Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Okay so I know you are probably wondering if this is going to be another one of those you-are-the-best-daddy-in-the-whole-world kind of posts and the answer is YES. It is true folks. Plain and simple. Watching Matt be a Daddy to Lilly and Reid makes me such a proud wife and makes me love him so much more deeply!

Lilly and Reid--your daddy loves you so much. We are so blessed that God gave us the opportunity to be your parents...but you, in return, are so blessed to have your daddy! He loves to play with you guys and make you laugh.

He delights in your every little giggle, the funny stuff you say, and cute way that you pronounce your words, your facial expressions, your mannerisms, and just watching you in general.

He is a sucker for anything you guys want to do. If you want to watch Dora, he will curl up with you on the couch and watch Dora. If you want to go get ice cream, he will load you up and take you to get ice cream. If you want to swing in the backyard, he will put you in the swings and push you all day. Your joy is truly his joy!

Just tonight he wasn't feel good and wanted me to put Lilly to bed. But, Lilly-dear, you wanted your daddy. You just love for him to put you to bed. That is your special daddy time. You were whining for Daddy and he just couldn't take it--even sick, he came and rocked you, read to you, and laid you down.

I think you can see in these pictures how much he enjoys your sweet hugs! He works hard to provide for us. From before you guys were even born-he wanted me to stay home with you so that you would have the best care and so that we could have as much time with you both as possible. He has never once complained about any sacrifice that has meant for our family.

He is always thinking of you guys--your safety, your future, ways to make you happy, how to best guide you in life, places to take you--you name it!

Your daddy is your prayer warrior! You are so blessed to have a daddy with a heart after God! He is constantly looking for ways to be a better daddy to you. He goes to a men's bible study every week to seek wisdom from the Lord on how to be the best role model possible for you two. He spends as much time with us as possible! He comes home for lunch. Even when we had KDO he would come and have lunch with us! He rushes right home after work. He doesn't do much stuff with the guys because he would just rather hang out with his sweet family. We never have to doubt that we are his priority! He invests in us as much as possible.

Matt we just can't thank you enough for being an awesome hubby to me and daddy to our children. You really are the BEST!!!

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Courtney said...

What a wonderful guy. You are truely blessed. I hope they didn't break the mold when they made him because I think you perfectly described the guy I am looking for!