Monday, September 30, 2013

Lilly's 5th Birthday

Earlier this month my BABY girl turned (deep breath, gulp) FIVE!!!!!
 I can't believe my sweet girl is already 5!  She was SO ready for it to be HER birthday.  (:
 Balloon avalanche ready for her to wake up!
 Birthday table and banner up...
 table set...
 presents wrapped...all waiting for a very special birthday girl! 
 Waking up.  Yes, she owns pajamas.  No, she doesn't like to wear them.  Ha! 
 Excited about the balloons! 
 The first thing we did was open presents.  She was so sweet and funny opening presents.  After she would open each present she would get so excited and say, "I love it!  It is just what I wanted!!" 
 Showing off her singing princess card. 
 Excited about some Doc McStuffin's stuff...which was "just what she wanted!"  (; 
 Reid was also very sweet and stood beside her and handed her each present. 
 Lilly is pointing out each fairy and telling Reid their names...
 and then they were telling Daddy. 
 Lilly requested a chocolate donut and "one of those hot dog things" for breakfast. 
 DeDe, Mike, MoMo, and PaPa Ray were all still in town because their birthday party was the day before her birthday.  Lilly and Reid got a swing set for their birthday and hadn't had a chance to play on it yet so after breakfast they went to play, play, play.  Then we went to Mojito's so Lilly could get a quesadilla (case-a-deal-uh, as she says it :) and then Lilly, MoMo, DeDe, and I went to go get our nails done. 

 She went with the hot pink/purple route.  Love my pretty girl! 
 The kids had build-a-bear gift cards so we decided to go build some bears!  Lilly chose the pink princess bear. 
 In a very serious conversation with the lady there as she puts the heart in her bear. 
 Scrubbing it.
 Reid loves to brush his bear. 
 He found some Planes pajamas.  At first his bear was named Tickle but it has since changed to be named "Plane" and he is loved. 
Lilly found a matching Tinkerbell costume for her bear (and has already planned Halloween with her).  Her bear was originally named Pinky (because we have a Pink) but she now switches her name back and forth between Tinkerbell and Princess LuLu.  After that we went to MiMi's Café for dinner and headed home for bed. 

A funny tidbit for the day:  any time something wasn't going Lilly's way she would say, "BUT it is MY birthday!!"

I think she had a pretty good day and I am just so blessed to be her Mommy.  I love her sweet heart and spunky personality!  I just can't believe she is 5! 


Simple, Graceful Living said...

I can't believe she is FIVE!!! What?! Precious girl... happy birthday, Lilly!

Courtney said...

What a special day! It is hard to believe she is 5.