Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Lilly

Oh my word, Sweet and Silly Lilly, you turned 2 years old today! It seems like just yesterday that your daddy and I went completely insane over you! We both just loved you so much and we were just sooo terrified because we had simply not ever loved something so much and been completely responsible for something so precious and heaven-sent! You changed us and our lives forever two years ago from today!!! (All for the better I might add (c:) We have been thanking and praising God for you ever since! This is you one year ago! You still didn't have enough hair to fix so you stylishly sported headbands and big bows and flowers. Ahhhh, I loooovvveed those. You were still a new walker and hadn't learned all the large and fine motor skills you have now!
There really are no words to describe the joy that you (and your brother) bring into our lives. You just completely make my heart feel like it is going to burst with love sometimes...especially when you are being a sweet sister to your brother. Lately, if he is crying you come over and pat him on the back and say "okay, bubby, okay". I mean, seriously, how is a Mommy supposed to stay put together with that sweetness going on??!!
You are a very strong-willed child! You call a fork "a poon" and whenever we try and tell you it is a fork, you very adamantly tell us, "No! Poon!!" You do the same thing with grapes, which you call "appies" (apples). It is okay, though, because Michelle Duggar was the speaker at MOPS today and she said that if you can teach a strong-willed child Godly Character they will end up being strong-willed for Jesus and a leader! So, I have high hopes for you my little stubborn missy! (:
You still have the best facial expressions! Sweet and sassy! There is no hiding how you are feeling because it is always written on your face! You have a contagious smile too! You are always smiling and laughing. Lately, if you think you are going to get in trouble for something, you just start fake laughing to distract us with your cuteness!
If you are into something you aren't supposed to be or just aren't listening, I always count to three to give you time to change your behavior before time-out or discussion or whatever kind of consequence is needed. You usually fix yourself...mostly. Starting yesterday, you have quit doing whatever you were doing and then put yourself in time-out. Even when you did the right thing and didn't need a time-out. It is cracking us up!! However, one of my goals as your parent is for you to know right from wrong and correct your own mishaps/behavior without having to be told so I think we are off to a good start! Haha.
You think you are grown! I mean you want to play with all of the toys that make you big...dishes, play food, grocery carts, purses, baby strollers, brooms, vacuums, etc. You love to sit in your little rocking chairs and rock your babies and sing to them. You have also started reading them books.
You have to have your hands full when we go to the car. Your usual items are a baby, a purse, your juice, a paci, a play phone, and sometimes books. The items vary but these are the normal ones. You also have to be the one to shut the door behind us when we go. Oh, and if Reid is being slow you motion to him and say "mon" (come on) or you go and try to help him along. You always make sure he is with us. If I am putting you in the car seat and you can't see him you start asking "Bubby??",
You are at the age where you get excited about stuff coming up. Like on playgroup day when I say we are going to play! You say your friends names and start saying "shoes" "shoes" and bring me your shoes. Then you stand by the door and say, "Go?!"
You have quite the sense of humor. You think you are pretty funny too (you are right) but it cracks me up when you laugh at yourself. You think it is really funny to say "Mommy" and then me say "Lilly" and then you say "Mommy" and I say "Lilly" over and over again. You like to do that with Daddy too. It is quirky but we love it.
We are starting to teach you some responsibility. You have to pick up your toys (some of them...Mommy and Daddy still help but you have to pick your toys up too). We make you pick up messes that you make on purpose (i.e. if you throw your food on the floor or dump an entire bucket of toys). Today you put your own lunch dishes in the sink (on your birthday and everything). I think it is important for you learn responsibility even now and you have picked it up so quickly!
You are energetic and full of life. You still haven't quite mastered the whole "volume control" aspect of your sweet voice. Your new favorite word is "Hey!" and you say it as a greeting and as a "hey, why are you doing that type of "hey"" too. You now think you are the boss. You think that you need to get onto other children who aren't acting the way you would like. We were in Benton this weekend and your cousin Eli did something you didn't approve of and you told him off and then pointed your little finger at him and gave him "the look". It was so funny! I probably should've gotten onto you but we were all laughing hysterically at you and Eli thought it was funny too.
You love animals! That is what you like to talk about and read about and you LOOOVVEE the zoo! You shock me with the animal names you say and sounds you make when we are at the shows me you are really listening when we read and play!
Lilly, God couldn't have chosen a more perfect child for us! His timing in giving you to us was perfect! He prepared our hearts, minds, and lives for you and all of the love and joy you would bring. He has taught your Daddy and I so much through you and being your parents have brought us closer to Him. It is crazy how much you have impacted in our lives!! He has used you to teach us patience, unconditional love, contentment, Godly priorities, and so much more that I could write all day! You have blessed our lives in ways we couldn't even begin to imagine and we are so thankful that God chose us for you.
We pray for you daily. We pray that God uses all of your wonderful qualities (strong-will, sweet spirit, plain full 0f life"ness", etc) for something spectacular! We pray that we are able to raise you in His Word and His ways and for his protection and guidance for you and us. We pray that he guides us as you are entering an age where you need guidance from as (discipline for example)...that we are able to do it in a way that is gentle and loving but still instills those Godly qualities that will steer you through your entire life. We pray that even on those difficult and trying days we are still able to see our family as the blessing from God that it is and not take it for granted. This is getting long so let's just say that since we had you, our prayer time has dramatically increased!! Haha.
We love you sweet Lilly and can't believe you are already 2!!! We have loved getting to watch you grow and develop and start developing your awesome personality and can't wait to see what the next year holds!! With Love, Hugs, and Kisses--Mommy, Daddy, and Bubby


Todd and Courtney said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a cutie. I can't believe is right behind her and turning 2 next month.

Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

This is my first time stopping by your blog and I wanted to leave a little note letting you know I was here.

I love this blog highway, its amazing how many are from you area. I have ready so much today about Michelle Duggar being at MOPS, I am totally JEALOUS! Love that family!!!!