Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lilly's Party

Well let me start by saying that these are all of the photos I took at Lilly's party because the photographer was there and Aunt CiCi was taking pictures too. This was very helpful because I really didn't have time to take photos if you are having a party soon I would recommend at least asking a family member to take photos. I will post more party photos after I get them from my peeps (haha). It was very funny that people would see the photographer taking photos with all of his fancy lenses and ask if this was going to be in the newspaper. This was Lilly's birthday invitation. I made it at Shutterfly.
This was her cake. Jennifer you will be happy to know we got it at Rick's. (c: It was very stressful going to order a cake. What size? What kind? What shape? What colors? Do you want any kind of filling? What icing? And on and get the point! I thought it turned out super cute, though.

Lilly's "smash" cake. We ended up with chocolate after all of the taste testing was completed.
Okay, we ended up going with no icing on the sides--just on top because Miss Priss doesn't like to get any icing on her fingers (at least this was the case in all of our taste testing)....apparently she changed her mind because she was ALL OVER every bit of icing on this cake! Her nose, around her mouth, and her hands were stained pink!!
She got a quick bath in the sink afterward.
I think she enjoyed the cake! The party went great. It started at one, but our little Diva arrived fashionably late at 1:30 because she had to finish her nap. So, we went to the party to start fixing the lunch and mingle and then DeDe brought her to the party a little late. It really worked out well because we were able to set everything up and get things rolling. We (and by we, I mean Matt and PaPa Mike) grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and boiled shrimp. We also had guacamole (courtesy of Aunt Shelly) and cheese dip (me, I actually made something). Everybody ate lunch, she opened her presents, we played the slideshow, she ate her cake, we ate cake, and then we all just chatted. I can't wait to show pictures of Lilly's cousins at the party..they all looked sooo adorable too!! All in all, I would say the party was a success--we celebrated the birth of our beautiful baby girl with family and friends!

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Anonymous said...

The pictures are adorable! I love the cake!! What a great idea to ask a family member and a photographer take pics. I like that.. Have a great weekend! Ginger