Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Circus

The same day as the Birthday Party Expo (see last post) the Circus was in town, too.  Matt and I decided to get crazy and let the kids take a little nap in the car and then just head to the circus, too.  Why stop the fun, right? 
 As we were walking in we passed the elephants (thanks to Matt's good eyesight)!  I am just in awe of how huge they really are!! 
 Here is my sweet family waiting for the circus to start!  We got there at least 15 minutes early so we got to practice our patience.
 Watching the show. 
 Okay I have to tell this story.  The acrobat ladies came out and they were dressed in hot pink and sparkles.  Y'all...that is Lilly's favorite combination in the history of the world!  Her eyes lit up and she moved to the edge of her seat and she was in awe.  They did a dance...
 and then got up on this.  I swear I almost saw stars in her eyes.  She said in a very sloooow and dramatic tone, "Mommy, what are they?"  I told her they were acrobats and she said--pausing after ever word and still just in awe--"That. Is. What. I. Want. To. Be. When. I. Grow. Up!!!!"  And she said a minimum of 100 times, "They are sooooo beautiful.  Mommy aren't they beautiful?  Daddy aren't they so beautiful?"  And when their performance time was over I thought she was going to break her hand, wrist, or even her arms because she was clapping so hard.  She was truly moved.  And, so, if in a few years I have to tell you that my child travels with the circus...know it all started here. 
 She also made me take a picture of this girl because she was her favorite.  Ha! 
 My favorite part was the dog show.  This big poodle pushed a little Chihuahua around in that car.  Hilarious! 
We had a great time and I am so glad we decided to add a little extra crazy to our day and go! 



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Courtney said...

What a fun filled day! Sometimes you just have to throw routine out the door and have fun. I am sure this is a day the kids will remember.