Friday, December 11, 2009

Lilly to the Rescue!

Did somebody call the fire department? At Firehouse Subs, the kids meal comes with this little fireman's hat.
"Hi Daddy"
"I think this would look good on you!"
"Almost there! Oh, this is going to look so nice!!!"
"There! Perfect!!!"
"Let's rest for a second, putting out fires it exhausting!"
"Here we go again! I've got the equipment!"

"All in a day's work! Remember, only you can prevent forest fires." Haha!!
She had a good time playing with this hat. Not much is happening here these past couple of days. Reid is back to eating just fine--he just had a funky night. They are both sleeping right now--I agree Lindsey--it is a magic hour!! (c: I probably shouldn't be so excited about getting my babies to sleep, but there is just nothing more relaxing than a short period of being able to do whatever I need to do without worrying about entertaining/feeding/comforting one of my babies.
I ordered Christmas Cards today from --she was so GREAT to work with. Also, she was very FAST which was great because all of the sudden I realized I only had like a week and a half to get them out--and that wasn't a problem at all. I can't wait for you guys to see them, but I am trying to wait until people get them in the mail first. It is killing me!!! OH, if you would like a Christmas Card and I don't have your address, email me at I ordered plenty. We are going to do a couple of fun things this weekend and I still have a video to post so stay tuned!! Have a great weekend.


Unknown said...

She is such a doll! Loved the post.

Anonymous said...

Lilly is so cute! I feel safer knowing she is ready and on call.

Glad you got your Christmas cards done. I am sure they'll be adorable! Have fun this weekend!