Monday, October 18, 2010

Reid's First Haircut

Well...Lilly has never had a even though I have two babies, I had my first child's hair cut yesterday. I have been putting it off--I wanted it done but I just couldn't make myself make the actual appointment. Luckily for Reid, my friend Brittney cuts my hair so she suggested that we just come over to her house so she could cut it one night. The front of his hair is still growing in so it didn't really need much cutting....
The back, on the other hand, had turned into an official mullet. I think my sister had secretly started calling him Billy Ray Cyrus behind my back. I can't prove it-just a hunch.
Here we go! His hair is all wet and ready to be cut. For the fun sake of pictures, she styled it into a mohawk as she wet it down. As I suspected, Reid could even look handsome in a mohawk.
In the chair with his toys--he is ready!
Action shot of the first "cut".
He was SO GOOD. He just played and ate some yogurt melts!
Starting to take shape...some mentioned looking like a "little boy" instead of a baby but I refuse to agree with that statement. (c:
Almost done!
Checking out the finished product. Yep-still as handsome as ever! Since he had hair on him, we decided to just bathe him over there. Reid and Cruz played with the toys in the tub...I am not sure either one of them realized the other one was in there too.
Lilly, on the other hand, noticed that they were in the bath and she wasn't. She wanted in on the bath tub action to...
and she pretty much gets what she wants. Haha. We had a great "first hair cut" experience. Thanks Brittney!


The Coleman Family said...

How stinkin' cute is he?! And Lily and those doesn't get any prettier than her!

Anonymous said...

He is so cute getting his first haircut! I love the picture on daddy's lap. He is such a handsome fella. Hope you all are having a great week!