Friday, November 30, 2012

Lilly & Reid Voted!

Election Day morning Lilly asked what we were going to do that day.  I told her we were going to vote.  Of course she said, "what is vote?"  So as I am trying to figure out how to explain who the President is and how we vote on who the President will be she asks, "why are we going to get presents (think President) on a boat (think vote)??  Sigh!  I tried again to explain and whatever I said must have satisfied her curiosity because she skipped off to get ready. 
Matt and I took the kids with us to go vote during Matt's lunch hour.  As we were waiting in line Reid kept saying, "We are going to have so much fun!"  I tried to tell him that we were just going to fill out a form and there wasn't much excitement in the voting room.  We also played what seemed like the world's longest game of "I spy" while in line.  Lilly was cracking me up!  She would say, "I spy something red." And then without pausing she would tell what it was, "It's that chair!"  Ha! The kids were both really good and Matt and I voted and we all 4 got "We Voted" stickers and all was good...until we left the voting room.  Reid started wailing "I didn't get to VOOOOOOTE!  I didn't get to VOOOOOOOOTE!"  He was inconsolable. And then Lilly started with the, "I want to vote, too!"  After talking with them for a second they both agreed that they would be happy if I would make them a ballot so they could vote at home.  So I did. 
 I thought about making a presidential ballot but decided I could at least teach what it meant to vote.  So I made them each a ballot.  Lilly got to vote on her favorite color, favorite princess, favorite milk, and favorite food. 
 And Reid got to vote on his favorite color, favorite Car, favorite milk, and favorite food.  Friends--they were SO EXCITED to vote!!
 And they took it very seriously!  Their little faces were so serious and they were in thought the whole time.  It was precious. 
 Lilly was very careful to just fill in the inside of the bubbles. 
 Reid was trying really hard to stay in the bubble, too.  I told him to just do his best--just make sure he only colored in ONE bubble. 
 His first ballot! 
Her first ballot!  They have asked to vote again, already.  I am really glad they threw such a fit because they didn't get to vote because we ended up having a special day! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First Thanksgiving Program

Well I went from being a good blog-every-day blogger to taking a 3 week hiatus.  OOPS!  It all started with this little Thanksgiving program.  We did this and have been busy ever since!  I will do my best to catch up on ALL that we have been up to...but first, I want to give full attention to Lilly and Reid's first Thanksgiving program and all their cuteness! 
 Reid's room dressed up like Indians.  Look at him!  He is so precious!! 
 I put "Cheif Running Reid" on the back because that is all that boy does right now is go non-stop!  Also, on a side note, I did crack myself up by putting that on the back.  Ha! 
 Love this sweet boy! 
 Lilly's room dressed up like pilgrims.  Isn't she precious??  Seriously, y'all, I squealed at the cuteness of all the kids dressed up!  I just love it! 
 I teach music at KDO (don't ask me how, it is one of those ironic God things!) so during the program I am in front of them to direct so I couldn't be watching just Lilly and Reid the whole time, but I told them if they sang and did the motions and stayed in their spot and kept their hands to themselves that we could go to the candy store after and they could pick out some candy.  I also told them that Daddy would be watching for Mommy. 
 During the program Lilly sang and did her motions and kept her hands to herself and stayed in her spot like a champ. 
 And she looked just adorable doing that! 
 Reid sat in his spot...but did not sing or do one motion.  Ha!  He is consistent because that is exactly what he did last year.  And he looked adorable doing it.  ( ; 
 Oh, and apparently at some point, he was picking his nose.  Nice!  I am not going to lie--I just saw that today as I was going through pictures to post and I have not stopped laughing about it yet.  Of course when I asked Daddy how they did he said they both deserved candy.  ( ; 
 Until after we got candy and Reid was acting up and then Matt said, "Oh just so you know, he didn't sing one word!"  Hahaha! 
I am so proud of both of my cuties and they are both still singing all of their Thanksgiving songs! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Weekend

