Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

Well, one year ago this past Tuesday our little Lilly was born!! I can't believe a year has past, but it has been one of the greatest years of my life. Lilly--your Daddy and I can not explain how much joy you have brought into our lives this past year!!!!! From the second you came into the world, we were amazed at how we instantly couldn't imagine our lives without you in it. We are so honored that God chose us to be your parents and thank him for this opportunity numerous times each day. We love you so very much and hope and pray for many many many more years to be your parents! --Love your extremely blessed and proud parents (c:
On Lilly's birthday, we went out for a late lunch since we are still technically on what I refer to as "new baby house arrest" for a few more weeks. So, we waited until we could have a whole section to ourselves. Also, Lilly got this card in the mail from DeDe and PaPa has their voices and then sings "the eensy weensy spider"...Lilly LOVES it. She carries it all over the place.
At the end of lunch, they came and sang to Lilly and brought her ice cream!
"For me???"
Lilly has decided that she can feed herself so it took her a minute to decide that it was okay for us to feed her some ice cream. Ha!
But really...she was most exited about the small plate the ice cream bowl was sitting on.
"Is this my birthday present? I love it!"
"Can I eat it?"
"I guess this ice cream is alright, too."
Then, later that night MoMo cooked dinner and Aunt Shelly and the family came over for dinner. Lilly got her own cake to eat!
I think we are going to have to do more of a big cupcake type cake for her because she doesn't like the icing on her fingers......
we had to give her spoons!
She still ended up getting really messy because she would accidentally slide an arm through it and then rub her arm on her stomach. Oh, she was messy! How messy, you ask??
You be the judge.
Needless to say, she went straight to the bath. Haha. She had a pretty good birthday!
Since we weren't sure when Reid was coming, we planned her party for this weekend so the real birthday fun has yet to happen! I will also do a post that says what she is up to at one (although I think a shorter post would be what she isn't doing at one!) along with her one year check-up stats tomorrow or Tuesday. Again, Happy Birthday Lilly--we love you so much!!!


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, Lilly! I love the picture of her with cake all over herself! Too cute! Can you believe they are one already??

Mary Lynn said...

Happy birthday Lilly!

Anonymous said...

I hope Lilly had a Happy Birthday! She is such a sweetie! They grow up to fast...Love the pictures! Have a great day! Ginger