Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guess Who Uses a Potty??

Okay, on May 23rd we were letting Lilly streak throughout the house after her bath and she sat down on the potty and went #2!!!! We cleaned it up and then she did it again!! We were excited but figured it was just a fluke....then TODAY.... after she woke up she said "potty" (well..poppee) so I took her diaper off and she sat down and Tee-teed!!!! I have absolutely no plans on beginning potty training but she is starting to show signs (i.e. she just started letting me know when she goes "poop" [her word...don't know why she picked that one up but that is what she says]). I still don't plan on pushing it.
This is where the magic happens.....on this our living room. Haha. I keep moving it into her bathroom and she keeps moving it back in here. All of the "action" has happened in our living room.
Today she flat out refused to wear a diaper. I am not really sure what to do about this because I don't want her to just be naked all of the time. So after thinking it over.....we decided to run to Target and get some training panties.
They are waterproof so if she does have an accident it won't get on everything...and she has the diaper-less time she desires. I think it is a pretty good compromise.
Like I said, I am not going to push it yet (I didn't figure she would want to potty train for another year....and it is a lot of work....I am willing to do it but I don't want to do all of that work if she isn't ready.) but as long as she is excited about it--I am all for encouraging it!!


The Coleman Family said...

That is awesome Lilly! You go girl! Those little blonde curls are precious!

Anonymous said...

So glad your back! I have mised you!

She is doing awesome! I know you are so proud of her.

I remember Lillian was super excited about wearing and picking out her underwear! lol

She is a doll.

Leah said...

I would say go for it!! She's clearly showing she wants to use the potty and not go in her diaper! Perri had those few times around 15 months that she went and then lost all interest but has picked it back up lately and peed yesterday after her nap. I started noticing she wasn't peeing during her naps and barely does at night now. Anyhow, hopefully we'll be on that road soon to!! Good luck!

ps- I looked at the trainers and they only came in 2T and were gigantic, do they fit Lilly or are they huge?