to her just long enough for a photo.  As I was walking her up, Natasha was walking Reid down.  So I took Reid to get his picture with her...
 This was as close as he got to her.  Ha!  We got back to the seats and I was ready to sit down when Lilly said, "Mommy, I have to go potty!"  Seriously, child??  So I took her potty and we got back to the seats...and it was over.  Ha!  Honestly we just went for the kids to have a good time and they did so I consider it a success!!

Matt had the Men's Conference Saturday morning too so he went to that and the kids and I got up and did a little shopping because we had two birthday parties that day.  Matt met up with us and we had lunch and then went to Diesel's birthday party! 
 It was a really cute football/raiders theme.  The kids got VIP passes to enter the party and the cake was a football field.  His mom and I were the only pregnant interns during our Master's year.  That was a challenging year for sure! 
 Reid was such a NEAT cake eater for the first time ever!!!  He usually makes a gigantic mess.  It really is the little things that get me excited!  Ha!
 After we left that party the kids napped in the car as we headed to Jack's party!  The kids LOVED getting to swim and didn't want to get out of the pool. 
 So happy to be in the water!  They remembered how to swim with their buoy's on! 
 Jack!  We love Jack and his family!!   Jack is in my KDO class and he is ALWAYS making me laugh! 
 God has blessed us so greatly with friends for Matt and I and friends for our kids!  We are so thankful for them and love celebrating with them!!
The weather has been BEAUTIFUL this week!  Today the kids played out in the backyard and I remembered why I love summer so much!  They LOVE to be outside.  Lilly was really into picking flowers today.  She picked one flower and brought it in and said, "Mommy this is for you!  And MoMo!  And DeDe!"  I guess we were all supposed to share that one flower.  Then she kept picking them and bringing them to me.  She even picked a couple for Matt.  He remembered to take one of them but left the other one and she brought it to me and said, "Daddy forgot to take his flower to work and wear it in his hair!!"  ( : 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sick & Catch Up

(Testimony Tuesday will be back in March.)

Well we have started our week off with a sick one.  We were out of town this weekend and within 3 seconds of walking in our house...
 this little girl got sick.  She has ran a fever of 101-102 ever since.  I took her to the doctor today and he ruled out strep or the flu and basically said he thought whatever it was would run it's course in a few days.  She has pretty much laid on the couch or in bed and watched movies.  She did have a period right before her naps where she was playing and bossing Reid around so I am hoping she is on the mend.  ( ;  I am very thankful she didn't get sick while we were out of town and that it hasn't spread to the rest of us.  As you can imagine between being out of town for the weekend and having a sick baby girl--the house looks like a bomb exploded and then a tornado came through and spread the debris around.  In other words, I should probably be cleaning instead of blogging but I know the grandparents miss fresh pictures of the babies. 
 A few weeks ago MoMo sent us a box of goodies!  Lilly was all excited to open it up!  She got some shoes, bracelets, and some chocolates! 
 Reid got some chocolates and some toys.  I got a pair of Razorback sweat pants and some shoes!  And Matt got his birthday card. 
 We loved having a fun surprise come in the mail!!  Thanks MoMo!
 Last weekend (the one before this last one) Mike and DeDe came up for a couple of days.  Mike had some work to do and DeDe hadn't seen Lilly's big girl room yet.  And Lilly kept asking her when she was going to come and see it too!  Ha!! 
 That Saturday night Lilly went to her friend Anna's birthday party.
 These three girls are such sweet friends.  They were in the same "class" last year at KDO.  I LOVE that they are to the age to be friends and want to see each other and play together. 
 Saturday night my sweet friend Candice had her baby Luke.  Isn't he precious??  He was teeny but so sweet and cute and cuddly! 
 Sunday night Reid woke up from his nap all glassy eyed and red cheeked and whiiiinnneeeyyy.  He was that way through Monday afternoon but he never ran a fever or anything.  I am hoping that was his version of whatever Lilly has now.  We have had a few random just "not feel good" things go through the house so I am hoping our bodies are just fighting off all of the junk going around.  Come on Spring! 
 I just put this picture in here because I NEVER know WHAT I am going to find when I open my cabinets.  The kids are always hiding random toys in the cabinets.  This day it was a Dora phone.  Some days even Dora makes an appearance in the cabinets. 
 One day last week Lilly snuggled up on the couch with me to watch a tv show.  I had the best seat in the house!  She has done LOTS of snuggling this week due to illness but it just not as enjoyable when she feels so yucky.  This was a sweet little take-time-out-of-playing-type-of-snuggle. 
 Reid probably sat like this for 15 minutes (an eternity for this busy boy!)
 He was so serious coloring on his Innotab (or "puter" as he calls it).
And I will just end on this funny picture.  Both kids sitting on the potty.  Funniest part is that probably neither one of them were using it.  It has just become a bonding thing, I guess.  Ha! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Matt's Birthday