Saturday morning Matt took the kids to go get donuts and pick up some dog food for Tank so that I could sleep in and get ready by myself.  Things like that are such a blessing (and I am so thankful)because normally I am up and getting ready with two busy children on the loose. ( : 
Then we all loaded up and went to the MDA (muscular dystrophy association) walk to support two sweet families that we know.  The Smith Family (above) are part of our small group and we just love them! 
 The Walker family is also very dear to us!  Whitney is Reid's KDO teacher, Paris is in my KDO class, and both Jordan and Dallas are in the Children's Church where Matt and I serve.  The whole family is just precious!
 Flexing our muscles.  The slogan is "make a muscle, make a difference." 
 The Walker team said they were dressing bright and funky so this is what Lilly wore.  Please notice the Cinderella glass slippers...she begged to wear them and wore them that entire day...and pretty much any other time we have gone any where since Halloween.  She just loves those shoes! 
 And Matt wore his "HEY" Uncle Si shirt. (Duck Dynasty)  We just love that show!  So excited for new episodes tonight!!  But I am digressing...
 They had face painting for the kids.
 Or hand painting for Lilly.  Ha! 
 They had these pig races.  It was funny and the kids really enjoyed that! 
 Some ring toss.  Reid would throw both of them at the same time.  On his third try he just walked over and put them both on one of the two liters (haha--before I edited this I had typed two leaders).  Gotta love it! 
 Lilly making it!  Go Lilly!
 Here they are asking Dallas why he walks in the MDA walk.  He has such a sweet heart! 
 Here Jordan is (Dallas' brother) holding a sign that says, "I love you Dallas!"  Is that not the most precious thing ever??
 The Walker family (team Walk this Way) won most spirited!! 
 After the walk Jennifer and I decided to go check out the NWA Holiday Expo (like a boutique show).  Matt and Cody took the kids to our house to watch the Hog game that was recording.  I just have to brag on Matt and say that he wanted to go this walk even though the Razorbacks were playing!  He just recorded the game and watched it when he got home and didn't ever complain.  I LOVE his heart for our friends (and people)!!
 I napped with the kids on Saturday and Matt watched some football.  Then we just hung around the house and watched the Alabama/LSU game.  Reid came up to me and said, "I want to go to Target!"  And I was like, "Yesssss!!!"  So Reid and I went for a little Mommy and me time to Target. 
 Since it was just us two he got to ride on the back of the cart.  At one point he said, "Mommy stop!!"  I have to look at this!  It is so beautiful!  Do you see this beautiful star??"  (shirt pictured below)
 He even got off of the cart and walked beside me and we went and raided the Halloween clearance aisle.  We came home w/a super cheap Buzz Lightyear and Woody costume, a musical Cinderella wand, some toys for Tank, and a pumpkin that sings Thriller by Michael Jackson every time you walk by it.  The pumpkin was a mistake.  While cute in the store...5,000 Thriller songs later...I regret that purchase.  ( ;  Rookie mistake!!  Matt said, "Sara!  That is a grandparent buy...not a parent should have known better!"  Haha! 
 Sunday we got up and went to church for the service that we serve in the Children's ministry.  Thanks to time change--we all made it.  On time!! After church we went to Susan's Restaurant for a yummy brunch.  This is one of my favorite pictures of Matt and Lilly!  I just love it!!
 Reid put his chocolate milk cup inside the coffee cup and he was filling like pretty big stuff.  That afternoon I napped with the kids again.  We went back to church for the service we attend that night and then had dinner with The Dalmut's.
 We came home and were getting ready for bed and as I was walking into Lilly's room I saw this.(picture above)
 And this was the other side.  Ha!  Apparently she picked up on my "just add googly eyes" decoration tip from Halloween.  ( : 
And then I went into the bathroom to check on Reid and found him like this.  Ha!  There is never a dull moment.  We had a good weekend and have adjusted pretty well to the time change.  However, since it is dark at 5:00 my motivation to do things in the evening has been lacking.  I hope you are all having a great week! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Last Week

