Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Breanna!!

Happy FIRST Birthday Breanna!!!
 Lilly and Reid are so excited that it is "Baby Breanna's" birthday!! 
 We have had so much fun watching her grow this past year!  Lilly told me this week, "Mommy when she gets older, I will just call her Breanna."  That is funny because they ALWAYS refer to her as Baby Breanna. 
 Lilly was so upset this morning when I told her we weren't going to Texas to celebrate her birthday today--we are waiting for her birthday party.  She wanted to be there today! 
 We can't wait to see her and help celebrate her!!
We love you Bre-Bre and hope you had a fun day and some cake!!

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Becca Scott said...

We're excited to celebrate with ya'll too!! Missed this on her cute! Thanks!