Friday, May 31, 2013

Marble Jar & CEC

Last week the kids earned a trip to Chuck E Cheese! 
 How did they earn it?  I pretend like you asked.  (: 
 They filled up their marble jars.  What is a marble jar, you ask...but not really.  Ha!  They are these jars where the kids earn marbles for doing all sorts of different things. 

We LOVE them.  I love them because they stay out on the counter so they are always there and I don't have to stop what I am doing to go dig stickers out or find where I placed the chart while I was "cleaning".  I can also reward them for anything I see them doing whether it be saying something sweet, helping out, trying hard and not giving up, or obeying right away.  They LOVE that they get to pick out the marble they like best and put it in by themselves (I love that they do it by themselves too).  They also get to pick the reward.  They can trade them in for money and go shopping (think dollar store--I am cheap thrifty.)  They can go to Chuck E Cheese or a bouncy house place or to the movies or the ice cream place. 

They were also super cheap to make.  The whole project cost me less than $8 and took like maybe 10 minutes to throw together.  I got the marbles (really more rock-like than actual marbles) at the Dollar Tree for $1 and then I got the glass containers at Hobby Lobby half off which made the little 2 $1 and the big one $1.49 and then I bought three little rolls of ribbon for $1 each.  I also just wrote their names on with a dry-erase marker that I already had.  So there is a long answer for a question you really didn't ask.  Oh, and a special shout out to my friend Jennifer Smith because I saw these marble jars at her house. 
 So, obviously, this time they chose Chuck E Cheese and it worked out AWESOME that they both filled them up at the same time.  Reid loves this roller coaster game--the seat moves with the roller coaster on the screen. 
 At this point the seat was shaking and he was going, "Uhhhhhhhhhh." 
 Lilly fed the frog a few dozen times. 
 Riding together.  You have to conserve your tokens! 
 I laughed when I looked over and saw this.  Lilly was riding and Reid was moving the reigns. 
 Forced "cheeses" for the Mommy that just won't let them play.  Sigh. 

 Our friends Addy and Sam showed up right as we were spending the last of our tokens so Lilly (and Reid) would just hijack their rides.  There is no shame in our game.  Ha!
 Reid was calling me.  I was talking to him on my cell phone.  He thought it was hilarious. 
 Reid hijacking Sam's ride.  
 Going to see Chuck E!  I was a bit surprised because they have changed his look since the last time we went.  Reid and I danced with Chuck E and my boy has got some pretty sweet moves.  ( : 
 We sure do love a fun trip to Chuck E Cheese! 
And I love all the good behavior, sweet words, going to bed right away, and obeying that got us there!  Win, win, and win.  ( ;

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Courtney said...

This is great that you use this system with them. I have used it in my class before, of course the reward is not CC but rather extra recess!