Monday, February 8, 2010

Crazy Weekend

We have had the busiest past few days! Lilly's MoMo got married this past weekend so that kept us running around having all kinds of fun! I am going to have to break it into a few posts or it would be the world's longest post. Thursday, DeDe came into town and as soon as she got there we packed up and headed out for a great lunch with friends. Then, we headed to the mall to do some last minute shopping.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to do much shopping with two babies so I didn't get it all done! Lilly had a good time playing at the playland and sitting in this jeep. That is right, we didn't even put the coins in it--she was having a good enough time just pretending to drive and standing up and hanging on the bars.
Then, Papa Ray (MoMo's new man--ha!)'s daughter Jennifer came in town. She is my age and has a little girl named Madison that is Lilly's age! How fun is that? Madison kept trying to hug Lilly and Lilly kept pushing her away or just flat out evading her. My Lilly is not a big hugger.
We ate at a pizza place that has an arcade room and Lilly got to practice her ski-ball skills.
Aunt Shelly showing her how to play. "Oh, I think I can do this!!"
She had just thrown that ball herself. Her face cracks me up!
Lilly's cousin Emma was there too!
And cousin Ethan!!
Madison trying to play in the car game....
Lilly trying to join her and sweet Madison trying in vain to hug her again....
Lilly getting ready to drive.
And she is off!
The girls playing on the ski ball equipment. Normally I probably wouldn't let her do this...but you know as a parent some times you are just tired and think to yourself "If they aren't breaking it, it isn't worth the fight." (By Sunday evening...I don't even think it would've mattered if they were breaking it I was so tired. HaHa!)
Little Dolls! Busy, never-stop-for-a-second, full of energy, smiling, joy-bringing, fun-having dolls!
MoMo holding Reid-man! Look at him hunting his toothies. (I realize now that this post contains one picture of Reid and like 10 of Lilly--I will make it up to you little man.)
Madison kept getting into Reid's car seat and covering up with Lilly's blanket.
So, that takes us through Thursday night!
As for Today, we woke up to a couple inches of snow. It snowed all day and the snow stuck to the grass but it stayed just above freezing so the roads are clear. How perfect is that? As for us, today was a PJ day. I love Mondays because we are generally all worn out from the weekend so the kids take good naps, we rarely get out of our PJs, and I catch up on some house work if I didn't get to it on the weekend. And, we do Eureka Pizza's Monday Madness (medium pizza for $2.99) so I don't have to cook or clean. Life is good!


John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

How fun!! Lilly is too cute playing skee ball. Oh and I love your pizza mondays. ha ha

p.s Emma still looks just like her momma!! Crazy

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

loved the post and always enjoy my stops...

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time! Pizza Mondays sounds like a great deal. Awesome!! Lilly is so cute!