Sunday, December 2, 2012


We spent Thanksgiving down in B-town at Mike and DeDe's.  To say Lilly and Reid were excited about making a trip to DeDe's house would be an understatement! 
 And they were MOST excited because Baby Breanna was going to be there!!
 For the past couple of days Lilly has been calling Reid "baby Reid"...and she is his "tenden" Mommy (pretend Mommy.)
 I don't know why exactly but I just love this picture above!  So real life.  ( ; 
 Lilly and Bre-Bre!  Don't smile girls.  ( : Such pretty girls!
 Don't you just love those eyes and that hair?!?
 Playing together.
 I think Breanna is reading to Reid.  She is a genius!
 Lilly getting in on some playtime. 
 Lilly just loves to be motherly to Baby Breanna.  She is such a little nurturer.  She is always trying to hand her a toy or communicate for Breanna.  She will say, "I think her needs a bottle" or "I think her needs to move" or "I think her is sleepy."  I love her sweet spirit! 
 Becca and Melissa.  Two of my favorite peeps!
 Tyler, Eli, and Colt--they were playing a game on the computer. 
 Ray, DeDe, and Bre-Bre. 
 I made Reid this turkey waffle for breakfast--I offered to make Lilly one but she wanted a pop-tart.  Ha!  Reid has requested this several times since then. 
 On our way to Mike and DeDe's I asked the kids what they were thankful for and wrote down whatever they said and then later I cut out the leaves and wrote what they said on them.  Reid has a total of 3 leaves (Cars, toys, and trees) and Lilly has at least twenty thankful leaves on of which says, "Everything that God has made!"  I just love their different personalities! 
And this is our family handprint turkey--we made one of these last year, too, and I just can't believe how much their little hands have grown in just one year!  Their hands are pretty much the same size, too.  We had a great Thanksgiving and have so much to be thankful for--we are so blessed!  We ate lots of great food and enjoyed spending time hanging out with family!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and am praying for those who are hurting or missing a loved one this holiday season!

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