Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some fun at DeDe's

Friday night we headed to Mike and DeDe's house to spend the weekend.  We got there Friday night and the kids were ready to play!  DeDe had found some "tangled hair" and Lilly was so excited to put it on.
 We just laughed and laughed at her running around the house with all that hair.  Matt was dropping Tank off at his cousin's house when she first put it on and we kept saying, "Daddy isn't going to believe how much your hair has grown!!" and she would just giggle. 
 The back view.  When Lilly and her friends play dress-up they are almost always "the lost princess" from Tangled.  After we put the kids to bed Matt and I caught up on all of the Duck Dynasty episodes we hadn't seen.  We had watched our first episode the weekend before at Bert and Becca's the weekend before.  That is our new favorite show. 

Saturday morning the kids played and then we got around and went and ate lunch at Zaxby's.  While the kids were napping DeDe and I went and did some shopping at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, the Dollar Tree, and payless--you know all of those places I don't want to take Lilly and Reid shopping!  Ha!  I was so thrilled to find some things for a bridal shower and gift I am working on.  I feel like between the shower, teacher appreciation, and end of the year gifts--I am in craft overdrive!  Stupid Pinterest and the pressure to be over-the-top.  ( ;  While we were waiting for a table at Chili's, Matt and his dad took the kids to the park.  Then we ate and DeDe and I took the kids to a different park.  They got LOTS of play time!  And they loved every second of it.
 Getting ready to slide!

 My kids are climbers! 

 They climb all the obstacles like champions!  When did they get big enough to have these skills???  I feel like they should barely be walking!
 Reid "roooaaarrring" like a T-Rex.  We recently discovered The Land Before Time 2--and are a little obsessed.  We were at lunch with my sister yesterday and Reid told her to, "sit down and watch the dinosaur movie"-ha!
 They were running in circles too yelling, "Murderer!!" (it is from the Lion King) and I had to explain that isn't an appropriate thing to just randomly yell. 
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look on her face in this picture.  She does this all the time and I am so glad I caught in on camera. 
 I should've taken a picture of the little boy they played with there.  He just wanted to be chased!  It was so funny. 
 Look at that pretty girl!  I know I am biased--but I just love her!!
 After the park we went and got some yogurt.  The above was Lilly's.  She got "pink" ice cream with fruity pebbles, lucky charms, reeces pieces, and chocolate chips. 
Reid's--he also got "pink" ice cream, strawberries, chocolate chips, and black berries.  Reid is more of a cookie and brownie kind of guy but Lilly loves ice cream.  We had so much fun! 

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Courtney said...

Cute pictures. I can't believe how much older Lilly looks when her hair is down.