Friday, July 31, 2009

Tooth #3

Well, Lilly has been working on her two top teeth! This morning her top left took broke the skin a little bit. This (or the motrin) must have relieved the soreness a little bit because she slept until her normal 8:30. Not the case for the past two mornings. We understood though because her little gums where those two teeth will be are SO swollen and red. Poor baby girl.
There is a big piece of ice inside the mesh feeder. Her and mommy have eaten a lot of ice lately. She bites down really hard...
and sucks the water out. It must feel really good on those sore gums because she can do this all day!
She has really been in a good mood despite teething. At night, she just had a hard time getting comfortable enough to fall back asleep if she woke up. She would pretty much wake up as soon as the tylenol and teething tablets started wearing off. Hopefully, she will have a couple of days of relief before the other tooth decides to try and break the skin.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Errands and Cleaning

Yesterday, Lilly and I ran a few errands. We had lunch with Matt and then we ran into the mall to exchange some PJs for a bigger size--Miss Priss just insists on growing at rapid speeds! Anyway, we were about to leave the mall when all of the sudden there was a monsoon-like rain storm! So, we got stuck at the mall for a little while. Resisting my urge to do some know, while in Rome...or the mall, whatever, I decided to take Lilly to the play area instead. "Hello there pretty girl!" She talked to herself for a little while. There was also this little thing that looks like a stump. It raises up about 6 inches off the ground--kind of like a stair step. Well, miss adventure figured out how to climb up on top of it!! And, just as quickly learned how to crawl right off the other side of it. She did a small face plant into the floor. Although inside I was holding my breath, on the outside I just smiled and told her how big she was for learning to climb. She took it really well--scared me, but she is just fine!
Then, everyone else stuck in the mall thought of the same grand idea---the play area. So, Lilly followed all of the other little kids around trying to do what they were doing (i.e. walk..haha). After about 10 minutes we were able to leave and get our grocery shopping done and head home for a quiet night.
Today, we just hung out at the house and cleaned up a little bit. I am doing some pretty bad nesting right now so even though the house was clean...I just kept finding stuff to clean. Haha. Anyway, Lilly has figured out how to get into the cabinets and pull out the pots and pans. (Like I really have to try hard to find stuff to clean with a 10 month around??) So, that is where she chose to have her snack this morning. Apparently she wanted some skillet-cooked puffs.
"They just taste better like this Mom!"
I love my job as a stay-at-home mom. I feel so blessed to get to share all of these simple little moments with her. This has been one of those weeks where I just feel like we are the most blessed little family in the world! We love our family--you guys included--and are so blessed to be so loved in return and have our babies loved and cared for by so many others!! Thank you guys for caring about us! That's enough mush for one night! (c:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a Weekend!!

This picture is supposed to be at the bottom...and part of it is but for some reason it showed up funky and it is too cute not to post in a clear manner!
Well, we loaded up again and headed to Benton this weekend! We had a birthday bash filled time! Saturday was Grandpa's birthday so we got together at his house and he cooked dinner....I am not sure how he got roped into cooking his own birthday dinner, but it was good!

Then, Sunday we celebrated MamMa's 80th birthday (her b-day is Tuesday). We started by going to church...the whole gang...and sitting with MamMa as a surprise! She was really surprised and the service was great! Pastor Rick always has messages that I get! Another thing that made the service special was that Thomas and Ray (we call them our nephews but I guess they are our little cousins??) made their profession of faith today! It was truly a memorable event all the way around and such a special Sunday.

This is Uncle Bert, Matt, and Lilly sitting in front of the flowers that were donated to the church in MamMa's honor today. Doesn't she look like a little amish child or pioneer hat?? Haha. I couldn't help it--I just love the hat!

After church, we headed to Aunt Kay's house for MamMa's big party! Here is Thomas and our little party girl.

Grandma Betty, Lilly, and the birthday girl herself.

Grandma Betty and Lilly. She enjoyed sitting in her lap and watching everyone at the party. Lilly is a pretty big people watcher.

Thomas, Ray, and Lilly...she is just checking them out.

Lilly and Melissa

Aunt Becca, Melissa, and little Colt. I can't think of him as just "Colt"..."little Colt" is what comes to mind because he is just so tiny compared to our little Lilly. I got to hold him and it was like holding air! I know it wasn't long ago that Lilly was that tiny or even tinier, but I just kind of forget how small that really is!

Bert, Uncle Bill, Matt, and Mike--Uncle Bill was Matt's PapPa's brother. This is the first time I had the pleasure of meeting him. It was a treat to meet so many new people and see some that I hadn't seen since Matt and I got married.

Partying....Lilly style!

Little Colt all partied out. Ahh, to be able to just sleep in the midst of a birthday party!

Aunt Ruth (PapPa's sister) and MamMa

Jennifer and Lilly...doesn't she look great for having a baby three weeks ago????!

The whole gang!

MamMa and her girls. Debbie, MamMa, Aunt Kay

Debbie and Aunt Kay..sisters

Matt and MamMa. Matt sure loves his MamMa...that makes me love him even more!

After the party, on our way out of town, we stopped by to see Granddaddy and Eutha. It was so good to see them! We ended up having dinner with them before we left and enjoyed getting to spend some quality time together! Look at them checking each other out...too cute!

