Thursday, May 23, 2013


Every year there is a big fishing tournament in our area and they have this huge convention-type-of-event.  Last year when Matt came home and told me about it I thought, "Why would we go to that?  We have never been fishing?!?"  He assured me that he had heard it was lots of fun and that it was a good, free family outing.  We went and loved it.  We were super excited to go again this year!
 They have a little fishing area set up for the kids.
 Pretty proud of her catch.
 They put it back in the water right after we took this picture. 
 Reid got one, too.  (Maybe even the same one.)
 He has a fishing pole that he got for Christmas and has asked to go fishing pretty much every weekend since.  Soon, son.  Soon.  We would have already gone but none of the rest of us have fishing equipment yet. 
 They also have this blow-up obstacle course that the kids LOVE!  They went through it at least 15 times.  This thing is huge! 

 Pure joy. 
 They also have this casting pond where you just cast it out and then reel it back in. 
 Isn't this sweet? 

 Love these boys! 
 We skipped nap time to go to it so lets just say when I wanted a "just because" picture...these two were less than cooperative.  (: 
There are also all kinds of booths and free samples (including bacon) inside and there is a toddler zone and all kinds of games inside as well.  We had so much fun and I just love all the free family fun events that our area offers! 

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