Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dinner Tea Party & Face Painting

 Last Thursday this cute little girl crawled into my bed, snuggled up really close, looked into my eyes and said, "Mommy I think we should have a tea party and do face painting today!"  Well, what can I tell you except that I am a sucker for that sweet girl! 
 That night we had a "Dinner Tea Party"--that is what Lilly named it.  I accidentally just called it a tea party instead of a dinner tea party...I was quickly corrected. 
 This really took ZERO effort on my part to throw together.  We had already made the banana nut muffins earlier in the week.  We had muffins, strawberries, grapes, and pineapple, and a build-your-own yogurt parfait with yogurt, honey, granola, and strawberries.  Oh, and carrots. 
 Lilly got this tea set for Christmas and this was our first time to use it.  She was SO excited.  Both Lilly and Reid told Matt and I to be very careful--it could break--and it was a special tea set. 
 Lilly poured all the tea for everyone.  All night long.  Seriously I think I had like 20 cups of tea. 
 Drinking our tea!

 Reid was very adventurous with his cups of tea.  He put honey in one cup and some pineapple in another. 
 He wanted to take pictures with my phone and I think he may be a future foodie because he took a picture of his tea.  (Oh and they wanted ice in their tea. :)
Annnnd then he took a picture of his yogurt.  Ha!
 Matt would probably win the award for drinking the most tea...mainly so Lilly could keep refilling it.  Such a great Daddy. 
 The kids loved serving themselves and putting whatever they wanted into their yogurt. 

 Lilly kept saying, "This was such a good idea!  I just love having a dinner tea party."
 This boy just kept eating fruit.  Seriously, we can not keep enough fruit in this house for him and his Daddy!
 And Lola watched us from the living room being SO ladylike.  Ha! 
 Reid took this picture of Matt and I!  
 Lilly and Daddy!  We had such a fun time and it was a great activity and because Lilly was having so much fun--she was voluntarily trying new fruit that she normally doesn't eat--and liking it! 
 Oh, but the fun didn't end there.  Remember at the birthday party expo when we didn't want to stand in line for face painting so I said we would just buy some and do it ourselves???  Insert foot in mouth here.  The kids decided it would be just GREAT if they could paint OUR faces. 
 And boy did they.  They painted ALL of our cheeks before they were done. 
 And then we painted their faces.

 Oh, did I forget to mention they did BOTH cheeks?  Haha! 

 LOVE her!
 Masterpieces, I tell you.  ( ; 
It was all awesome...that is until I went to wash my face off (bc I was going to meet a friend at the gym) only to find out that it would not come off.  Would. Not.  I washed and scrubbed.  I had to go to the gym looking like I had walked face-first into a rainbow.  The pink didn't lighten at all--the rest of colors faded a little but were still there.  It took about 36 hours for it to go away.  Next time we may just wait in line for face painting.  ( :

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