This is my favorite photo! Granddaddy is so funny! Also, right before we left, he told Lilly to sleep all the way home and all night long for Mommy and Daddy. Now, I don't know about the all night long part.....BUT for the FIRST time EVER Lilly slept all the way home!!!! We were able to get her out of the car and lay her in her crib..straight to bed. We may be calling Granddaddy to get Lilly to bed every night! Haha. We had a great weekend--hope you did too!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Blogger Slacking

Okay, so we have been slacking on the blogging because we went out of town last week and we got back Sunday and are leaving again today to go to B-town. So, we have pretty much cleaned, rested, unpacked, repacked, etc...and somewhere in all the midst of all that craziness I forgot to take any pictures! On Monday, we went to doctor for Reid's check-up and had an ultrasound done. Everything looks great for both baby and myself! Yay!!! Lilly has pretty much just played and followed me around uncleaning what I had just cleaned. She is into everything!!! She also has learned to open and shut the cabinet doors and really enjoys slamming them. She understands the word "no" but is not a big fan and generally just looks at you and cries, but she does listen and obey (for now at least)!
A'las!! A new diaper bag for Reid and Lilly. We (by we, I mean Debbie and I....not Matt and I) have been hunting for a unisex diaper bag that was a bit bigger than our current diaper bag. Now, by unisex, I do not mean that Matt will look manly carrying around--because, he is not going to be looking any more masculine carrying this than he does the pink swirly girly flower one we have right now. I mean that the print is acceptable for either a boy baby and a girl baby...after all, Reid isn't going to be toting this baby around. Back to my earlier point, it turns out diaper bags are a pretty standard size, but I was lucky enough to find this bag that has several pockets and even bottle spots on the side that will work and I love it!!! It is huge and will work store all the stuff you have to carry for two babies! So, that is my excitement of the week. Oh well, off to take care of Lilly as she is currently getting mad because I will not let her type! Have a good weekend!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kansas City Trip

On Wednesday DeDe, Matt, Lilly, and I loaded up and headed to Kansas City for an extended weekend. While this post has a zillion pictures, I have divided them by day and kept the comments to a minimum...we had a blast!

We got to KC and met up with Matt's cousin Karl and his wife Jenny for dinner. We ate at a Guadalajaran restaurant where the owner came out and was explaining some of the menu items and said, "Oh the flavor on this kill yourself!" (Instead of "to die for"...I thought it was cute!) We also got to see their beautiful new home!!
Well, Thursday there was a chance of rain so we decided to go for indoors.
I LOVE her face in this photo.
Our little family. We headed to The Legends Shopping Center and did some shopping. I think I now own part of Carter's after all of the stuff I bought. There is a reason God does not have me living where there is a Carter's store!!!!!
Then, after tons of shopping, we headed to Cabela's (just like a Bass Pro Shop) because we knew they had an aquarium and animal exhibits. The catfish were HUGE!! This is one of the small ones!
This looks like a painting but it isn't! The landscape in the background is painted, but the animals are real (stuffed). This worked pretty well because Lilly was able to see them...I wish some of them weren't so violent!
Again, the elephants, and all of the animals are real (stuffed) and life-sized.
Bad day to be a wildebeest.

I didn't even get a fraction of the animal displays like this! They are all over the store. There is an entire room devoted to deer. Matt and I are not really "outdoorsy" folk so we didn't purchase anything in here.
Friday was Zoo Day!!! Her shirt says "New at the Zoo" She wasn't exactly in the mood for photos...apparently she thought she was getting a vacation from those too...silly girl!

There we go! There's that million dollar smile!
The best photo I could get with DeDe.
Feeding the goats. We could've ridden the camels but Matt said she was too little and I was too pregnant. Debbie also said she wasn't sure my baby hump would fit between the camel's humps....
I never knew Vultures were so gigantic!
DeDe, Lilly, Daddy
A tortoise on the move!
We could not have asked for better weather for the zoo (or the weekend). Lilly LOVED it. She really liked the Meerkats and this monkey that kept jumping into the glass. The Kansas City Zoo was great.....worth a little longer drive because it was so much better. Also, on Saturday and Sundays at 2:00, the elephants paint portraits that you can buy....we are so doing that next time!
After the zoo, we headed to the Crown Centre to hit the Crayola shop and the this really cool toy store, but there was also this art exhibit of this made of Lego's...Everything in the above picture is built out of Lego's ... it was pretty neat!
We went to the Great Mall for some more outlet shopping. We did a good amount of damage here too! Lilly needed to get out and move a little bit so she had her first experience with the mall play area. We sanitized her from head to toe afterward....I am still worried she might have the swine flu...haha...just kidding. Saturday night, we went and watched the KC T-bones play some baseball! It was also redneck week at the park and they hosted some "Redneck Olympics".

Hanging out at the game...playing with the sunscreen.
Sunday, we went to the T-Rex Eating Place. This place is insane!!! There was an aquarium in the room we ate in and there is stimulating stuff everywhere. Moving dinosaurs. Huge fake jellyfish, octopus, and other stuff hanging from the ceiling. There are waterfalls and they have an exploding volcano with lava flow projected onto a rock wall in one room. Insane!
Saying "Cheese" with Dexter...I think I look more scared than she does. Lilly was just looking at everything and taking it all in!
This dino moves and she thought about petting it but changed her mind.

This was huge and is right when you walk in...he moves and makes noises.
This is the small one outside. There is one that is huge and goes over the whole entrance but I couldn't get it to fit in my camera picture area.
We had such a great time and will definitely go back next year! We made it home safely and were so blessed to have such a good little getaway!