Well Matt's birthday is Valentine's Day--I always say that must be what makes him so sweet.  (:  Anyway the kids and I had a good time helping him celebrate his birthday!  We brought him homemade chocolate chip & peanut butter muffins for breakfast.  We grabbed lunch for him and met him at the house to eat.  We hit Sonic happy hour (because really what birthday is complete without a cherry vanilla diet dr pepper??) and brought him some mini reeces (which is what Reid picked out to give him for his birthday). 
 My three Valentines!   Since Matt's birthday falls on Valentine's Day the restaurants always have a wait and Matt said he would rather eat at home.  I fixed his favorite meal...Chicken Parmesan.  I also tried to fix a "sampler" appetizer because I wanted to give him the whole restaurant experience.  So I made toasted ravioli (that I managed to burn), zucchini fries, and baked artichoke hearts. Our friends Brittany and Xander came over to help us celebrate and Brittany brought some yummy dessert.  We were so glad they joined us in our celebration! 
Before we did gifts we lit a musical candle I found at the dollar store.  Everyone got a turn blowing out the candle because that is HUGE fun right now. Ha! Matt called Matt to wish him a Happy Birthday first thing that morning and asked, "May I please help you blow out your candles?"  Lilly wanted to get Matt one of the yellow balloons at Wal-Mart that said "Clearance" on it.  Ha.  I had to say no since they aren't for sale.  When I asked her what she wanted to give Daddy for his birthday she said, "A BIG birthday hug!"  And she did.  We also got him a ticket to an upcoming men's conference at our church, Courageous, Songs in the Key of Solomon (a couple's devotional book), and some clinique face soap.  All gifts he requested because we are "practical" gift people.  Ha! 
 Monday night Matt was so sweet.  He said, "I think I should get Lilly some Valentine gifts and you should do the same for Reid."  You see "Gifts" came in last place on both Matt and I's love language test BUT Matt has been reading Bringing up Girls by James Dobson and it talks about the relationship between a dad and his daughter.  Anyway while I took the kids to do some last minute birthday shopping--Matt went and got the kids some Valentine presents from us.  He got Lilly a giant rose balloon and a real rose and a Dora card. 
 We got both kids some glow sticks for more future glow stick baths.  Those are big at our house right now.  We also got a book and some jelly beans for them to share. 
 Reid got a giant McQueen balloon.  Or "buh-queen" as he so cutely calls him. 
And he got Toy Story.  We are LOVING doing a weekly movie night with our kids.  LOVING it.  They snuggle us and we are just eating it up.  So, we use just about any excuse to add a new movie to our collection!  Matt said for his birthday he wanted to eat at home and then watch a movie with the kids so after dinner we watched Toy Story.  Oh, and because Matt is awesome, he got me a bigger fancy CrockPot and tickets to go see Mary Poppins. 

Matt we hope you had a great birthday!  We are so thankful God chose us to be your family!!  We love you!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday we had the day to stay at home.  Lately we have been having stuff every single day so we were excited to stay at home.  However, even if we would have had plans, we would have had to cancel them because Lilly woke up like this...
 She just laid on me for the first couple of hours she was awake.  Thankfully she started feeling better quickly but we had the most LAZY day and It. Was. Fabulous.  We just laid around in bed watching movies.  We even ate in bed.  And Reid was willing to do it too!  I view it as a precious gift from above because who knows if that will ever happen again. 

Friday night was Friday Night Out so we dropped the kids off and went to Columbia Mex to eat and then did a little shopping and running around for our busy weekend.  I love that Matt and I have a good time even when we are doing the mundane things like running errands.

We started Saturday morning off with an omelet breakfast at church to discuss some things for the Children's church (that is where we serve).  It was yummy and fun! 
 Saturday was my sweet friend Candice's shower.  Luke is coming soon and we can't wait to meet him! 
 Her hostesses did such a cute job on her shower.  It was razorback themed.  You can see all the details here!
 Next up was Will's superhero birthday party!  It started while I was at the shower so Matt took the kids and I met them there a little late.  Everything was so cute!  They had "Power Punch" and "Hero Sandwiches."  The kids were supposed to dress in costume.
My sweet boy! 
 Will the birthday boy was so excited about each present.  I just love that! 
 Lilly went as a princess.  I am not responsible for that hair!  Daddy does not do hair.  ( : 
We got to see lots of sweet friends like Cilla (above) and Hannah (below).

 They had a photo area and took pictures with a Polaroid camera. 
Then we came home and napped and woke up just in time to go to church.  Our church did a Saturday night service since the Super Bowl was on Sunday.  After church we went to dinner with our friends Brittany, James, and Xander.
Sunday morning Matt made breakfast and hung out with the kids and I went to help with Children's Church.  After lunch we decided to let Lilly skip her nap and I surprised her and took her to the Razorback Gymnastics meet. 
 I enjoyed some "Mommy and Me" time with her!  Our friend Natasha (or as Lilly calls her, "Ms. Matasha) met us there too. 
 Lilly loves "Gymnacstics"!  She watched the girls on the uneven bars and said, "Ohhh!  Maybe I can do that??!!"  She also thinks that face painting is just part of the gymnastics experience.
 I let her choose between popcorn, coke, or cotton candy and she chose cotton candy.  She was a sticky mess at the end of it! 
 They handed out these "Perfect 10" signs to everybody and Lilly LOVED raising it up. 
 Lilly's new sticker chart incentive is the next Gymnastics meet.  She has been talking about it ever since.  So thankful for such a special time with my sweet girl! 
Sunday night we went to our friend's Jason and Lacey's house to watch the Super Bowl.  I didn't really watch any of it until the very end.  We had so much fun and the kids had a blast.  It was a super busy weekend but I am so thankful that we had so many fun things to do with our friends!  God has really blessed us with some great friends to "do life" with.