Monday, November 3, 2008

Uncle Bert and Aunt Becca Make Sweet Shirts

Okay, we are still back-blogging. Lilly was a week and a half old when Bert and Becca came up with some shirts that they had made for Lilly. So, here are some photos of her modeling her new clothes. Bert, Becca, and Grandma Debbie came up to visit Lilly. Bert and Becca made Lilly 3 cool shirts. This one was made especially for the Arkansas vs. Texas game on the following weekend (when she wore it). She was styling on game day...unfortunately, the hogs, not so much.

Bert and Becca spending some quality time with Lilly. Awe.
Another shirt made by Bert and Becca.

Although I am not all about her having the nickname Flashette, this shirt was just too cute not to put on her.

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