Thursday, December 6, 2012

Family Photos (Day 2)

Our day two activity was to get family photos taken.  Our sweet friend Jennifer Smith is a photographer so we met up with her and she took some great pictures of our family! (Edited to add:  I forgot to mention that as of picture day morning I had no idea what anyone was going to wear! I went through all of our closets and found everything coordinating and we decided on these but both Matt and Reid needed pants to wear and I needed something pink so we had to do a little shopping that morning, too. I am so thankful that God is in the details and provided because we found exactly what we needed and were able to get ready just in time.) 
 I love this one--with no prompting they both have their hands behind their backs--it looks like they are handcuffed!  Ha!  We may have been tempted to restrain them a couple of times but I promise that we didn't!  ( ; 
 So blessed to call this my family!!
I love this picture.  She got one more of these two that is my favorite but I am saving it for Christmas Cards.
 I mean, seriously, Matt and I make some cute kiddos! 
 Getting some hugs!  My favorite! 
 Reid was all boy and a handful during the shoot but she captured his many facial expressions and his little personality.  Matt and I laughed while we were looking at the pictures together for the first time.  Also, just to confess, this is the first time we have had family photos taken since Reid was born.  Eeek!!  It was about time, right??
 Lilly was just in a picture-taking mood and she smiled for the camera the whole time. 
 She got so many good ones of the kids together.  I just love all the pictures of them laughing together and being sweet buddies. 
All in all the photo shoot went pretty smoothly and I am so thankful for all the wonderful pictures of our family.  (Also edited to add--I will do another post with my absolute favorites but I am saving those for the Christmas Cards.)


joelsgirl said...

Those are great photos, Sara!

Courtney said...

They are so cute. You're right, you do make some pretty cute kiddos.