Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break

Well, since we were off for a week, I decided to see how Lilly would do with potty training. I had absolutely no expectations going in. I mean the girl has been going in the potty spontaneously for MONTHS but never consistently. But since we won't be home a full week again until summer...we decided to give it a go. She has done so great! I am so proud of her! She goes about 3-4 times a day in the potty on the days that she wants to go...there have been a couple of days where she says "No, I wear diaper!" and that is fine too. But I can tell that she is starting to know when she needs to go a lot better than she did a week and a half ago.
Every time she goes in the potty we have a big celebration. She helps flush. We say goodbye. We wash our hands (she has become obsessed with washing her hands...(her-fathers-child). And then we get a treat of some kind.
One of the treats was a Minnie Mouse temporary tattoo...or "ticker" (sticker) as she insists on calling it. I don't know why she was making these faces but for some reason she did not want me to take a picture of her "ticker". She kept saying, "No, my ticker."
This is, in fact, a picture of her saying that very thing.
But she was all smiles again when she found out she got to keep it. I do not take her stickers on a regular basis so I don't know what that is about.
She also got some M&Ms as a different kind of treat.
Eating M&Ms and saying cheese. Monday we went back to Kid's Day Out (I am one of her teacher's in KDO) and she came up and said she had to go potty once and I took her to the bathroom and she did. Then, later in the day, she came walking across the room with her pants around her ankles saying, "I need a tee-tee" and she went again! When she came out the second time, the whole class clapped for her and she was so proud. I was (am) too. Enough about potties though. (: Ha!
I made it a point not to make plans to do stuff on spring break. I just wanted us to hang out and enjoy some time at home together. That also meant that I didn't take on any "home projects" either. We hung out in PJs a lot. We fixed each others hair. Lilly found these clips and insisted on putting all 20 of them in her hair.

We enjoyed some food....Lilly's favorite is always pizza. And "Ques-a-dill-as" And the dill is pronounced like the dill in dill pickle.
We smiled and laughed and played.
(I have more pictures of stuff we did...but I haven't uploaded them yet.) We played outside and did a lot of swinging.
We made HUGE messes. Lilly snuck the pepper and garlic powder and proceeded to dump them all over the kitchen floor and table. Reid tried to clean up. He gave good effort. But in the end...Mommy had to assist.
We colored and just enjoyed some down time. LOVE the little memories that are made while we are just hanging out together.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad things are going so well. For us I just put Lillian in underwear to learn. She thought the pull ups were just another diaper. She picked out princess ones and was so excited!! And when was ready it just happened easily. She was pretty easy to potty train so I feel sure Thomas will be a different story...I feel sure Daddy will probably be gone at the point he needs to learn and I don't have the proper equipment! lol