Saturday, February 21, 2009

First Sleep Over

Lilly had her first sleep over. She stayed with Aunt CiCi and GG Odie. I didn't get any pictures of the three of them together, but here is Lilly and her suitcase. Of course we had a car full of stuff...playpen, toys, blankets, monitor, etc.
She did really great. She had a little early morning party over there. How did Matt and I do? Fantastic! I think we were both ready. What did Matt and I do? Ate dinner, came home, watched a little tv, went to bed early and slept late. The best part of it all....GG Odie cooked breakfast for us this morning!
I left my camera and this picture was on it. I think they took it right before bed. I thought she would be really excited when we walked in this morning, but not so much. It was kind of like "oh you two, I do what I want and they talk to me and play with me all the time."
Lilly was acting all crazy with her link-a-doos tonight while in the jumper.
I got her playing with them on video. As always, by the time I think to get the camcorder out, she has settled a little. She was really banging them around making a big racket, but I think you can get the gist from the video.

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