Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day Weekend in Benton at Mike and DeDe's house.  MoMo and her friend Akeisha came and joined us, too.  The kids absolutely love when all the family is in one place--love it!!  Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures of anyone besides the kids.  I am sorry--please know you are still very loved!!  Before we left for DeDe's I explained to the kids that the water would be VERY VERY cold and it was fine if they didn't want to swim.  I told them we have all summer to swim and that we could go to the zoo instead.  They ASSURED me that they like the water REALLY REALLY cold. 
 And the water was FREEZING!!!  Mike and DeDe's pool is really shaded AND it has been rainy and cool. 
 But they insisted in getting in the water. 
 Matt was a trooper and got in there with them.  Depending on when he tells you the story he either got in 3 times or up to 17 times.  The number keeps going up.  Ha!  He said that he was officially numb the water was so cold.  He is a great Daddy!  This Mommy wasn't even putting her toe in the water. 
 The kids were honestly not at all bothered by the coldness of the water and stayed in ALL weekend long.  Oh sure their little teeth chattered and their bodies were covered in chill bumps...but that didn't detour them in the least.  Here Lilly is ready to slide in the pool. 
 Action shot of Reid. 
 And swimming.
 And jumping.
 And throwing dive toys.  Even though they can't dive and get them. 

 Baby Breanna checking it out.  She got in one day and had lots of fun.  Uncle Bert wasn't as pleased with the cold water. 
 Isn't she a doll??
 She also took a little selfie with my phone.  She carried my phone around talking on it.  I just love her!

On Saturday I went shopping with MoMo and Akeisha and had lots of fun.  Saturday night we hung out on the back patio (and I got lots of mosquito bites) talking with Melissa, Danny, Aunt Kay, Uncle Mac, Bert, Mike, Akeisha, and Matt.  We did a lot of laughing.  Sunday afternoon all the cousins and extended family and Grandma Betty came over to have lunch.  We just LOVE getting to see everyone.  Sunday night Matt, the kids, and I went to a bbq and got to see some of Matt's (and now my) good friends. I hate that I didn't take pictures but it was so good to see everyone and catch up with fun friends. 
 On Monday we went by to see MamMa and she read a book to the kids.
 Reid checked out the birds. 
 We all love MamMa! 
Then we did some more swimming before we came home!  I love long weekends in the summer at Mike and DeDe's--they make up some of my favorite memories!! 

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