Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Weekend Wrap-Up

First, I probably need to apologize to anyone that has seen me this weekend (and probably to those who are reading this blog post) because I am not sure I have put a cohesive sentence together since Friday! This was just such a crazy week!! I could barely walk Monday, Matt didn't feel good on Tuesday, Lilly was sick Wednesday, Reid didn't feel good on Thursday, on Friday I had to clean, pack, and do so much laundry (that sadly is still waiting to be put away) so that we could drive 3 hours to Benton on Friday--spend some time with Matt's family, and then turn around and drive 3 hours back home on Saturday, literally step out of the car and then run 2 miles for the first time, and then church, more running, and fussy kids tonight. Whew! That might be the longest run-on sentence ever...but anyway, please forgive me if I didn't give you my full attention or make any sense!! Now, onto the post! On Saturday, we had lunch with a lot of Matt's family! We always meet up together in January for a big lunch. This is where we announced we were pregnant to the family two years in a row (NOT this year) and then last year Lynn and Bill got married there. It was a bit of a let down that there was no exciting news this time. Haha.
Both Lilly and Reid tried to ride this (DOLL) tricycle all around the house. Maybe they need a tricycle for their birthdays?
Ha. Gets funnier every time.
Reid played with his football, too.
They both went up and down these stairs 5,000 times each.
Then they also kept getting into Tank's kennel to hang out (both together at some points...which was a site to see).
We got to see Granddaddy. Happy Birthday Granddaddy! We love you!!
Karl and Jenny were there from Kansas! Karl and Lilly played catch with the (huge) teddy bear.
What is it with a child and thinking it is hilarious to be hit with a big fluffy stuffed animal??
I don't know but Lilly thought it was a riot.
By the end Reid was deliriously tired and only Uncle Bert would do. He fell asleep before we even pulled away from the house! It was so good to see everyone and I didn't get pictures of so many people!
Today we had a great church service (as always). I napped with the children today. Then, we went and had dinner...a dinner that I am pretty sure convinced some people around us to stay on birth control. Matt and I claim that we are just doing our part to prevent overpopulation. Honestly, I think we all feel cruddy from sinus issues and are all pretty tired from a crazy week. That being said, I am going to bed! Hope you all have a great week.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chuck E Cheese, Part 2

Ok, some time recently I posted the slide pictures from our Chuck E Cheese playgroup and now it is time for the rest of them. This is a little bike that goes up and down. Both Lilly and Reid liked getting on this one.
Lilly driving. She thought she was big stuff. She kept saying, "I do it".
Reid did really great at playing this one by himself. I guess someone else put a token in for him because I looked over and he was going to town hitting the buttons that make the balls jump into the frogs mouth. I love that he looks sooo serious!
Eyes on the road Lilly!! Eyes. On. The. Road! Oh, I am flashing forward to a teenage driving lesson. Start praying now, please. (c:
Brody and Lilly (and if you look behind Brody is baby Trevor--who is getting big fast!) Also, notice that Lilly is buckled up. She buckled herself up in everything she got into. Safety first. Even when pretend driving.
This girl loves a phone!
"Hey-yo" Speaking of phones, she can already work my IPhone. She can unlock it, find her shapes game, and play it all by herself. Also, I am pretty sure that she has learned several shapes in the process. She loves the star!
Playing together! Notice they left all their tickets at the last machine? That is because I have no intention of letting them know that they can get "toys" there.
This was my favorite thing! You push the bone up and down and it pops the balls into the dogs mouth. Lilly would get up there just like this and play. I kid you not when I tell you that she (a 2 year old) got better scores than I did!
We have passed Chuck E Cheese two times this week and both times Lilly was like "I want Chuck E Cheese!" I had really intended on going there tomorrow to just to burn off some energy but since she was sick yesterday we are going to stay home. Maybe next week?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

