Monday, September 28, 2009

One Month Old

Reid is one month old! I honestly do not know how that is even possible. It seems like I just had him last week at best! This little man has us wrapped around his long skinny pinky finger! When he is laying on me and cuddling right before he falls asleep, he does a huge smile--it looks like he is thinking, "Ahhh, this is the life!!!" I agree with him.
His umbilical cord still has not fallen off. It is driving me CRAZY. Is that normal? (Not the crazy part...the umbilical cord hanging on for over 4 weeks part.)
Reid is sporting his first hat in these photos (hat courtesy of MoMo--she wanted to save it for his stocking at Christmas but it isn't going to fit by then.)
He is actually in the stroller--we went for a walk this evening, but you can't really see it. It was so funny-his little cheeks were vibrating while we walked. He is growing like a weed!! I went to put him in his car seat today and we haven't taken him anywhere in a little over a week and I already had to adjust all of his straps and stuff. It has been an awesome month with Reid and we are looking forward to many many more!!

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Anonymous said...

Reid is precious! Congrats!! Time passes to quickly...