Wednesday, February 1, 2012

They Crack Me Up!

These two sweeties keep us laughing all of the time.  I wanted to do a post that recorded a couple of the funny things they have said and done lately.  And a few of the sweet things, too.  ( :
They played together to put up our valentine window clings from the Target Dollar Spot.  Lilly was very helpful to Reid! 
 When we were outside the other day this smarty tipped her car over to get all of the water out of it.  Love that problem solving! 
 Every. Single. Time I tried to get a picture of Reid he would run to his car and say, "I can't (or cain't as he says it)!  I have to go to town!!"  Ha! 
 Update on Lilly's bedtime fits--Monday night she went to bed with NO tears.  So Tuesday we went with Addy and Sam to the mall to play and eat Chick-fil-a to celebrate. 
 And then we had some ice cream, too!  While she was napping Tuesday (also crying free) I made a sticker chart and she is working toward a Chuck E Cheese trip and she has had NO crying fits at bedtime (or naptime) since then!  We are SO PROUD of her!!!
 We got onion rings the other day and I just took a picture so that I would remember to talk about it.  Ha!  Anyway, Lilly takes the onion ring out of the shell and just eats the shell.  Reid, on the other hand, takes the onion out of the shell and then eats them both separately.  Either way they both LOVE onion rings!!
 Today this was Lilly helping Reid take his shoes off.  The funniest part is at one point his leg was above her head! 
 Listening to stories before bedtime.  Usually they both sit in my lap or Matt's lap and we rock them but tonight they sat in their own chairs and put their feet up. 
 We recreated this moment but this is what it looked like while we were praying before bed. 
 Giving bedtime kisses! are some random funnies!
  • Reid has started saying, "Yoohoo!  Yoohoo!" when he wants to get our attention.  Don't know where he got it from.
  • I had already told Lilly no on something so she decided to ask Matt.  So, naturally, I say, "Lilly-Mommy already said no."  She replied, "Mommy--you are making my ears hurt!" 
  • Reid has also started saying, "We don't have much time!"  It is so funny.  He says it at the most random times too.  Like me telling him not to jump on the couch and him replying, "I have to.  We don't have much time!"
  • At dinner the other night Lilly said, "We never say no to boys."  Matt almost choked on his dinner and said, "Lilly--we ALWAYS say no to boys!!"  She replied, "But we don't say no to Bubby?"  And Matt said, "Yes, say no to Bubby--it is good practice!"  I buried my head and laughed so hard that tears rolled down my cheeks.
  • One Saturday morning Reid crawled up in bed with us.  He told us to watch out for "the bear".  We said okay and for him to watch out for him too.  He was so serious!  He then proceeded to tell us.  "Watch out for the bear.  And watch out for swiper.  Watch out for bears, swiper, and foxes!"  Don't worry.  We kept our guard up.  ( ;
  • I went to check on Lilly in the bathroom and found her standing up in front of the toilet trying to pee in it.  When I told her that we had to SIT on the potty to pee she replied, "But Daddy does!" 
  • This morning Lilly told me to watch out for the "Maw-ho"  When I asked her what a "maw-ho" was she said, "I don't know but he is mean and happy." 
Just a few of the funny things they have said and done lately.  We are so blessed!
 Today we met up with my friend Kerri and her boys Diesel and Duece.  I had so much fun catching up with Kerri and Lilly and Reid loved playing with the boys.  Seriously Reid laughed so hard with Diesel.  He just loves having an older boy around!
And I enjoyed snuggling this little guy for a minute!  ( :

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