C210K/Great Hubby

If I were to describe myself during week two (last week) of Couch to 10k, I would use a quote from Sue Heck on The Middle, "I had the heart of a champion, but the legs of a spectator!" Haha! Starting last Monday, my knees started to become sore...manageable but sore. Then on Thursday Reid bear-hugged me at the knees and I think I might of blacked-out for a second from the pain. After that the only word to describe the pain in my knees from the slightest bit of pressure on them (you know, from like....walking) was excruciating! So I took off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to try to just rest them and see if that helped. It did NOT. After the urging of several friends, I decided to go to a local running-gear-type-of-store called Fleet Feet. I am SO GLAD that I did! They were able to ask some questions and determine that I was having pain in my patella tendon (?) which is fairly common in new runners. My knees just need a little extra support while my body gets used to running since all of my weight plus some now goes on to one knee at a time while I run. They assured me that while I felt like I was 82 instead of 28 that it was not my age! They also said that I could continue to run but that I needed to stretch really good before and after, wear the patella tendon knee support straps (or my "geek gear" as I refer to them), and then ice my knees afterward. Oh, and if needed to take an anti-inflammatory AFTER I run, too.
So that is what I have been doing! Notice that in this picture Lilly is also icing down her knees. I just LOVE that silly girl!!
And no snuggle session would be complete without Reid. So blessed! Anyway, I went running (at glacier-like speed) Monday and it hurt...beyond words-at the verge of tears-hurt! BUT last night when I went running it was much better and for the last 1/2 mile I was actually running at a good pace (praise the Lord b/c there was a point in the beginning that I thought I was going to quit). So I am hopeful and excited!! Oh, and my knees feel so much better today! NOW, I have to brag on my husband a little bit. HAVE TO! Sometimes (like 3 so far) I am not able to get out and run before dark (which is at 6 right now). When that is the case, he loads the kids in the car and puts on Max and Ruby or Elmo for them and follows me as I run! How awesome is he?? And he NEVER complains about it! He knows that I am too chicken, ahem, cautious to run at night by myself.
He also texted me a couple of weeks ago and told me to check outside the front door...and there was an I-phone!! I kept telling him that I didn't think I needed one. All I use my phone for is to talk and text. MAN WAS I WRONG!! My IPhone is like my daily bible reading and my DVR--I don't know how I ever lived without it!!!!
Then, on Saturday I helped host a baby shower for a friend and when I got to the car, this is what I found in the seat--flowers and a very sweet card!
One last thing before you all gag from my mushy-ness. Last night I had the craziest and most random craving for beef 9:30 at night...and when I mentioned it, he volunteered to go and get me some!! Best. Husband. EVER. Also, he took care of the babies when I could barely walk around the house.
Onto my sweet Lilly, she puts her own boots on now. She had these on the right feet. They came off and then she went around wearing them on the wrong feet. (c: She makes my heart happy!
My two handsome men!
Oh, and there is no weight this week because we haven't bought another scale yet. Will update when we do! Probably next week! This week on Cto10K, we get up to running two miles with no walking! We can do it!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Need Ice!!

A couple of weeks ago Lilly and I bumped heads. HARD. My cheek started to swell a little so I got an ice pack out and put it on my cheek. Lilly decided she needed ice too. So, together, we iced our wounds and both came out with no real injuries. However, now anytime Lilly bumps (or rubs against or sometimes just touches) anything, she says, "I neeeed ice!" The funniest part, it is almost always on her forehead, so this is how she holds the ice pack..... Covering the entire front of her face. Reid (if you read two posts down then you already know that he is a doctor) assessing the damage.
Whew--everyone is okay!! Until 15 minutes later when we start the whole process all over again!! Haha! I am loving this time with the two of them. They are both so funny!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day

Ok--I am pretty much posting these ASAP since Matt is at work and didn't get to play in the snow. I want him to be able to see what we did! There are lots of pictures, but I will keep my comments short so that you will still be able to quickly read them. When we first got outside! This is Reid's first time to actually "play" in the snow.
It was up to his knees so he had a hard time walking...
and did a lot of falling.
But he did manage to make into the cozy coupe! It was funny that he (and Lilly) both just wanted to play with their outside toys more than they did the snow!
But he did think it was fun to run (or TRY to run) in it.
Lilly's boot kept coming off. I think we went through 3 pairs of socks in the maybe 20 minutes we were out there.
What could be more fun than sitting in a wagon full of snow??
Loving it!

I could not get him to look at the camera--he was staring at all the snow!
He had one glove off trying to pick up snow and throw it!
Lilly's snow-covered "booty" as she calls it.
Going down the slide...this is as close as we came to sledding. (:
Throwing snow. Or at least going through the motions.

They really did have the best time just trying to walk through it.
UNTIL...Reid face-planted in the snow!
Then, he was ready to GO INSIDE.
We went inside and had some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Lilly trying her best to break the marshmallow in half before she ate it. You know, because no food is edible until you "bake (break) it".
Perfect! The kids only had a couple of sips of their hot chocolate so I was forced to drink it. Darn the luck! (c:
Then we had lunch and Reid fed himself yogurt.
Where he proceeded to drop so much on his bib that he started spooning it off of his bib and eating it.
Lilly pointed to an empty place on her plate and said, "I need kaputch here please". Then, when the bottle made a "toot" sound as the ketchup was coming out, she said, "BURP". Ha!
Now they are down for naps and I would say it has been a pretty great snow day so far! Thanks to my friend Jennifer, I have a craft idea that we are going to do after naps and then Daddy comes home and we can try to play in the snow again!