Last week was one busy week but we did so many fun things!
 The week started with Reid running around like this laughing and twirling and saying, "Lilly I've got your skirt on!" 
 Monday was also day 2 of Mother Goose Days at Kid's Day Out.  Since we have some kids that only come on either Monday or Thursday--we do parties on both days.  Reid was the farmer from The Farmer and the Dell again.  (Kids were supposed to dress up as nursery rhyme characters.)
 Lilly also went as a (princess) farmer from the Farmer and the Dell. 
 I was the cow that jumped over the moon, Jaime was the cat and the fiddle, and Allison was the little dogged that laughed.  I made my cow costume from trash bags and one of those $1 black table cloths.  Score!  And I am keeping it for dress-like-a-cow-day at Chick-fil-a so this baby will get me some free food, too!  Woohoo! 
 These were Reid's teachers!  Whitney is the spider, Jessica is Little Miss Muffet, and Dora was the narrator. 
 These are all of the teachers and their kids...
 and then just all the teachers.  We had the muffin man, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hickory Dickory Dock, Little Miss Muffet, Hey Diddle Diddle, and Mother Goose.  Each room of teachers had to perform their nursery rhyme for all of the kids.  The kids loved it!! 
 A couple of food discoveries last week.  1) White chocolate candy corn m&m's.  I am SO glad these are not available year-round AND that I only discovered them in time to get one package before they vanished off the shelves. 
 2) Caramelized bacon.  We tasted this for the first time at Jessica and Rob's wedding and knew we were going to have to figure out how it was made.  So we found the following recipe here.  12 slices of bacon, 1/2 cup packed light brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of water, 1/2 teaspoon ground red pepper.  Mix the brown sugar, water, and red pepper together and the brush generously over bacon.  Bake at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes.  I recommend putting it on a wire rack and letting the grease drop on a foil-lined pan below.  I also recommend watching it closely because we burned the first batch.  But this bacon is SO GOOD! 
 Tuesday night was the Red/White Razorback basketball scrimmage game so we took our kids...
 and went with the Dalmut's to go watch the game.  We always enjoy a fun night with friends but I don't know that the kids are ready for basketball games yet.  ( ;  Wednesday was Halloween (see posts below for those highlights.)
 Thursday morning my friend Beth text me to see if I had Chris Tomlin concert tickets and to see if I wanted to go with her.  I didn't have tickets and I did want to go!!  I am so thankful she thought of me because I LOVED the Chris Tomlin concert!  We met up with these other ladies (From left:  Jana, me, Helga, Beth, Shayda, and Tate) and I know I sang my little heart out!  Ha!  I think that is just a little preview of Heaven--everyone coming together to sing and praise and worship Jesus! 

Friday morning we met up with Jenna, Lindsey, and Heidi and all of the kids to go to Chick-fil-a and play.  Of course I took zero pictures but in my defense Reid was like a little Houdini that escaping the play area and I was just trying to keep up with him! 

He escaped (we were sitting there facing the door and the play area is clear glass--the boy has ninja skills!!) and went to the bathroom one time.  I found him and explained that it was great that he stopped playing to go potty but that he needed to tell Mommy because I needed to know where he was.  Then he escapes again...with all 4 of us watching the door...and comes back with a brownie he had taken off the counter.  I went and paid for it.  Then, as we were leaving and I was getting Lilly a refill--he disappears AGAIN.  I couldn't find him and was freaking out.  Luckily my friend Rebekah's dad was there and went into the men's bathroom and brought him out.  I get him locked down in the car seat and give him the panicked mom what-for.  We pick Matt up and the following conversation takes place.

Reid:  Daddy I runned away 2 times.
Matt:  I heard.  That is not okay.  That is unacceptable.  It is not safe!
Reid:  I know.  I won't runned away next time.
Quiet for a second
Reid:  Mommy I am really sorry.
Me:  (Heart melting a little.)  It is okay buddy but you can't do that again.  It scared Mommy!
Reid:  Okay Mommy!  (He pauses for a second and says) It's all part of the plan. 
Matt and I: ?????
 Friday night was Friday Night Out at our church and it was super hero and princess night, too!  So thankful for a church that offers us free date nights and makes it so fun for the kids, too! 
 Iron Man!
 And Cinderella. 
 Ready to go!
Matt and I went to MiMi's for appetizers and PF Changs for dinner.  I just love him so much and love getting to spend some one-on-one time just hanging out with my best friend!  So, yes, last week was non-stop-something-every-minute crazy busy (that led to not one, but TWO naps this weekend) but we had a great week!