Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Safari

Last Saturday Mike and DeDe were in town and we decided to head to the Gentry Safari. I didn't get any pictures of the animals during the drive-thru part of the safari because Mike was a stickler about not rolling down the windows.

But this is pretty much how the kids were the entire time...except they would switch laps depending on what side of the car the animals were on. We only go like 2 miles per hour in the safari so we just let them sit on laps.

After the drive-thru part, we did the walk around area and the petting zoo. Lilly thought she was big stuff sitting on this lion!

This was my attempt at a sibling photo.

They were entertained by this baby monkey in the cage. There was one out that they could've held or touched but they wanted nothing to do with that one.

Then we went in to see the baby lemur. It took a liking to Matt!

I think he liked the little thing too! It looks like the lemur is telling him a secret.

I felt very "Jack Hannah-ish"! Reid would pet the lemur but Lilly wasn't interested.

Then we went through the petting zoo. Look at the size of this pig! Lilly and Reid's 4 year old cousin stuck her finger in this pig's nose when she came. Ha!

Reid would hold the bread in his hand and let the goats eat it out of his hand. Lilly, on the other hand, would throw the bread at them so they wouldn't touch her hands.

Reid checking out all of the animals.

Lilly taking a break and checking the animals out too.

Such a cutie!

Then we came to Lilly's favorite part of the trip! What is she running after??

The kangaroo. The only animal she wanted to pet. I don't know why she loved the kangaroos so much but she really loved them.

Sweet kangaroo!

Just laying around chillaxing with the kangaroos. Precious!

Checking each other out. Now for a few cute animal photos.

I don't know why I think a tortoise eating watermelon is hilarious...but I just do.

The goat got into his water was HOT.

And the chickens were digging into the dirt to stay cool.

You can't really tell it but this is baby goat. He was just cute. We had a great time--as always--at the Gentry Safari.

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Lynn said...

Lily is too cute with the kangaroo. :)