Sunday, April 29, 2012

MoMo & DeDe Day!!

Last Sunday night Matt came back home but the kids and I stayed in Benton because my friend Brittany was having her baby in Little Rock on Monday.  MoMo met us there Sunday night so that she could watch the kids Monday and drive us back home. 
 DeDe took Monday off, too, so the kids had BOTH grandmas Monday.  Can you say SPOILED???? 
 DeDe cooked breakfast and then MoMo and DeDe took them to the park where they played, played, played!!

 I love this picture.  (: 

 Hugging each other. 
 Hahahahaha!!  Maybe a little too much love.  (:
 After the park MoMo and DeDe took the kids to Target.  Y'all--I should have taken a picture of ALL of the stuff they came out of Target, clothes, toys, you name it...they made out like Christmas.  Oh, and they also picked stuff out for Breanna too!  Ha!  They said Lilly would pick something out and say, "Oh, I need this!" or "Oh, Bubby needs this!" or "Oh, Baby Breanna needs this!"  While they were having their fun...
 I was at the hospital meeting Ms. Isabella!  Isn't she precious?? 

I squeal at the cuteness!!  We were so excited to meet her and can't wait to watch her grow and get to know her little personality!

After the hospital I met up with MoMo, DeDe, and Lilly, and Reid to have lunch at Chili's (chips and salsa anyone?) and then we went to Old Navy and did a little shopping.  I may have gotten a little spoiled there, too.  ( ;  All in all it was a great Monday and we got to end it by coming home and seeing Daddy! 

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