Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kansas City Zoo

I have thought about trying to start blogging and catching up on our life moments lately but so much has been going on that I don't even know where to start...so I thought I would just dive in regardless.
Our girls (our first foster placement) were able to go home with family at the beginning of April.  (This was a good thing and we have even been able to see them a couple of times since then which has been a blessing for us all.)  The day they left we loaded up the car and headed to Kansas City as a little distraction trip for our kids...and a little for us.  ;)
 One of the first things we did was go to the zoo.  The polar bear was probably our favorite animal of the day.  He was really putting on a show swimming through the water and having a good time. 
 This was a play area and it is supposed to be a hatching egg. 

 I don't remember this one's name but I thought he was so strange looking--I'd never seen one before! 
 There were a couple of petting zoo areas and the kids love to feed the animals. 

 Always ready to say cheese.  Love her.
 DeDe, Daddy, and Lilly.  Reid couldn't be bothered for a photo.  Ha! 

 The Sky Safari was my idea and Matt has not let me forget it.  I thought we were all going to die.  We were so far up and I kept thinking, "If we survive the fall the animals WILL get us."  Of course we didn't fall and we all made it out unharmed.  Ha!   

This gorilla was hilarious.  He has his arm over his face and legs up and crossed on the rock. 
And this one is in the fetal position. 

We found this wild one coming out of a cave!  ;)
The meercats are always one of our favorites. 
Creepy looking croc. 

Drink Stop with DeDe
 While I was taking this picture of these beautiful lions, Reid was behind me with his pants around his ankles peeing in public.  I turned around and Matt walked up and it was too late.  That boy knows no shame.  Ha! 
The elephants paint on Saturdays at the KC Zoo.  We got to them right as they were finishing up their artwork.

 This is one where they put paint in their trunk and spray it out...
 and this is one where they paint with paintbrushes. 
 My people watching the elephants. 
 This guy was cracking me up.  Just hanging out. 
 And this was on his (and other monkeys) area.  Hahaha! 
 They have a really cool penguin area with several different types of penguins. 
 And some more animal feeding. 
 I look at this guy and just start singing, "I like to move it, move it!" 
 The kids barn is 2 levels and you can either use the stairs or this awesome slide to get down.
We had a great time at the KC Zoo and we were literally there from open to close. 

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Lynn said...

I really enjoy keeping up with you guys. I've missed the posts -- but completely understand you may be too busy. :)