Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Well I kind of left y'all hanging without an update on the whole fostering situation (or our lives in general) didn't I???  Honestly it is kind of overwhelming to update because it is such a change and I don't know where to start...or stop.  Ha!  We were open for three weeks before we got THE call for our first (and current) placement.  It seemed like it took forever.  We had prayed for God to close any doors that were not meant for us and He did that with three other calls that we received.  Anyway, we got the call for a sweet little girl just over a year old in the middle of night at the first of February.  We got the call at 12:45 and by 1:45 she was with us and we had already changed her diaper and clothes, fed her and she was sound asleep in bed.  It was crazy!!
 The kids woke up in the morning and were so surprised.  Lilly was ecstatic and Reid wanted to know if that baby came out of my belly.  Ha!  Little bit (as I will refer to her on here) had such an easy transition.  She came happy, has always eaten well, and (if she isn't sick or teething) she sleeps like a champ. 
 It took Lola all of 30 seconds to figure out the benefits of having a baby around.  Ha!  Anyway a few days after Little Bit came we got another call saying that she had an older sister that had been with family and they wanted to know if we could take her.  So 4 year old Big Sis came to stay with us then.  I was nervous about having another kid so close in age to Lilly and Reid but it has really gone pretty great.  They get along (most of the time...there is plenty of drama) and play together so well.  As far as girls go we could not have asked for two sweeter girls and we just adore them both. 
Everyone asks "How is it going?"  It is going pretty great right now.  In the beginning there was definitely a transition period that was challenging for sure.  Not at all because of the girls!  Going from 2 to 4 kids within a week is just an adjustment.  And the life threw a few curve balls--the day after we got Big Sis Matt's MamMa went to be with Jesus, we were sick for a good solid month (we took turns--not all at once), and we were snowed or iced in SO many days.
 The blessings and the sweet moments where I Reid and Lilly being so loving and compassionate and caring just melt my heart.
And this picture is just my absolute favorite.  The day Little Bit came into our house Reid told anyone that would listen, "This is not our baby!" I was worried that he would be miserable and wondered if this was going to be too hard on him and prayed for him and on day 3 he said, "Mommy, I love you.  And I love the baby."  And y'all!!  He ADORES the baby!!!  Lilly and Big Sis have been sweet friends from the beginning--I am thankful Lilly is extremely social and enjoys always having people around.

So, there you have it.  In what is probably a slightly sugar-coated-because-I-can't-remember-the-details nutshell.  (;

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Courtney said...

Wow it has been a winter of change for your family. So sorry to hear about Matt's grandma. Glad everyone is adjusting. I enjoyed the update. I have been keeping up with your posts on facebook, but I always enjoy reading your blog post.