Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Happenings

I have several random pictures/stories that I have decided to put together in one big post.  Sorry if you have seen several of these on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  I need them properly documented for my memory.  ( : 
 For Lilly's second Christmas--so when she was all of 15 months old--we got her this baby doll that can go in the bathtub.  The only problem is that I completely forgot it could go in the bathtub until they were playing with her the other day and it was time to take a bath.  This discovery has been life changing for two little children.  We have bathed with her, wrapped her up in a towel, and got her ready for bed multiple times.  Oh, and they named her.  Suzie.  Welcome to the family Suzie. 
 There is a pond in our neighborhood so when we walk Lola the kids think it is such a treat if they get to stop and throw rocks in the pond.  Seriously, they loooooove it.  It is the little things in life. 
 We recently went to an event and they handed out I LOVE BACON stickers and tattoos.  These two are proud supporters of bacon. 
 Helping out around the house.  Child labor happens here.  Ha! 
 My little cutie in pig tails with a tiara.  LOVE her!  The other day she wanted to know where Kindergarten was so as we drove past a school I said, "Lilly baby there are Kindergarten classrooms in there!"  She got all sad and said, "But it isn't even beautiful!!!"  So naturally I asked, "Where did you think Kindergarten was?"  She replied, "In a castle!!"  It is a good thing we have another year to lower her expectations, right? 
 This boy--he keeps me busy but he sure does melt my heart!  The other night in his prayer he thanked God for holding my hand that day.  And yesterday morning he thanked God for Mommy and Daddy because we love him soooo much.  Precious!!!
 And then at school they asked him the question, "What would you like to be when you grow up?" and he answered, "Like my daddy." I would be lying if I told you I didn't shed at least one tear when I read it. 
 We had our friends Addy and Sam over one night and the girls got into Lilly's play make-up and fixed Reid right up.  Ha! 
 And then dolled themselves right up, too.
 The kids love this cart at Home Depot.  Sometimes we go there just to drive the cart around.  Seriously.  We live exciting lives people.  ( ; 
 There was one Saturday where we had all just done our own things all day long and so at the end of the night we decided we needed to actually interact.  So we busted out some popcorn and memory...
 without thinking I put ALL 8,000 (I exaggerate) pieces out and one game took a sweet forever.  Ha! 
 One of our children colored our sheets with highlighter...which turns out is pretty impossible to get out of sheets. 
 Tried Chick-fil-a's new cobb salad and it was pretty tasty! 
 Had a picnic at the park the other day--we are LOVING this nicer weather. 

 When Reid's cheeks are all red he says that means he needs a nap! 
 The other morning the kids came in my bedroom like this.  That's just how we roll. 
 I got an IPhone 4 the other day and the camera has that turn around feature so the kids have been taking lots of selfies. 
 Love the cute surprise photos that grace my phone screen.  (: 
 Matt found this tiny turtle the other day and brought it in so the kids could see it and then we went to the pond and let him go.  The kids have been catching imaginary turtles ever since. 
 We had an end-of-the-year KDO staff party the other day and this was my place setting--so cute!
 The other night there was a tornado warning so we took cover in the closet--the kids had no idea we were in any danger.
 In fact Lilly asked this morning if we could have another "closet night."  I am so thankful for their innocence. 
 It rained all day yesterday and the kids took good care of Lola.  Ha! 
Love all these little everyday memories with these sweet children.  Holding them a little tighter this week and praying for all the people in Moore, Oklahoma and all the other areas affected by the tornado. 

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