Thursday, October 8, 2009

13 Months!

First, Lilly's Birthday Party Pictures are in. Go here to see them. You will need the following:
Event Code: lilly12
They are just adorable!! Also, Lilly turned 13 months old today!! I can't believe it has been a month since she turned one year old!!!! Time is definitely not slowing down with two kids! Haha. So, Lilly, has much changed since you turned one??
It may sound crazy, but yes! You show us more and more of your personality every day. You are so funny (you get that from your Mommy). You are so interactive and you love to play games. For example, you think it is HILARIOUS for me to pretend like I am smelling something and make a face and say "Shooeey, that is stink-ee!" You will keep handing me whatever it is over and over and over. You like "this little piggy", peek-a-boo, "I'm gonna get you!!!", sneaking up on Tank, stealing Reid's paci (this, I believe, is one of your favorites). You really like to test your boundaries...if we say "no" or "ahh-ahh-ahh", you turn around and grin really big to see whether or not it a serious no. Also, you are so smart--you have figured out that if I am nursing Reid, if it is not really serious--I am not going to get up and you take FULL advantage of this.
You talk and get more expressive each day. I was talking to someone and using my hands and I looked over and you were moving your hands right along with me--you are a little sponge. You love your puzzles, alphabet pal, the activity table, your "lap top", your books, and hangers. You love to be read to...however, you rarely sit still long enough to hear the entire book.
Today, however, you sat on my lap all day long. This is you just laying on the couch. I can not stress enough to you how you NEVER do this. You have taken a three-hour nap two days in a row. I think you are fighting something off. You still knee walk and walk with your peg-leg walk. You walk as fast as you can everywhere you go--this leads to some bruises! You have discovered the trash can and keep throwing things away when we aren't looking...this is not one of my favorite things that you do. You are driving us crazy when it comes to feeding you. You will LOVE something one night and then refuse to touch it the next night. You have started eating meat this week. You like it!! (This week at least.) You love your brother more and more every day. Today, he was laying down and you laid next to him and put your hand on his head and laid your head on his was the sweetest thing I have seen. I kind of teared up a little. Your daddy and I love you so much and we just enjoy getting to know you more and more every day. I can't say enough how blessed we are to be your parents!
The little man--note the crocheted cowboy boots. SWEET!! He, too, is doing all kinds of stuff: tracking things with his eyes, smiling, beginning to coo more and more, working on head control, eating, growing, and sleeping.
He is so relaxed all the time. Such a doll!


Trumbo Family said...

We are fianlly here. I can't wait to see Lilly and Reid. I have her present. Trenton keeps wanting to open it. Reid looks like such a big boy! I love the outfit!

Lindsay and Robert said...

Great post! Little miss Lilly is growing up so fast. And Reid is so handsome!!

Anonymous said...

Lilly is so precious! Happy 13 months! Don't those months pass so quickly...Reid looks so precious too snoozing on the couch! Have a great weekend!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Your header is awesome....Have a great Saturday....I have a great giveaway on both my blogs that will be given away this weekend....and all you have to do is hope you will stop by.

Lindsay and Robert said...

The party pictures are adorable - the ones of her eating cake are priceless!!

Unknown said...

They are just so precious! I can't wait to check out the pictures. Just wanted you to know that Mister Linky is up and ready for Crock Pot Wednesday. Thanks so much for participating.