Thursday, December 3, 2009

On a Roll, Bed Head

Guess who rolled from his tummy to his back last night?? Mr. Reid!!! Yay! Go my little baby bear!!!
He has some good upper body strength. We didn't even know he was close to rolling, but when he was on the floor we could tell he was getting close (we thought within a couple of days) but then he just did it!! Smarty!
Could just kiss those cheeks all day long!
Lilly's hair is growing in and is kind of going through a crazy phase. Whenever I go to get her from her nap, I never know what hair do I am going to find!! Here are some photos!
Notice the hair wings on the right side.
You will have to see this from all angles to truly appreciate it!

More to come this week...I am finishing Thank you cards, working on ordering Christmas cards, paying bills, doing laundry, cleaning house, taking care of babies, wrapping presents, and more!! So this one will stay short--I just didn't want the Grandparents going into picture withdraw!! Ha.


Anonymous said...

Your so cute! It sounds like you've been busy. I am glad everyone is doing well. I was missing you! I am so proud of Reid. He is growing up so fast. And Lilly is so cute with her hair! Have a great week!

Rebekah said...

Could they be any more cute?!?! Their little thanksgiving outfits are out of this world precious!!!