Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2 Month Photos Are In!!

Lilly's two-month photos are up!! You can view them all at http://www.novo-studio.com/scott2/ . For those of you thinking, "Didn't she just have photos taken?"...the answer is yes! She gets them taken every month. If you see a picture you want, let me know (I have the rights to the photos).
--Well, as soon as I brag on Lilly and her sleeping, she has a rough night. She was sleeping, but she was kicking and punching. I am convinced that she was having a dream that she was practicing karate to the song "Everybody was kung fu fighting", but I can't prove it. I think she was just having a belly ache b/c she slept a lot this morning. Here's hoping to a better night tonight.
--She has learned how to click her tongue. It takes her a little while and a lot of effort, but she is really proud of herself when she succeeds.
--She likes being sung "Hey, Hey Good Lookin'.."

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