Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birthday Party Expo

Our area had a big birthday party expo a couple of weekends ago--it had all things birthday party...in fact it was like one gigantic birthday party and we all had a blast!  And, as a bonus, it was free! 
 It was held at our local outdoor mall and this sweet girl wanted to stop and take some pictures at the mall fountains before we even entered the expo. 
 This guy just wanted to check out the fountains.  His response to taking a picture:  "No thanks." 
 Love her sweet little pose!  She kept saying, "Mommy aren't these flowers just beautiful??"
 The balloon archway where we entered. 
 There were a few very special guests including Goofy,
 and Mickey!  We were pretty excited to see, take a picture with, and high-five all three of them. 
We made slime with the Mad Scientist.
 What would a party be without cake?  Thank you Wal-Mart for the cake, free water, and Cars and Princess cup.  ( : 
 This was a little party-planner's booth but Lilly just sat down and had herself an imaginary tea party.  Ha! 
 Reid picking a sucker off of the sucker tree.  There were "treats" everywhere. 
 Lilly making a bracelet at the crafty cottage (with Daddy's help).
 Reid had a blast in the bouncy house/slide. 
 So handsome!
 There were some clowns.
 They were a hit! 
 There were also lots of craft tables.  We took home LOTS of artwork.  (: 
 And Farmland Adventures was their with a little petting zoo.  There were pony rides or camel rides available but we passed on those...we gave the kids a choice and they wanted to paint some pottery instead. 
 Petting a baby pig...
 AND a baby goat.

 Here they are painting their pottery.  Reid is painting a car.

 Lilly is painting a cat.  We should be able to pick them up this week so I am excited to see what the finished product/masterpiece looks like.  ( : 
 Pretty girl! 
 Watching the magician.  Lilly keeps asking me to make coins appear.  Ha!  The only thing we didn't get done was face painting because the line was long.  I made the mistake of telling Lilly we would just buy some face paint and do our own at home.  I will tell you how that went in a later post.  I am so glad my friend Meredith told us about this because we had a great time!

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Courtney said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the pictures of Lilly posing by the fountain.