Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

On Christmas Eve night we went to the Lord's Supper Ceremony at church. It used to be the candle lighting service, but they quit doing that. I miss it, but I still love going for the Lord's Supper. It is one of my favorite traditions. This year, we sat in the back and went first just in case the babies got a little fussy. We were so blessed, though, because Reid slept right after we had communion all the way through the service and Lilly stayed happy throughout the whole ceremony--mainly thanks to the pens and the pen holders attached to the back of the pews. Also, this year was a little extra special because Pastor Rick did our Lord's Supper and made it personal and special. We are a very blessed family and I just think starting the celebration at church helps keep the focus on the real reason for the season. After church, we head back to DeDe and Poppy's (yeah, we are trying out Poppy) to eat a delicious dinner while all of the kids wait in agony for everyone to arrive so that they can open gifts. Reid racked up in presents. There is no way that I could post photos of everything that Lilly and Reid got--let us just leave it at they were so blessed!!
Lilly got this blender that she LOVES. Actually, she is getting good use out of all of the presents that we have taken out of the box. I am saving some of them for later in the week/month. That way she can play with them all.
She wore the cutest Santa dress but I didn't get a single posed picture of her in it--maybe someone else did and I can post it later.
Colt playing in the jumper.
Reid got some loving from DeDe.
DeDe showing him one of his presents. After everyone left, Santa's elves began assembling Lilly's kitchen. They sent a note saying that it came in a bajillion pieces that all had to be cut out of the plastic moldings and took several hours to put together--they hope she enjoys it and that it was worth all the sweat and carpal tunnel that came from screwing in the hundreds of screws by hand. I figure if they cared enough to send a note it must have been an ordeal. Ha!
Lilly went to it first thing when she got up! It was worth it Santa's elf!
She played with it all the time we were down there--unfortunately, we didn't have room in our van to bring it home so it won't be here for a couple of weeks.
Smiling--she is so happy about Christmas! Notice she is still in her Christmas PJs.
Reid in his Christmas PJs surrounded by all of his goodies.
On Christmas we gave Reid cereal for the first time. He liked it so much that he ate the whole bowl! I had to stop feeding it to him because I read that if you need to boost the supply that you shouldn't supplement anything. Rats! There will be more cereal soon big boy!
Reid took a little Christmas nap on DeDe. So precious!
Lilly also got a ball pit. She HEARTS this thing!

She plays in this thing constantly. Another bonus is that I am always finding things that she hides in there! I love surprises. (c;
Sunday afternoon Grandma Betty came over for lunch. Lilly was a little too busy for photos (actually I think when I finally thought about pictures she was already napping).
She got Lilly and Reid these awesome rocking chairs with their names on the back of them. LOVE them. Reid's is coming with the kitchen since he can't sit in it yet. That sums up our Christmases. We were so blessed and had a great time celebrating the season with our families!
Note: This is my third post of the day so you probably need to keep scrolling down! (c: Make sure you read the Christmas Chocolate post--it is one of my favorites!


Courtney said...

What a wonderful Christmas. Love all the cute pictures of your kids.

Anonymous said...

It looks like such a special Christmas! I am loving that ball pit. I may just need to jump in and play too! The kitchen is really cute.

I love candlelight Christmas Eve services. It is hard to find them anymore. I know growing up we always had one at our Church and it was beautiful!

Happy New Year!